Decoupaged Word Rocks by Tiffany Windsor featuring Aleene's Matte Decoupage

Uploaded by Cool2Craft on 03.09.2012

Hi, I’m Tiffany Windsor and I’m at my local Michael’s store. I needed some inspiration
today so I came in and I walked the aisles and found some things that I want to craft with.
I’ve ended up at the Aleene’s adhesive section.
Take a look. Did you know that there’s over sixty Aleene’s adhesives?
That's right, over sixty. I counted all of them.
So, there is a crafting adhesive for all of your crafting needs.
The theme of today's show is rock, paper, scissors. So, what I did is I picked up
some rocks.
I picked up some white tissue paper and I’m going to decoupage.
Now I’m using the Aleene's Decoupage
in the matte
Here it is, right here, in that beautiful green bottle. So, this is matte. Let
me show you my inspired decoupage rocks.
I’m using the Aleene’s Matte Decoupage for my decoupage rocks
and this is so easy to do.
The first thing that you want to do is to stamp your words
by inking up your stamp
and you stamp right on to tissue paper.
Let that dry for just a few minutes and use your scissors to cut your words
And I like to put my Aleene’s
Decoupage into just a little cup
and just use my fingers to apply it.
I’m rubbing
the decoupage on to the rock
and because this is tissue paper,
I have found that I don't need to add it to the back of the tissue paper like you
normally do on a thicker paper.
You just said it right in
and carefully rub over the top
Isn’t that cool?
Let me show you another one here.
You can also color your rocks if you want to paint them first,
or you can ink them up,
or you could also stamp onto colored or
patterned tissue paper.
But the tissue paper takes the Aleene’s Decoupage beautifully.
If you want a shiny finish you could certainly use
the Aleene’s Gloss Decoupage or if you want to add a little sparkle,
you can do that too.
I’m just taking
the extra decoupage away
and just to be sure that I don't have any
any lumps or clumps.
You're just going to set does aside to dry and that is how easy it is to collage
with the
Matte Decoupage.
I love
creating cute little vignettes of inspired words on my table top. It really
brings inspiration to my day.
The Aleene’s Matte Decoupage is available at Michael’s.
It’s terrifically tacky and creatively cool.