Marlene & Rebecca - Part 52-1

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I'm sorry!
Marlene, wait!
Mum, please take me away form here.
What's going on?
Come on, we'll follow them.
Is there anything I can do?
She's gone.
You should do the same. Come on.
I'll drive.
-Where are you going?
Who is that?
I have no idea.
The woman who just drove off with Tristan...
For a second I thought it was Bella.
It has to be in here somewhere.
Just relax and think before you turn everything upside down!
But it has to be somewhere.
You aren't on the run, Dr. Kimble.
Your flight is not for 3 hours
you still have loads of time.
You wrote a letter to Marlene after all?
Yeah, these are the first attempts.
And this is how you want to say goodbye?
Yeah, why?
'What you do with your life is up to you,'
'But I think you are a coward because you don't stand by your feelings.'
Well, that sounds pretty harsh to me
And also a little bitter.
I know where it is!
Ok, you're right.
I can't leave like this.
What did I do?
I'd say you blew your own wedding.
I'll make some tea.
Don't you want to tell us what's going on?
I broke his heart.
I'll take a double, Josie.
Doesn't matter what, as long as it gets you smashed.
Did you see the way he looked at me?
How could I do this to him?
It's because deep inside you feel
you belong to someone else.
Tristan still doesn't answer his phone.
You had this stag party yesterday -
Did he hint on anything?
Did he have a row with Marlene?
Seems plausible, doesn't it?
Or do you think Marlene bailed on him just because of the headlines?
At least it made a nice show.
I don't think he suspected anything.
We talked about his vows.
He was a bit nervous, but happy.
Well, there's plenty of entertainment in this family.
I've experienced lots of weddings with much bigger scandals.
I believe that in an instant.
Why don't you tell me more about it?
Tanja, did you get a hold of Marlene?
Her phone is switched off.
Did she mention anything to you?
No, nothing.
Yesterday night in bed...
I'm not sure I want to hear that.
I told her how much I love her
And why I want to marry her - all my shitty vows.
She cried, and I thought they were happy tears
Or maybe she was moved to tears or whatever makes women bawl
And all the while she knew she'd rip my heart out today.
I wanted to tell him yesterday evening, but...
I couldn't.
Might have been better though.
I just didn't dare it.
He told me how much I mean to him-
How much it means to him to marry me.
What was I supposed to do?
Marlene, I really love you, but...
You can't seriously ask this question.
We'll fix this.
We fixed everything up to now.
Do you have any idea what it feels like
when suddenly everything you believed in goes down the drain?
I know exactly how that feels.
Please. You know nothing.
I told you.
This Oliver claims to be my brother.
I mean...
If that's right...
...then my parents aren't my parents.
My real parents, they-
Yeah. Dammit.
Love is something for complete idiots.
In the end you get mucked about anyway.
You know, I thought I loved HIM.
You certainly do.
Just in a different way.
What connects you two
has to do a lot with friendship-
With a bond.
With gratefulness.
But he must think I lied to him all along.
Which you haven't.
-Yes, mum, I have!
To him, to Rebecca, to myself...
I never should have let it get that far.
I have to talk to him, this instant.
No, Marlene, I don't think that's a good idea right now.
I have to be honest with him; it's the least I owe him.
Did your fiancée cheat on you?
And do you want to know with whom?
With my own sister.
And I bet she's with her right now.
Where are you off to?
To her place. She should tell me face to face.
You won't drive anywhere in this state!
Right, you drive.
I suspected you'd come.
Is she here?
She isn't here.
Then you surely won't mind me convincing myself.
Believe us, Marlene really isn't here.
-We really should go, come on.
Only once I've talked with her.
With all due sympathy for your situation
this won't improve things.
You all knew, didn't you?
All of you knew she was just pretending!
Nobody knew.
Marlene herself only just made her mind up this morning!
Should I be grateful to her for noticing it in time?
Sorry, but...
What...Let me go!
We really should go now!
Believe me, one day you'll be thanking me.
Oh yeah, will I?
Who was that?
No idea.
Have you seen Tristan?
Since he went off to the wedding, I haven't, sorry.
What happened?
I couldn't do it.
Runaway bride, how nice.
At least you're the first of your family
to get her act together before the actual wedding.
Couldn't you sort this out earlier?
Come with me!
You won't seriously run off now.
Now I'm actually glad Ludwig missed the wedding.
You really grant him nothing.
Well, THIS scandal you can't blame me for.
Now start from the beginning and speak slowly.
In the church...
...when he told me how much he loved me
and I was supposed to tell him... I... I...
It... it occurred to me, that...
...actually it occured to me last night already.
I just couldn't do it.
Calm down.
Everything will be alright.
What occurred to you?
What did you want to tell him?
That I love you.
Tristan, there you are!
I called you a thousand times!
Thank goodness nothing happened to you.
Helena von Lahnstein.
I don't think we've met.
That's right.
And you are...?
Bella Jakob. I...
Well, we've met this morning per accident.
He thought I wanted to steal his car, but I didn't.
And now I'm virtually his chauffeur.
Tristan, is there anything I can do for you?
-It's because of Rebecca
Of course it's because of Rebecca!
And she absolutely HAD to... her damned wedding dress.
And I bet they couldn't stay away from each other the whole time!
Is she at Königsbrunn?
Rebecca. Is she here?
Tristan, you better shouldn't...
-Why? Because Marlene is with her?
Please don't do this to yourself.