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We have many couples in this pannel
that have told us some stories from their marital lives, but
we still havent listened to
a few of them on the first one
Is the famous Mr Porras.
and the gorgeus venezuelan actrees Sonya Smith. (Fisrt surprise)
Surprise nº1 (girl! she wants to give me a kiss)
six years together
three, we carry four from marriage, but it goes six totally
ok, what made you fell in love with Porras? his hiperactiveness?
.... ammm
the whole package!
He's nice
Thanks a lot; no, he has a charming personality
he's a very smart guy
he makes you laugh
he's a man that mentally stimulates me
he's got it all
All tha qualities that I like
and you, behave!
I just listened to the word Stimulates
Mentally ...!
We are family, that's it
this one is: tell everything; and that one: touch evrything...
ebecuase hes very hiperactive. I want you to tell me
the story about when you went to meet
Mr Porras family
and when you got to meet Sonya's family
hehe, good stories, very.
you begin.
Well. We were
just starting dating and there was a familiar reunion
by Gabriel's part there are many
So we went to Monclova, cause they have
annualy or every four years a gathering, wher they gather
all of them
and when i say all of them its
All of them! Hopefully as much as we found here ourselves..... like 500?
ammm, like 250
more or less, from Flores. We are a lot
as hiperactive as you are?
No, thank God, no .... apart from that, many of them
very cowboys! theyre from the North of my country, very northern people
so we arrived, it was of course a surprise cuase Gabriel havent tought of going
and last hour
we could make it
and I get ther with this spectacular blonde! to this tiny town in the north of my country
i was envied by everyone
he was like: this is the cousin, from the other one
called Jose, and the other ... let me see
if i can recall his name
this is Juan
the cousin from my aunt from..... and people, people and people
you memorizing the names
she is very good, very good ... well
Im really trying to learn more from Gabriel, he is great
I go bad ... what happened
with this guy, normal size
tha appeared in Vikings land
I call sonya family: the New york Giants
cause they live in NY, and they are the tallest people there, i swear
we have a family picture that goes; they, they (me) they ....
i swear! ... It cant be
apart that he pass the test as w were in New Jersey
i was born there, we had the holiday house
the water in that zone was, very very cold
so he went running with my sister on the beach
that she is also
very tall .... another giant
after the running, when coming back
she says: oh you want to take a bath there?
and he: yeah sure, and i was waiting staring at him
to see the reaction
and Gabriel goes into the cold water, my sister easy goes too
goes under the waves, and Gabriel is like ....
and guess how my body was, like ...
then i said, welcome love! you pass the test
says that Gabriel is a bit jealous
from the romantic scenes of yours
and you too, and the other day
you hit him
what were you doing to do that?
when was it?
... still ...
want to know why
oh well, he was obviously a scene
and suddenly in one of them
i say ...
whats that!? ... no sorry
my love, sorry! sorry! it wasnt meant to ...
of course it was a passion scene ... and this passion grew
and there a beautyfull girl
what did you see ?
then she'll tell you ... no no no
not at all
obviously, ok, i know, when one is
even when you are
concentrated in the scene, for its own good
put the stomach inside, pull up the shoulder
care the hair, hide this, that
yeah the hair
it has to look beatifull
yeah, and another story, im sorry
in your permission, katy and me are in bed, im sorry!
and gonzalo are in bed, and suddenly Gonzalo remembers
so she tells me Ignacia Pilar
so she whispers: Pilar, and the director goes
i cant hear it! ..... pilar
Cant hear it!!
What did you say?
you have to say all of them: Baby
you got it
going back to the other surpsrise, no wait, theres another thing
in my notes, you will have your own show in telemundo
in october or november... right... its called "Mujeres al limite" (Women to the edge) a talk show
Right, well .. bravo
you are now invited to come here to present it when it starts .. oh thanks
what better way than you ?
i'd love to, i like that people have their own talk show, even to
i didnt want to left behind
que se quedará fuera de la estampita pa'lante con cristina una persona muy
importante en la vida de daddy
her wife Carolina is waiting for, as we said, her second baby, and couldnt be here with us
today and
sent us this tiny message
from Buenos Aires Argentina, and he says he is not the kind of crying guy
i hope he does ... nononono... lets see ....... ..... .... I like to tell He is a great dad, very frightned to the medic staff
never want to see the doctor, dont like
inyections, nothing to do with that, so
i was a little concerned cause
on the cesaria part
he may scare, he might not want to stay
and he didnt just stay, but he also hold her
for the time they give her the inyections
that one someone is so tiny
everyone is impressed
and he did it, and the four days
we spent at the clinic
he change her the dipers, he attended at her, and the most important he helped me into breastfeeding
he told me how to do it
now with the second im so calmed cause
ill have my personal nurse
that will help me trough it, so he is an excellent
an excellent Dad. When he can he takes the plane to come and see us a little
and even he have to take 9 hours travelling
doing Miami to Buenos aires
he takes it, maybe he stays
half a day with us, and takes again the 9 hours plane to go back
to Miami
We always see each other trough
the web cam and
well, nothing else
we super love you
we want to be
with you
and to Cristina we want to tell her, You are famous here in Argentina
cause when
i told everyone i was going to say Hi to Cristina, they were like,
oh yeah i know her
so you are more than welcomed here
and as you say: Pa'lante (para adelante / forward)
so, thank you for allow me, us, to give this cheers to him
to David
Succes to your tv programm ... oh so cute ! thank you, very much
congrats, and be easy that parto
and you tell Susan Gimenez that they know me ther in Argentina, cause we were born
the very same day
january the 29th ..... oooh
we also are: january the 30th, january the 21st, february the 13th
ok, and Susana the 29th
so know you know...
Thank you, and thanks to your wife, and congrats for that new baby
hope it be
more beautifull than Lea, wich is difficult, ok, in the next segment
miguel varoni is to show us
another talent, this man is full of talents, he says he has it
we´ll, he will sing one of his fauvorites: El raton (the mouse)
the gorgeus Eugenio
will be with us too