Reading Lessons for Children : How Children Learn to Read

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.03.2008

Hi, I'm Ann Kennedy and on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to talk to you about understanding
the nature of reading. We're going to be looking at how we learn not only how we learn to read,
how we learn to do anything in life. After one month let's say you read a book, let's
say you learned how to be a carpenter anything that you learned after one month this is how
much retained, 14% is what you hear, 22% is what you see, 30% is by watching others, 42%
of what you learned is what you hear see and watched. So it's very important to be interactive
in learning 72% is when learning is connected to real life. You can't just sit and watch
and read, hear and see. You too have to have some hands on to experience the learning,
83% is when learning is connected to an activity and 91% is when you talk to others and talk
about what you learned. That is what we'll be covering in how to teach a child to read.