PS3 Controller on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unrooted (USB OTG Adapter, Asphalt 7, GTA 3)

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 11.11.2012

hello everyone once again we have the samsung galaxy note 2 in front of us and
right next to it is a brand new
sony ps3 dualshock3 sixaxis wireless controller
now my device's not rooted
so we're not gonna use the bluetooth portion we're just going to connect it
from everything that i've read
you should just be able to hook it up
and it should just work so let's see what happens
so I took it out of the box and the two things you'll need additionally are
USB OTG cable
and a standard
mini usb cable it has a standard jack there
and this looks
more like a
jeck that you're used to on a computer or on a camera
this different from the micro usb cable that comes with the galaxy note 2
so this is something from my old blackberry
about six years ago but they gave me really nice cables and i'm still using
it every day
anyway just connect the usb cable
to the
USB OTG cable
and then you want to plug in the usb cable the other end of it to the
PS3 controller
that's done and then you want to plug in the USB OTG cable into the
phone itself
there we go.. you should get a little pop-up saying usb connector connected and
you might see this flashing what this flash means is that it's charging
so if you want to save battery on the galaxy note 2 charge this first so
that it's not charging off the phone
i wanted to mention that although the PS3 controller is a bluetooth
controller you cannot just simply do a bluetooth pairing of these two devices
if you want to do that you have to root or hack this device
and then you have to buy an app for about two dollars called sixaxis and
I hear it works beautifully
unfortunately I'm choosing not to root this device because i want to keep
korean one year warranty on here and it is a pretty awesome warranty
but they don't joke around with the rooting stuff
I think they go
two levels beyond having to reset flash counters so I'm just leaving it alone
if i want to do any kind of rooting videos I'll probably be getting
a second galaxy note in the future
to connect this device you just need to simply tap on this p button
and you might have seen this blue circle or blue square
popped up
at the phone icon
and you could just
hit these digital buttons or you could even hit analog buttons and
it all work well
so let's go ti
Asphalt 7
it is currently the number one racing game i believe
let's start the game
I just want to do a quick race
no tutorials required
so you could see some of the buttons are responsive
but one thing that is not responsive
is the driving so hit menu
and go to
and then don't do the tilt settings
but go to control D where you can
control it by touching left and right it doesn't say controller

but I choose this one
okay and now it works awesome
and you could fire up the
nitro I guess with the X button
and then the right trigger is the break
maybe the hand break
I still need to run how to control this thing
as in terms of response responsiveness i think it is great
feel like I could actually
race without crashing into walls now
and I did see a video saying that the frame raid on the game
was pretty poor
i'm not really seeing that although
although i could see that it could be better it's definitely not sixty frames i think
it's some around thirty
and i think that is definitely good enough to work with and maybe around the
slows down a little bit to some around
maybe twenty five but
definitely playable
and the fact that you're not doing it with
the tilt, the motion controls I think it definitely helps as well
that's enough for this game
let's see how to I get to home

just go back to the touch controls
quit race
and i want to show you another game
called grand theft auto
three grand theft auto three
and if you haven't heard yet
and if you already have bought grand theft auto 3 that shoud be coming out with
i believe Vice City and maybe San Andreas as well
to the mobile platforms
so i'm pretty sure that means android as well so i'll be looking forward to that
you need a controller to play these games unfortunately if you try to play with the touch buttons
the games require
definitely very
sensitive controls to where i felt some levels are basically impossible
without a controller
tap to continue
I think X works
all the controls seem to work forward back
get out of the car with the triangle
run with the X
hit people with the circle button
I'm just blown away by this just because it is obvious stand they went through
the trouble of configuring this controller for this game
now I'd also like to say thank you to samsung
for just making this work without having to install any drivers or
just works unrooted out of the box
and as long as the games supported I think
it is fantastic
i could definitely see myself just playing this whole game through with no
because definitely with the touch controls
this grand theft auto 3 game is
nearly impossible to finish
so anyway that's my tutorial for today
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once again thank you for watching