Paintball News, 11/7/12: Valken Legion, HK Dynasty, SARPL, Girls Galore at WCA, Close Captioned

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Valken Legion? SARPL Update
Girls in Malaysia. Dynasty's New Sponsors.
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During this past weeks' PSP World Cup in Polk City, FL
World Champion Professional paintball team
Russian Legion has secured a head-to-toe clothing,
soft-goods and protective gear sponsorship
with SLY Equipment and parent company Valken Sports
for the 2013 season.
The Legion will be donning Sly Profits and Pro-Merc soft goods,
custom Redemption Jerseys, Impact protective gear
on their quest for another World Championship in 2013.
Andy Potter, National Sales Manager for Valken Sports, had this to say,
"Russian Legion is a very formidable team
and we look forward to another successful year backing them on their journey
to victory after victory.
They will be wearing newly-developed gear for 2013,
so keep your eyes on the Russians!"
The Russians had this to say,
"We at Russian Legion are excited, honored and very proud to be wearing SLY and Valken for next year.
We can't wait to show the world what we have in store for them."
We'll have more information on the Social Paintball website, so stay tuned.
After an amazing 5-man season in South Africa,
with some of the best 5-man teams,
competing over two divisions in 5 events during the year,
SARPL would like to congratulate the following teams for their achievements for the year.
Girls Galore at World Cup Asia! Playing paintball that is.
Malaysia has one of the highest populations of female paintballers in the world.
Destiny will be there in full force.
They just came off of a great performance at the NPPL Vegas and at the PSP World Cup.
Destiny Paintball's Bea Paxson, Kat Secor, and Katie Kelley
made their national comebacks to the tournament scene at HB 2012.
Destiny played together as an all female team at the NPPL Vegas event
and made it to D4 Race Finals, coming in 2nd place!
Destiny went to World Cup event as a co-Ed team
calling themselves Destiny X. Team XClusive from Northern California joined forces with Destiny
and they finished up in 7th place out of twenty-one D2 teams.
The team also competed in The Pump Division and finished up in 9th Place out of 15.
Traveling to Malaysia's World Cup Asia is Destiny's team captain Kat Secor
accompanied by Katie Kelley.
From Destiny Army, new 2012 recruits Linh Truong,
Kelsey Mathieu, Victoria Sandau, Kimi Kan,
and Cathy Saul-Villanueva will be rostered on Destiny Army USA
in D2 at the World Cup Asia event.
More tournament sponsorship news.
Dynasty announced that the Empire sponsorship has ended.
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We have the official news about the new sponsor being none other
than your friendly, neighborhood HK Army.
Dynasty will be sporting all of HK's gear in 2013
and, starting tomorrow, at the 2012 World Cup Asia in Malaysia
during the Intercontinental Cup.
Israel's there, by the way, and he'll be bringing back tons of video for Social Paintball.
So, it looks like HK Army is stepping up big time, yet again,
and they just revealed new Hardline arm pads and knee pads at World Cup
plus a gear bag
so look for HK Army to do big things as they sign up more pro teams to their ever growing empire.
Check our site for the official press release.
This week we feature two viewer submitted YouTube channels and one shout out.
First, getshotpaintball's channel gives their opinions on anything paintball,
testing anything paintball, doing interesting shooting videos,
and actual game play videos.
Two of their players have Go Pros so be sure to go check them out.
Next, check out the YouTube channel, ramajama1000 for even more paintball content.
And Finally, we feature a team of paintballers that enjoy promoting the sport we love.
The Simian Destroyers Paintball Club promotes the sport
and provides a centralized place for people to go for events, contests, and discounts.
They play tournaments, scenario games and rec-ball
but their focus is to help the sport grow by getting new players addicted paintball.
So it is with great pleasure that I announce this.
Social Paintball is now close captioned and available in multiple languages.
When playing the news videos,
you can click on the closed caption button to activate the captions
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We hope this helps all of our international friends
and also allows for hearing disabled to tune on in. Thanks guys.
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Let's give all of those kiddies stickers at World Cup right before Halloween.
Yah! Good idea guys. Thanks. Happy stinking Halloween.
Hey guys! Ray with Ninja here coming to you from World Cup 2012.
Showing you our new Ninja products.
First thing to show you is our new DURA line.
As you can see, 5 different colors. Orange, lime, red, blue, and purple.
Something a little different. It has a great matte or dust finish on it
so that way it kind of matches the guns.
We noticed the guns are no longer glossy.
They're getting a little dusty and we kind of like that look
so we decided to try some 5 different colors for you.
What we're really excited about is our new DURA 45 and 77.
The 45's are one of our newest shapes.
Slightly different from what we've always carried.
Great deep black color.
The nice part is that our Canadian friends will be happy.
TC approved guys. The first one out there in a while.
We're back into it with the TC 45. We're excited.
I'm sure a lot of the Canadians are going to be happy.
The crowning jewel, what's been the most popular at this event, is the DURA 77.
What we've found is a lot of the players needed a longer system...and or more air.
Why not combine both?
Inch longer than the 68. Inch shorter than our 90.
Gives you over a pod on most of the guns, sometimes two.
That way if you're shooting that spool valve gun and need that extra air
A little bit taller and need a little length.
The 77's perfect. It comes in the matte black finish color.
So that way it matches a lot of the guns out there guys.
If you're looking for Ninja products check your local store or field.
Remember...catch all of the latest and hottest gear at Social Paintball.
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