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Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 22.10.2012

OK everyone, here we are with
Absolutely stunning looking 3D game.
Basically you are a
female pilot
of a really kickass plane.
You have missiles
you have guns and you have to complete the missions.
So there's a load of missiles
coming in to that target.
It reminds me an awful lot of Wing Commander series. I don't know if you ever played this?
The Wing Commander games.
Very similar.
The way that you speed your plane up
make it go into very tight steep banks
try to position yourself behind the target, etcetera
that's a kill
lots of really cool dogfighting kind of stuff going on
that I really really love.
This is one of those titles where you are going to kind of go
'hello friends, check out what my S3 can do!'
Something was hard there.
The frame rate does dip and drop every so often
but I think it really just needs a bit of optimisation really. A bit of extra optimisation.
You can see most of the time the frame rate is really solid
but it does have its odd moments where it would judder out a little bit
especially when there's a lot of action going on on the screen.
Free to play game
so it's not going to cost you anything to down load. It uses the standard in app
purchase stuff that has become so popular these days.
Really really
fun game,
quite compelling as well.
You can upgrade your ship
or plane, should I say,
get better guns, missiles, power-up etcetera, all of the cool things that
people want for a free-to-play game I suppose.
But more importantly the graphics just gorgeous

Think you'd be hard pressed to find a better
action flight game on the android platform, or on any platform.

|f you're looking for something to do
this weekend
you can do far worse than grabbing this game.
The frame rate's really
dipped out a little bit there because there's a lot of action going on on the screen.
I've noticed that a few times unfortunately
Like I say, a bit of optimisation maybe for the S3 and we'll be talking about
a very solid bit of game play.
It would be nice to have a proper damage model but ...
That is Bombshells.
Well worth downloading now from Google Playstore.
Hello everyone!
Here we are with a really interesting title, it's called Horn
and quite frankly it is one of the most graphically stunning games I have ever seen
on a mobile device.
It's like a triple A title.
You're going to absolutely go nuts when you see the quality of this game.
So, what is it? Well, it's kind of like an adventure game.
You have to move around the environment collecting objects, fighting bosses and
covering stories as you go.
There are puzzle elements, trap doors to find, just a really, really
clever game. OK, so, here's me,
now in boss battles
you have to dodge
these enemies
and then strike them into their weak spots.
and this is very, very much like Infinity Blade.
You have to jump at the right time
special attacks if I can
and trying to beat the boss, you can see his
power up at the top there.
We're a bit far through the game now, so I've got an upgraded weapon that does fire damage
on every strike.
If you look at the environment it is so richly detailed.
There's a little bit of a Sonic the Hedgehog
thing going on which I won't
spoil for you.
But a key part of this is
uncovering the story that's led you into this world.
To actually move around the environment
you simply
slide your finger across the screen to look around
and then you tap where you want to move to.
Look at that environment.
The first time I played the game
I wasn't completely sure I wasn't
looking at scenes in some pre rendered footage
absolutely stunning
and the game just keeps bringing you back all the time
to the
beautiful lush environment.
The game play is really a good one as well.
The environment is so richly detailed that it
really is quite breathtaking at times.
The puzzle elements can sometimes keep you
looking around working out what to do next.
Occasional slowdowns? Yes
You can see it pause there and usually it's when you are moving between areas.
You'll need to grab hold of ledges as you jump across longer distances
and so on.
Fail to make the jump and you die.
End up at the bottom of a cliff and you have to try it again.
The game is around £4 on the
Worth every penny. I picked it up
admittedly when it was on the 25p deal for
one day.
Celebrating there have been 25 billion downloads from the Playstore at Google
not a bad little deal.
I really do hope they release this game for
more devices and not just the S3 because the gameplay is fantastic.
regardless of whether
you're looking at the graphical quality.
Well worth every penny
whether you paid 25p
or a fiver.
Great fun. Rarely do I keep playing a game to uncover the story but they hooked me in
on this one.
This is Horn.
So Dead Trigger is pretty cool right now, it's all right

