Street Boiz: S01E04"A Stranger From The Far East "

Uploaded by BeBallTM8sProduction on 14.09.2010

"A Stranger From The Far East"
Hmmm..Something's wrong.
This is my court now! This is Jerkin Monkey and I'm Lucas Li.
I'm the one called Jerkin Monkey.
You can't do that!
This is our court.
This is where we record Street Boiz.
Street Boiz!
I must protect this house!
Oh yeah! then we'll play about it. one on one.
One on one! we will play here, the winner takes it all!
I warn you, me and Mykell, we are pros.
What do you think you are doing?
If you refuse to move, then I have to murder you!
Let's Go!
All right, time to dunk! Let's Go!
Not Mykell!
Now get out of here but leave your friend, he's my trophy!
Go home! you'll get your friend back if you beat me!!
Hey, I got an idea.
I'll call for back-up from my friend Herb.
Yo Herb I need som back-up NOW!
Can I join Street Boiz?
I'm coming and I'm coming.
But where's Mykell?
He's dead!
But how did Mykell die?
Some Chinese-dude.
Where was Danielos?
I don't know
Just come over here, I need back-up!
Greetings friend, we are from China. I'm Lucas Li and this is Jerkin Monkey!
haha..I am Jerkin Monkey.
You are so funny that you recevied "Whitechocolatesauce"
Not Jerkin Monkey!!!
Now we drive!
And that's how you keep your fur pink.
Dude, you're a liar.
Yo Mr.China! It's time for our rematch, I wany my friend back.
This time I wont lose!
Wadda Dunk!
I have to poop-poop, My belly goes bananas!
Oh no!
You wish..has been granted!
I am back from the depths of hell, mate.
This is a trick that Jean-Claude Gotdamn van Dan taught me!
What do I do now?
You think you're better than me!?
I can't here you bitch!
This is crazy..Completely weird!
My belly goes bannanas..Oh no here it comes!
Ouch! dammit I fell and now have a headache, I feel a little Co-CO!
I feel more slack than ever!
Jerkin Monkey!
Bloody chinese!
Ok about this little trick that Godzilla taught me.
Now you're dommed, pal !
Huh? a gun, that gives me an idea.
Drop the gun, pal !
As you wish, guy!
Come on now, pick up the gun..Pick it up..Shoot the guy over me!
Shoot him! come on now Danielos! Shoot him..SHOOT!
bla bla bla second time but still...for the love of god!
Completely bananas...
huh what? How dare you!
How about this!
So that's how you want it?
Mykell you did it!
Yes I did.
But..Mykell where the hell have you been?
I've been tired.
and have taken a huge dump.
I like fishsticks!
We won, now getta hell out!
What's the matter? can't you take a shit?
Hey! wait for me!
Hey man..move it will ya.
Finaly all the weird guys are gone.
now we can finaly continue with the show...Street Boiz.
How about we start with how to dunk?
That sounds like a great idea.
Herb! Come here.
Hey guys I don't think it's over yet.
There's another chinaman over there..or should I say 2.