Holiday Celebrations : How to Be a Secret Santa

Uploaded by eHow on 13.12.2008

Hi, I'm Teri and in this segment I'm going to teach you how to be a good Santa around
the office. So as Christmas approaches or the holidays approach, you might want to ask
your office if they want to be involved in the Secret Santa. So you find out how many
people want to be involved. You write down all their names on a slip of paper, and you
put them in a hat or in this case we're going to use a stocking and everyone goes around
and picks one. Now the point, oh, I've got Jim, now here's the thing. I can't tell Jim
that I have him, that's why it's called Secret Santa. And you do this about a week before
the actual office party or big event. And then all week I'm going to do little things
for Jim. Like maybe leave a candy cane on his desk in the morning or a little gift on
his car. But I don't want him to know that it's me. So I've gotta be really sneaky about
it. So nothing obvious, never put your name on anything you give them. And all week everyone's
guessing, who's your Secret Santa, who's your Secret Santa and at the end, at the big office
party, or whatever you choose to have as a last event, you can give them one final bigger
gift and of course then tell them who you are, who the Secret Santa has been all week
long. It's a lot of fun to have around the office. It's a good little quirky game and
if you know the person really well you can do, give them some really cute, fun gifts.
That's how you do Secret Santa around the office.