Snowball™ - Japanese TV "Pochi-Tama" (English subs)

Uploaded by redfox2667 on 11.11.2009

By the way, I have to find an amazing pet!
Let's start searching!
Hopefully he will find something.
Express Pet Tours in the U.S.A.
Oh! there are a lot of dogs! They are so cute!
He began searching in a dog park.
But can we really find the amazing pet among these dogs?
The one Kimito started recording is...
a standing and dancing dog... Is this one he thinks it might be?
So cute!
OK, I see. He just wants to play with the dog.
Kimito, did you forget your business?
Yeah, why don't we ask someone here?
Although there are so many dogs here, it is really difficult to find the one we say it's an amazing pet.
Go on, try to get more information!
Have you heard anything about amazing pets?
A bird was dancing on TV. It was marvelous, dancing like this, you know? It lives near this area.
That's the strong information!!
She said that the bird is in a bird shelter in a neighboring town.
So we hurried there.
I was told that it is something a bird protection institution called "Bird Lovers Only Rescue"...
but looks like just a normal house.
I'm not sure this is the right place.
Hopefully this is the place where the bird lives.
Yes, welcome!
This is a bird shelter facility operated by a volunteer organization directed by Irena
where miserable birds abused or neglected by former owners are rescued.
Currently, there are about 30 birds staying here.
Someone told me that you have a bird that has amazing dance skills.
Yes, you can expect what to see.
The bird has extraordinary dance skills!?
Haha, it's cute!
His name is Snowball named from his white feathers,
a sulphur-crested cockatoo.
And he is a teenage boy like Kimito.
Do you wanna show?
Yes, do you wanna dance?
OK, yeah!
It seems he really wants to dance today.
So Snowball's dance show started.
What kind of "amazing dance" will he show us?
Snowball's dance is...
like heavy metal music!
It's super-groovy!
It's very surprizing!
Next, when the music changes,
he started dancing to the rhythm.
So groovy!
With the beat, he stomps his feet too!
Don't you think this bird is really amazing!?
Thank you!
When did he start dancing?
He already loved dancing before he came here.
But he is kind of unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to bite people.
so that's why the former owner gave up to take care of him and took him here last summer.
Irena said cockatoos also have a period of rebelliousness
and Snowball is just in the middle of that age.
As a teenager, I sort of understand the feeling of rebelliousness too.
So I want to be good friends with Snowball anyhow.
I don't know. He's so difficult without knowing.
You will get bitten. I got bitten everywhere.
It seems he is a very difficult to deal with.
Can he became friends with Snowball?
I'm gonna challenge it.
What do you feel? Do you feel scared?
A sort of...
after I heard the story.
Fearfully Kimito tried to approach Snowball.
How are you? Please be friendly...
Snowball even did not look at him.
Snowball likes you.
He has never shown such an attitude to anyone else but me.
I even feel jealous about it!
Thank you, Snowball.
My travel from Japan is now rewarded!
Then lastly, Snowball and Kimito danced together.
Music is Snowball's most favorite song, Backstreet Boys' "Everybody."
How about the evidence video?
Thank you, Snowball for becoming my friend!
Snowball, a nice bird!
Snowball, you are great!
You are the number one!
And our U.S. tour got successfully done too!