CGRundertow MEOWCENARIES for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 31.12.2011

Hello everyone, it is I, Amanda, here with the purrfect game for your iPhone. Okay well
recently on my usual watching of Adult Swim at night I finally gave into the commercials
I've seen for the iPhone game Meowcenaries. This game involves a few cute fluffy little
kittens who have deadly weaponry and a love for cheeseburgers, how adorable.
The play is just like most shooters on an iPhone or android device. You have one side
thats for your movement you control and another circle that controls your shooting and direction.
The kitties use this efficiently as they huddle together taking out the evil cats surrounding
them. Evil cats that are holding their president captive.
As you move your group of kittens you'll notice picket signs in the ground that you can tap.
These signs give you tips that are usually obvious things about the game, but some might
be tips that actually help you along the way.
These mercenary kitties have a full on arsenal that so far still doesn't seem to run out
of ammo, which is a nice feature when the spawns get a little bit crazy. You also have
other items to unlock later on in gameplay.
There are different objectives for each level. Sometimes you'll have to blow up bases of
the enemy kitties whereas others you'll have to rescue hostages. The hostage ones can be
a real pain in your rear end because if you're going buck wild shooting the enemies you might
accidentally take the lives of those you're trying to rescue.
The graphics in this little game almost remind me of the art stylings of Sarah Brown's Meow
video I saw on youtube awhile back with little big headed zombie kittens. The flat 2D graphics
and simple color schemes all dub this game to be a great time. Sometimes simple does
it better and in this case it works like that.
I enjoy this game and next time I see an add on Adult Swim I'll probably pay more attention
cause this game was very cute, exciting, and allowing kitties to get a little tougher in
the world.