HetaHazard 17 [ENG subs]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 05.06.2012

We should get going. Aren't you forgetting anything?
Nope, I've got food and--
I've decided to take all the pasta that was left in this basket!
Oh, that.
Obtained Pasta.
Everything is ready, sir!
Let's go, then.
[Pasta] Special Italian pasta.
Whoa, they're everywhere!
Let's do our best to avoid them. That shouldn't be a problem for you, Italy, since you're very fast.
But you're slow, Russia.
With so many of them around, even I might not be fast enough.
In that case, we can just crush them. Uhuhu!
Either way, we'll get through.
These monsters are scary! Russia is scary! Germanyyy, Japaaan!
Obtained Serum!
Zombies have appeared!
Flag-Waving Cheer
Continuous Attack
Double Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Italy's party wins! Gained 15 EXP!
Italy's party wins! Gained 15 EXP!
Italy's party wins! Gained 15 EXP!
Italy's party wins! Gained 15 EXP!
Italy is now Level 4!
If we go that way, we'll go back where we came from.
It's a stairway. Maybe it'll lead us to the surface.
There's a padlock! I can't open it!
The key might be somewhere around here. Let's look for it.
Can't you break it open with your amazing strength, Russia?
If I break it open, the little zombies will come after us. I guess that could be kind of fun, though.
It wouldn't be fun at all!
Zombie II has appeared! Zombies have appeared!
Yet another new zombie. This one looks a little scarier than the ones we've seen so far.
Is it strong?
Nah. They're all small fry, as far as I'm concerned.
They're all scary to me!
Flag-Waving Cheer
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Double Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Disinfectant Spray
Continuous Attack
Double Attack
Disinfectant Spray
Continuous Attack
Disinfectant Spray
Continuous Attack
Italy's party wins! Gained 90 EXP!
Italy is now Level 5! Italy learned Let's All Sleep Together!
Russia is now Level 4!
Obtained Padlock Key!
Yay! It opened!
Let's hurry up now!
Yeah, before the zombies get here.
This looks like an ordinary room. Could it be... a storeroom?
We're far from the basement of the conference center, so we can't be inside that white house, right?
*sniff, sniff* ... *sniff, sniff* ...
It's very faint, but I can smell a human scent. And also a familiar scent.
Really, Kumajirou?! Whose scent is it?
Hmm, it's America, I recognize his scent, and there's also someone I don't know...
Well, if you don't meet them often, you won't recognize their scent.
Anyway, we have to find someone and call for help. We also have to tell them that there are strange creatures down there.
You're right. Let's look for someone quickly.
Hmm... I smell someone pitiful and someone useless...
The shelves are covered in dust.
It's an old-looking chair.
It's an old-looking pole hanger.
Veh, this place is huge! It looks like a mansion.
It doesn't seem to be abandoned, and yet there's no one here.
I think the scents have got a little stronger now.
This is the front door. We can finally get outside!
Wait, Italy!
Italy, watch out!
Are you okay, Italy?
Veh, that really scared me! What was that?
I can hear dogs growling and smell them. There are a lot of them on the other side of the door.
Oh, my God... You mean we can't get out?
Let's keep looking for someone, anyway. Kuma, can you smell anything else?
*sniff, sniff* ... *sniff*
I don't smell anything at the front door, but there's a scent coming from the stairs.
Let's go, Italy.
The IV is over.
I still have some time... I guess I'll go check up on the prisoners.
Oh, but before that, I'll practice a little more.
Kesesesese! Itachen! Russia!
Itachen's brother dearest, brother dearest...
I'm the awesome... Prussia...
So, what you're saying is that you haven't seen Veneziano.
I ran into everybody except Itachen and Russia.
What are we going to do now?! We don't even know what's going on!
Calm down, brother dearest! You need to rest.
Dammit! Dammit! Spain, you bastard, come save me!
Spain, huh? I don't think so... He must be busy with his plantations right now.
No, stop saying sensible things! Chigiiii!!
C-come on, brother dearest, calm down!
(This Spain person is coming to save you. But he won't succeed.)