Malabarismo de contato - introdução - Aprenda Agora! (learn Contact Juggling - an introduction)

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 24.07.2012

Contact juggling
is a style much more recent than the others,
and it started to get popular in the 80s.
with the film labyrinth
David Bowie's one.
You can usually separate the tricks
in two big categories:
and rolls
Isolation is a technique that makes it looks like
the object is floating in the air.
some people also call it fixed point.
Usually isolations are easy to learn,
but really hard to clean.
cleaning is to remove these tremors,
these imperfections of the movements.
The ball is just a normal object, there is nothing magical.
Contact Juggling requires patience and practice.
I'm still not an excellent Contact juggler (CJer)
so my rolls and my isolations have a lot of imperfections
but there are people who can do it perfectly.
You can also separate the rolls in two categories:
body rolls
and head rolls
The basis of various rolls are the stall points (stalls)
The body has a giant number of points
and I believe you can stop a ball on most of them.
But there are some that are harder to control
and others that are easier
and will be important to learn different movements in the future.
You can also make rolls isolating the ball,
But they are much harder to clean.
Now that you understand contact juggling better,
click here to decide which ball to use to start practicing
and here to learn your first trick.
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Thanks you very much,
I'm Lucas Abduch.
and I'll see you soon!