Arc Flash Protection │DuPont™ Nomex® - "Andrey's Arc"

Uploaded by DuPont on 10.10.2012

0:00:06:000,0:00:11:000 >> Mrs. Krasnov: When he goes off to work,
I always worry. that something might happen to him.
0:00:17:500,0:00:22:000 >> Mrs. Krasnov: I’m scared inside; my chest
is pounding. Maybe he will not return.
0:00:25:000,0:00:47:000 >> Andrey Krasnov: Alexey and I went to substation
313. The column fell to the ground with the cable. There was a noise like thunder. The
arc flash blinded me. It seemed as if the arc was all around me.
0:00:49:00,0:01:11:000 >> Helmut Eichinger: In the centre of the
electric arc you may have 10, 20 thousand degrees, as hot as the surface of the sun.
Nomex is a heat-resistant fibre made out of aramid. It’s part of DuPont commitment to
produce products which will protect people at their work place.
0:01:13:500,0:01:23:000 >> Aleksandr Bolshunov: We are in the business
of saving lives. Our cooperation with DuPont has been both in the technical and ideological
0:01:26:00,0:01:32:500 >> Aleksandr Bolshunov: In our country, in
the power industry, we take safety very seriously; particularly where the safety of people is
0:01:36:000,0:01:41:000 >> Andrey Krasnov: I definitely believe this
special clothing saved my life.
0:01:45:000,0:01:53:500 >> Mrs. Krasnov: Fate has given us a second
chance. After all, we only live once.