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\f1\fs30 \cf0 As human beings, we all know that a healthy competition never hurts when
generating hype. Remember your viewers are consumers like the rest of us, and we're all
guilty of wanting to be winners. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 When viewers subscribe to your channel they are notified each time you post a new
video. Competitions are a fun way to add a little spice to those notifications by further
enticing your subscribers to get in on the action and hang out on your channel.
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\f1\fs30 Prizes can be insignificant and small, but the results can be huge. Seeing what this
method has done for other channels to generate massive traffic has proven it to be effective
and worth the extra bit of time it takes to implement a competition or the prizes you
may give. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Prizes could include a free report you have generated, a book, or an hour of
your time for coaching, etc. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 The competition does not have to be of Amazing Race proportions\'85..simply
ask people to answer a question relating to your video, solve a riddle, or even leave
a comment regarding a related topic. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 People leaving comments on your videos in response to the challenge will generate
conversation, interaction, and activity. \'a0Not only do you get more people watching your
videos but it induces more commenting which YouTube recognizes, and helps you rank within
categories. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Making it easy for your viewer to enter is key\'85.people don't usually care
what the prize is, but they will jump for it and will want to get involved.
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\f1\fs30 \cf0 Similar to leaving blog post comments, you want to encourage your viewers
to leave video comments within your YouTube channel. You can look at your YouTube channel
like a mini blog with the added bonus of visual engagement and treat it the same\'85the more
interaction the better! \f0\b\fs36 \
\f1\b0\fs30 \cf0 This strategy regarding leaving comments actually works incredibly well in
the reverse as well, where YOU are leaving comments on other's videos and within their
channel. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 This is especially helpful when you are looking to build relationships for potential
joint ventures in the future. It is important (and helpful) to follow other players within
your niche that you feel are credible and influential.
\f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Not only are you able to learn and keep up to date with what's trending within
your niche, but you can establish relationships that may prove beneficial for potential joint
ventures. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Adding comments to other's videos not only helps build relationship foundations,
it also provides your name and site link to a broader audience that have interest in your
niche. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 If you don't have the time to search and wade through your niche for potential
channel followers, or to leave comments, I am a huge fan of outsourcing this task. Be
sure comments are not generic cut and pastes, and maintain value or these connections will
be shallow and not worth anyone's time. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 \cf0 Leaving a comment that is worthwhile by adding value, and inserting your site link,
shows the channel owner you are interested and took the time to show their page some
love. \f0\b\fs36 \
\f1\b0\fs30 \cf0 This little bit goes a long way if a conversation can develop or they
see your name often enough, and you will leave a lasting impression.
\f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 If you like what you see as far as a channel's content and presence in your niche,
subscribe to them. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 This will notify them you are following them and you will receive updates when they
post new videos and you can post on their videos quickly, again showing them you are
a fan of what they do. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Commenting helps increase your online presence in the YouTube community... and hey,
you just may learn something in the process as well :)
\f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Not only can you leave text responses in other's comment boxes, but you can leave
video responses as well. This trick can be hugely beneficial for getting viewers to your
page and increasing video views. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 As you searched before for those within your niche to follow, comment, and
and subscribe to\'85it's important to leave video responses on videos you wish to be affiliated
with. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Below the video in the text box there is an option to leave a video response and
you can post a video within. You can record a new video with your webcam, or you can choose
one of your YouTube videos, or upload another pre-recorded video if it is relevant to their
video. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 This tip also works for adding your own video responses to your own videos\'85little
sneaky, but also successful. You have the ability as channel owner to accept the videos
that are posted to your comment section and can therefore regulate what videos are shown
or not. \f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 Staying in contact with other channel owners through channel comments is another
great way to maintain a YouTube community presence. You can leave comments directly
on the owner's channel homepage rather than within the channel on their videos.
\f0\fs24 \
\f1\fs30 The owner will see these comments right when they log in, and depending where
you wish the conversation to go you could suggest getting in touch, etc. Just another
way to extend a possible joint venture hand, socialize or build potential relationships.
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