BIGBANG - Never Stop Dream Talk [ENG SUB]

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[Taeyang] What's your dream?
I want to be a stage actor.
[Taeyang] We have an actor here.
[Taeyang] What's your dream?
A gym teacher.
[Seungri] If you could come up here for a minute
[Seungri] Mr. Yo Han wins!
A translator!
[Taeyang] What?
A translator.
[Taeyang] Oh, a translator. [Daesung] How does that... ?
English and Korean.
[Daesung] Just keep the grammar right, I’m quite sensitive to it.
[Taeyang] Tell us your dream in English
[Seungri] Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Cambiasso *names of football players*
[Seungri] Nice to meet you.
[Seungri] What’s your favourite musical?
My favourite is Notre Dame de Paris.
[Seungri] Oh, Notre Dame de Paris. That’s weird.
[Daesung] I'll show you a confident cat.
[Seungri] Ooh, a very confident cat!
Instead of animal actions, I can do acrobatics.
That's quite dangerous.
[Seungri] Thank you!
[Taeyang] Lady in the pink shirt. What’s your dream?
Me? An actor.
[TOP] You should come up. We want to see your talent.
[Taeyang] Yes, why don’t we share our talents.
[Seungri] If you could come up to the stage.
Let's break up.
[Seungri] Why break up so suddenly?!
Your nose is too big.
[Daesung] I know my nose is growing.
It’s growing every day, but my love for you is growing just as well.
[Seungri] Ah, thank you.
[Taeyang] It was nice to talk about dreams again.
We’ve accomplished our dreams as singers and I think we’re still pursuing our dreams.
I hope everyone here would not forget your dreams but continue to pursue them.
[Daesung] What I felt today while we were talking was that everyone has faults because we’re not perfect.
But the most important thing was the passion for our dreams and the confidence.
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