Uploaded by rabarba13 on 11.05.2011

The challenge
Turkcell was launching new smart phones bundled with mobile internet and wanted to create
awareness among internet users who would be interested.
Mobile internet was not very popular among general users so we planned to reach the heavy
internet users who would be interested and spread the message.
The idea
Heavy internet users are known for their talent in avoiding internet advertising. So instead
of trying to reach them with a banner campaign, we created a unique live competition that
took place in the home ground of the Turkish heavy user: Twitter.
First we made a gift box and put the phones in. Then we covered the box with sticky notes.
Using a live video feed, we asked the Twitter crowd to unpack the box by tweeting what was
written on the sticky notes using our hashtag #Turkcelltweet. Users logged in to our mini
site using Twitter connect to take part in the competition.
As the sticky notes unfolded, we wrote our campaign messages and the users spread the
word to their followers voluntarily. We also played many games with them including pictionary,
trivia and word puzzles. The winner of these games won minutes and mobile data packages.
On the last sticky notes we asked them to get retweeted by a celebrity. The ones who
completed this big challenge won the very phones that were bundled with internet.
The competition was live for 3 hours a day for 7 days.
During the campaign we had more than 56.000 tweets under our hashtag.
We topped the trending topic list on our first day and stayed there for the next eight days.
Some of the biggest stars with a huge number of followers joined in.
As a result of all these we reached approximetly 3.6 million people just by some little tweets.