Coach Dunphy keeps his word and loses his mustache

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 06.10.2011

>>Dunphy I know that everybody is here because I'm shaving this mustache but the bigger story
is that this young man has graduated from Temple University. Temple nurtured him and
mentored him and guided him to get this degree and he finally completed this thing at the
end of August this year. I said if you can get this done, I'm going to shave my mustache
and that's kind of how we came to this position today.
I'm not sure how to do this to be honest with you. I going to remember to take the cap off
of the razor, I know that. [laughter]
[crowd sounds] >> I have no idea what's underneath it. Probably,
I had a Dunkin Donuts doughnut this morning. [laughter]
>> You're killing me. Sometimes you talk too much and certainly my M.O. is not to say much
[Ooohhh applause] >> How's it look? But I opened my big mouth.
>> Christmas Actually, I was actually close to passing the class and he would text me,
like, me and coach Dunphy would text everyday and I was like, it's real, he's really going
to do it, so it started to get a little more serious and uh, so that definitely was a big
motivation. >>Dunphy I'm proud to be a part of these guys'
lives, so this is easy for me. How do I look by the way?