What time did the first 9/11 attack on the WTC occur? Don't ask BBC Nisha Pillai

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[BBC Anchor Nisha Pillai] happened this morning.
[BBC Stephen Evans] people are running away very very quickly. There are more explosions further down the
It was calm until we came on the air now, but I am now looking up at this building
and there is billowing, smoke billowing from the very top, but then there is a fire and an
about 20 stories further down.
I was at the base of the building when it happened. There was
[BBC Anchor Nisha Pillai] joining
us now on the phone from New York
is Steve Evans
who was, I believe, in the building at the time
[BBC Stephen Evans] there was one huge
bang and the building physically shook, then
[BBC Anchor Nisha Pillai] This accident took place about half an hour ago
at 9AM
local time in New York.
[BBC Stephen Evans] Then 2 or 3 bangs and the building again
shook. People came screaming past me
[BBC Anchor Nisha Pillai] At the moment it looks
[BBC Steve Evans] There are people running now. [BBC Anchor Nisha Pillai] as if both buildings are
on fire. [Joe Craine, YouTube Martyr]