How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Giraffe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now, we're going to take the basic balloon dog and turn it into a giraffe. That may sound
fun but it's basically the same kind of bubbles and the same kind of structure. You're going
to start with the little nose. Pinch it and twist it. Add the ears, pinch, twist, followed
by another bubble, pinch, twist the end of that. The same with the next ear, pinching
it and twisting. Hold the nose and lock it into place, one, two, three. Now, if you want
to add any length to the little nose, you just pull on the knot and just stretch it
a little bit. Now, you can see how that's just extended a little bit. That's a little
handy hint to know. Now, the bottom of the giraffe's neck, you pinch and twist it. We
start to add the legs, the first leg, pinch it and twist it. Mirrors, you can see it is
mirrored up and you pinch it, you're marking it, holding it tight. Then, I'm going to twist.
So, I'm holding it still with my left hand, one, two, three. Turn it to face the right
way around. Now, I want to have a little bit more of a balloon to work with here so, similar
to what we did with the nose, I'm going to stretch the balloon a bit. Don't be frightened,
they're pretty sturdy, these expert balloons. I call them expert balloons because they are
what the experts use. They are professional balloon twisting kind of balloons. They're
pretty strong. That gives me a little more space to work with. You pinch it and twist
it. These are his back legs and mirror those legs and up the other side of the legs, lock
twists them into place. Then we've got the basic giraffe, but I think its fun to add
some little marking on to this giraffe. So, let's start with putting an eye on. It can
be a little girl giraffe or a little boy giraffe. I'm going to make mine a little girl giraffe
so I put some little eyelashes on. To make it fun, we'll add some spots. It doesn't matter
how big, how small, spots are. It's fun for the child to watch the spots going on. I always
add one right on the end of his tail like this. That usually makes people laugh, gives
a little bit of fun to your balloon giraffe. Put one on his legs. Color it in. The children
might have fun putting their own markings on these giraffes. I can guarantee those would
probably be very spotty. So, there you have it, a balloon giraffe, almost ready to go
to the zoo.