RuCTFE 2011 #03

Uploaded by RuCTFE on 19.11.2011

tswr: Now we'll go to another room
to see more developers.
Right here on the screens
you can see the working
checksystem with
scoreboards displaying the testing process.
Alright, let's go now.
art: Oh! Hi!
tswr: How's it going?
art: Fine.
tswr: What are you doing?
art: I commit to svn.
I don't have a service,
I'm responsible for the game image.
tswr: art is a game image administrator.
What are you responsibile for?
art: Fixing other's services.
Well. Game image administrator
carries out multiple tasks.
tswr: How is the image now?
art: Yes, almost ready.
I can pack it right now.
I just press the special button
and it's done.
tswr: And what are you doing?
thresh: The ESP service, it's mine.
tswr: Why ESP?
thresh: Because it's the English abbreviation,
which stands for
extrasensory perception.
tswr: What do you think about RuCTFE?
What is RuCTFE for you?
mawile: Friendship!
tswr: RuCTFE is friendship.
How do you understand friendship?
mawile: Well, we all sit over here
and work together on the same project.
*song lyrics: past the red a(pple)*
ld: Slept... For how long?..
I have slept today, yes.
tswr: You have slept today?
And what about yesterday?
ld: There was yesterday, was it?
tswr: ld is definitely developing a service right now.
But we won't show you,
what exactly he is doing.
tswr: ld, tell something about your services.
ld: It works.
tswr: Is it its main quality?
ld: It is its only quality.
tswr: Ok, and what drawbacks does it have?
ld: It works well!
tswr: Perhaps it is vulnerable?
ld: Definitely!
tswr: You were at DEF CON this year.
What is DEF CON?
andgein: It takes place in Las Vegas,
it's a big-big
computer security event.
I was on the other side of the barricades.
tswr: You participated in the challenge?
andgein: Yes.
tswr: And now you are preparing another challenge RuCTFE, yes?
andgein: A kind of russian DEF CON.
tswr: It will be a russian DEF CON?
andgein: It will be better!
tswr: In the case if you haven't noticed yet,
there is a great website,
You can find a link to the dev team page over there.
Where mafusail,
our wonderful cameraman,
and all these remarkable people are listed!
*song lyrics: past the white a(pple)...*
ld: (a)pple of the moon... (a)pple of the moon...
past the read a(pple)...
art: And it was all night long!
ld: (a)pple of the dawn...