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Hello and welcome to another episode of ennTV. I’m Ilona Rubino with Janssen Global Services.
Our stories today are all about commitment. Commitment to our partners, our patients and
our employees. Up first, here’s Senior Director Mike Reilly and the Commercial Marketing team
to explain how the Creative Lab helps Johnson and Johnson IT deliver the best results for
the business.
The space in the creative lab is unique. It is by design. And when people walk in, we
want them to be a little bit confused, a little bit exciting, try to figure out why is this
different. How did they do this?
What we do is more of project management work. Right, we design-- websites for-- commercial
Late last fall, we got a call from our IT colleagues at Division Care Franchise. And
one of the big tasks that sales rep do is, as they visit different eye care professionals,
they really look for-- low stock on some prescription contact lenses, and they try to refill those.
So what we wanted to do, is we wanted-- to come up with a way to streamline-- that process
and make it compatible-- on an iPad.
The iPad app has just really simplified everything for us. We're not constantly trying to go
back and forth between either a paper sales aide or something that was on a laptop that
needs to be booted up. It's-- you know, you can be very present and in the moment with
the customers, which is huge.
So when clients come in and they realize how much time you've invested, in learning about
their brands-- learning about what their strategy is. And you've taken the time to go off and
develop something proactively to share with them, It immediately breaks down any walls.
It immediately builds a great rapport with the brand.
When you see people come in and-- and they just light up as part of this, that's what
we strive for.
The lab in Raritan, New Jersey is one of six Creative Labs around the globe. If you’re
an employee of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies and you want to see how you can
work with the Creative Lab, visit Now, Janssen is now using artwork created
by patients in corporate materials, websites and banners. Recently, Gilda’s Club of New
York – a non-profit club that provides free cancer support to anyone touched by cancer
and is named for comedienne Gilda Radner - held an art exhibit of works that will be added
to the Janssen imagery library.
Lily Safani: I think that partnering with Janssen to do this was really an incredible
program. And we-- quite honestly, we were very excited about having the reception here
and exhibiting their artwork.
Janssen companies have worked with a number of organizations around the world to secure
artwork for our imagery library. And this was a special situation with the Gilda's Club
of New York City because-- we sat down with them to really come up with a program that
was structured to be inclusive of all their members.
The event was an opportunity for, not only our members, but their loved ones, to see
something that they had worked on for several weeks. And it also was an opportunity for
them to say why they developed this particular piece of artwork.
The one thing that I've learned about being here at Gilda's Club is how important community
is for survival. And for people who have cancer it's a very lonely thing. But the reality
is in order for us to survive we need to think about ourselves as a community all working
to survive together.
Anthony’s son Aiden just started kindergarten this fall and the oncologist says that Anthony
probably has a good thirty years to spend with his son, which according to Anthony – sounds
pretty good. And I’m sure we all agree. Next up, let’s take a look at our commitment
to the health of our employees, with a motivational health tip from Chris Jordan.
Your ultimate mission reflects your purpose in life. Your deepest values and beliefs.
Who and what matters to you most. For example, your children, your spouse, your family, your
community. It can be a huge source of persistence, determination and energy to live the life
you want to live. Pursuing and striving for your ultimate mission can help you live a
more fulfilling life each and every day. Take some time to articulate your ultimate mission
and write it down. It will help you clearly focus on where to invest your energy and remind
you NOT to waste your energy. See you next time.
Thanks, Chris! I’m definitely going to try that!
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