Rock Auction Rocks

Uploaded by SacStateVideo on 16.11.2012

[Music] >>This is a spectacular sample of three zeolites
minerals; the sample is from India, most likely Punta, India. These are crystals; there are
minerals that grew off of a crack in a rock. [Music]
>>This is a fossil; a shellfish that lived in Jurassic’s Oceans about 170 million years
ago. So this guy was swimming in the ocean when dinosaurs were walking around the landscape.
[Music] >>This is a beautiful sample of purple fluorite,
which is a halite mineral that forms in void spaces in the ground.
[Music] >>The rock auction at Sac State is something
the Geology Club has been doing for eight years; this is the 9th Annual Rock Auction.
Students reach out to local dealers and rock enthusiasts in the Sacramento community and
they donate rock and mineral samples to the students and we have a silent auction with
smaller items and a large auction with the really big and beautiful items. This year
we have a really stunning array of samples, we are very excited.
[Music] >>This is a beautiful and exceptionally large
specimen of a purple variety of quartz called amethyst. These form in mega vesicles that
formed from large lava flows millions and millions of years ago. This will most likely
be our green and gold item, which is our Alumni item that we have a guest auctioneer auction
off. This year we are so lucky to have Courtney Dempsey from Good Day Sacramento to be our
guest auctioneer for this item.