iPad Basics: Getting to Know the iPad

Uploaded by gcflearnfree on 16.02.2012

You know iPad puts thousands of apps at your fingertips… you know you can watch your
favorite movies and TV shows on its large, multi-touch screen… but maybe you have some
questions about the device itself; for example, how do you adjust the volume? What does this
cable do?
In this video, we're going to talk about the physical features of iPad - including how
to care for it properly, and the different parts of the device. We're also going to take
a look at charging the battery, and choosing a protective case or cover. First, you'll
want to make sure you're familiar with everything on the outside - in other words, the ports
and buttons on the back.
There's the power button, also known as the sleep/wake button… the volume button…
and a small switch that lets you mute notifications and sound effects…
There's also the microphone… a place to plug in your headphones… and a powerful
speaker - right next to the dock connector. The dock connector is what you'll use to charge
your battery, sync your iTunes library, and more - all using the USB cable that came with
your device.
Just plug it in, and you have several different options depending on what you need. You can
connect the other end to your computer to charge, sync with iTunes, or set up syncing
over Wi-Fi. If you just need to charge the battery, though, it'll charge much faster
if you use the power adapter, which was also included with your iPad.
Plug the adapter directly into the wall, then plug in the USB. Now you're not only charging
your battery; you're also giving iPad a chance to sync over Wi-Fi or back up to iCloud if
you've set up either of those services. Just keep it plugged into the power source, and
iPad will take care of the rest. The battery lasts about 10 hours when fully charged,
so that should give you lots of flexibility.
Why don't we take a look at some of the buttons and features that work when the iPad is turned
on? Just press the sleep/wake button, swipe to unlock, and you're ready to go.
You can also press the Home button to turn on your device.
One of my favorite things about the iPad is the front & back camera, which comes into play mostly
when you're using FaceTime to video chat. It also works with the built-in Camera app.
You see, there's a lens on the front of your iPad… and also one on the back.
That means you can take a picture of what's in front of you… or tap the on-screen icon to turn
the camera around. To switch back and forth, just tap the icon again.
With so many great features, you'll definitely want to keep your iPad in good condition,
so you can enjoy it for years to come. Remember: no matter how durable the screen is, it IS made
of glass. To wipe off any fingerprints or smudges, I recommend using a dry, lint-free cloth.
I also recommend purchasing some kind of protective case or cover. This one is made by Apple,
and can be purchased online or at several different stores - it even doubles as a stand.
Other iPad users prefer a full case - to protect both the screen, and the hard, metal part
on the back.
Of course, it's what's on the inside of your iPad that counts. But the outside is important
too. Now you know how to handle your device, charge the battery, and much, much more!