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Narrow Dwelings aka Dwelling Narrowness aka snail home
Episode 1
Jiangzhou, China (Based on Shanghai, China) 1998
This our home now
our new home
Enough, it's not like we own this place it's shared, no need to work so hard
No, we would stay here for while people would enjoy it to be clean, right?
How could you live in here, when it give you the goosebump everytime you walk in
Just work on it to get it over with it's almost done now, finish it
-you hand stinks, don't touch me -you are the same too, beside you did the toliet
-let me smell it -Damn, I'm already sick now. next time you do it
You insisted on saying "you don't wonna be touch by dirty hands" I don't give a damn myself, you can touch me no matter how dirty
now you see who love whom more
No, I love you more, cause I can't let you do these lowly things
-Haiping, I love you. for richer or poorer
are you taking an oath?
Say, may be we can have our own place some day. perhaps one by the beach, just open the window
we can see low flying seagulls and white surfs we could sunbath on the beach, and the kid making a sand castle
Then we'll be reminded of today, in our youth I'm brushing the tub, you're brushing the toliet
It's a journey to happiness
I have a question, if we could afford a beach house when our kid still making sand castles
that mean we have to buy it only be a few years later
And you think we could be rich enough to buy a beach house in this city?
you're really imaginative
If you don't even imagine about it, how could do it?
Oh, this is how it goes. you just imagine, and I'll have do it
So could just stop thinking, just clean the house now I'm way too tired now
-No, I'll have to do something first, now crooperate -I didn't hear anything, nothing
Rent, I'm not an idiot. It cheap and we could save money The more money we save, the bigger the house
And you're not an idiot. A townhouse now cost 490K you're salary is 1k a month, how long would that take
Ay, don't look down on me. It's not like I won't get a raise my salary will rise quicker than house prices. bet on it
490K (72K USD), piece of cake
You parents, or mine? It's safer if I get it.
don't talk
mom, why so quick
So, finished moving?
how's the place
It's okay. It's a bit small, but then I'm just by myself
Where is Suchun?
He got home once we're finished
When will you two get married
Perhaps October of next year
-You need build marriage on a solid foundation -I know
House? well, we'll rent first we'll buy once we saved for the downpay
Oh, how is Haizhao? how's her college application?
I wanted her to go to provincal universities so she could stay with us
it's not fair for both children to leave me you wonna leave, then leave. Haizhao stays with me
Mom, don't be stupid, your companionship and her future which is more important? You have dad too
She got such good grade, why don't you wonna her to come here?
-those universities can't compare to the ones here! -No, you have to listen to me, she'll have to studie in a big city!
She's different from you. You're always daring, she's always timid, and soft She can't survive out there. Don't mind her business
Talk to her then. Would she rather stay over there or come to the big city? Hand her the phone
She's studying, stop distracting her don't mind her business okay
I'm hanging up, it's expensive long distance
Mom, I want to go to Jiangzhou (Shanghai), I wonna go to sister's univeristy. I wonna stay with her
Go back to you study now. Which college to go to It's not my call, nor your call nor your sister's call
It your score's call. If your score can't make the cut, you can't go there anyways. Go back to studying