Think Like A Man Dethrones Hunger Games: Kevin Hart Comedy Is #1 At Box Office: ENTV

Uploaded by ENTV on 23.04.2012

Hi everyone I’m Brian Corsetti and has your weekend box office report.
Well after 4 weeks at the top, The Hunger Games was finally dethroned. Taking its #1
spot was the comedy Think Like A Man which is based on the best selling book by comedian
Steve Harvey. The ensemble comedy brought in in 33 million dollars its opening weekend.
Coming in at number 2 is the Warner Bros romantic drama The Lucky one starring Zac Effron. It
brought in 22.8 million dollars in its opening weekend, and considered an over performer
because the studio only expected 15 million this weekend.
The third best grossing movie -- and officially among the Top 20 grossing films of all time
-- was The Hunger Games. The film made 14.5 million in its 5th week of release -- Totalling
215.8 million dollars internationally -- 356.9 million domestic, and wait for it -- 572.7
million dollars worldwide!
At #4 is the Disney nature documentary Chimpanzee, narrated by Tim Allen. It made 10.2 million
dollars in its opening weekend, which is great news, since a portion of all first week grosses
will go to the Jane Goodall Foundation to help protect chimpanzee habitats.
And last but not least The Three Stooges made 9.2 million dollars in its 2nd week run totalling
$29.35 million so far -- not bad for a budget of 30 million. It looks like it's all profit
from here!
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