Uploaded by MassDPH on 10.11.2010

(Phone rings, then automated recorded voice) "This
is a message from the Massachusetts Health and
Homeland Alert Network..Here is your new alert
message." It's been interesting for us, there's been a
need to get information out much more often than
we might have thought or planned for. There have
been more emergencies than we thought, often
happening on weekends, happening after hours,
which is how emergencies happen. Which is why
it's really important for us to be able to depend
on people to get communications out. And what Dana
and Patrick and Scott have done is be available whenever
we needed them. For the water emergency, we sent
out notices at 3am in the morning, and they were able
to get those out via the HHAN to all of the people who
needed to see them. Communication is essential in any
response, accurate and timely communication, and the
HHAN team, what they have done for us is to build
a system that allows us to get information out
that's correct, that's quick, that gets to everybody who
needs it at the same time. And Dana, Patrick and Scott,
we can always rely on them to get information out when
we needed to get it out. They've worked closely with
Jim Daniel on developing a system that works incredibly
well for the department, and works as well for MEMA
and other state agencies who need to get information
out to their partners. They do a great job and we can
always depend on them. You just can't do without that
sort of commitment and loyalty, and so we depend on
them tremendously for what we need to get done.