Ask The Specialist: How soon can I expect results from the miraDry procedure - Dr. Leon Egozi

Uploaded by AskTheSpecialist on 24.08.2012

The results of the miraDry are immediate, they will not have any sweating
right after we do the procedure, and it works great, it doesn't, it
shouldn't come back, but that's why we do a second treatment three
months later, just to make sure that if any of the sweat glands were
missed that then we get it with the second procedure. There is a small
percentage of patients that will require a third procedure, but that is
very, very few, so the majority of people usually have permanent
treatment with the first miraDry session and it works immediately, so
this is a life changing procedure, it's a non-surgical procedure, it
works for patients that are having problems with their underarm
sweating, as I mentioned before patients in their social life or in
their jobs in their work, patients who have to wear uniforms for work,
they no longer have to worry about staining their clothes or some
patients have to go in and change three times a day in their work
because they don't want anyone else to notice that they're sweating, so it
is a life changing treatment for these patients.