What you'll notice is
particle effects
shaders, all sorts of cool stuff, as well as really nice lighting.
See, now there's smoke
everything looks that little bit
more beautiful.
Going to find myself some zombies

It's actually quite hard to play this.
and talk simultaneously!
As you can see, the frame rate is just fantastic
this is the game to be bragging to your friends about.
So basically it is zombie mode on
black ops or whatever previous catalogue they did

but for your phone and with console quality graphics
possibly actually a little bit better
than console graphics.
Absolutely stunning.
It's the unity game engine which many of you know, I really, really like.
The same guys that did Shadow One I think it was called.
or Shadow Gun.
It's got events that don't suck
but that was just epic.
As you can see the graphics are fantastic.
This is running on Jellybean by the way as well.
I know a few people were asking on the XDA forums
how does the game run on the Jellybean?
the function, is it smooth, well yes,
Is is smoother than running it on ICS? Difficult to tell, this phone is
incredibly fast so any perceived difference is going to be really, really tiny.
Do you know what I mean. It will be interesting to see what some of the synthetic benchmarks come up with
later on and see if there's any marginal difference.
But I'm waiting to see what Samsung do as a final release or the cybermob team.

When they get theirs up and running
fully and do a final release. There's a preview four going to be on here.
Get to the gun shop
sounds like a good plan.

Smooth frame rate.
This is all credit to Unity as well
and their wonderful games
have made the process of developing
really really quality looking games
look very very simple,
well relatively anyway.
If anybody wants to hazard a guess as to whether this is actually on par
with Vita
chip in in the comments, but I think it might be coming close.
Frame rate dip there.
It really is quite extraordinary to have
graphics like this
on a phone. A high end phone.
But even so, I can't grumble can I?

Through the queen
That's a good point, I wonder if the queen would buy an S3?
I could be in the Tower of London for that comment!
Hello everyone. Here we are with a bit of a treat. Real Racing 2 by Electronic Arts.
Sequel to Real Racing which was an all right game but didn't exactly fill me with

It didn't inspire me anyway.
This is very much your Grand Tourismo 4 clone but on a phone,
graphically it is superb looking.
You've got your standard kind of options for a racing game
your career mode, quick race,
time trial, pit lane is where you can upgrade your car, buy new cars, etcetera
time trial is pretty obvious, racing against the clock, how fast can you finish a lap
quick race, if you're pressed for time and don't want to have to bang through all of the career menus
you can jump straight into a race, pick your car and off you go. Great if you are stood at a bus stop or something like that.
Let's pop into career mode. So you've got quite a lot of different
events split down
by divisions.
Obviously just like any other racing game you have to unlock the various divisions.
You have to upgrade
the car so you have got a faster engine
or more reputation. You can see I need a high reputation or paint job on that car
Just get this one.
The first thing you'll notice is how absolutely gorgeous the graphics are.
This really is one of the most stunning games on the mobile that I've seen.
It's tilt control,
which is very responsive.
The frame rate tends to be sat at 60 frames a second the entire time,
seen very little dip
on the frame rate while I've been playing this.
As you can see as we are doing this
it's very, very smooth.
Into the straight. If you click on here
you've got various different cameras
so you can set your camera up, exactly as you like it

It gives you better spatial awareness, into the corners.
Just go round the bend.
My line! My line!
The graphics are just gorgeous.
You have various types of assistance, that you can turn on or off on the menu
so you can have braking assistance and racing line assistance, etcetera.
I can't actually remember.

You can see there, a bit of car damage to that other car.
The bumper was hanging off
Very nice to see a proper
damage model on these cars.
Got a bit up close and personal there with that VW.
There's 16 different cars
plus then all the tune-up operations that they have
you've got paint jobs as well, you can do car customisations, to add new wings
and things like that.
The car models look absolutely fantastic and so does the texturing.
If anyone remembers the controversy
with the last Grand Tourismo 5 game
where only some of the cars were awesome and the rest looked a bit ropey
low quality textures, none of that going on here.
For a phone, the texture is spot on. The frame rate just holds
the whole way through.
The braking system on there.
The game costs £5 which is
reasonably pricey, reasonably pricey.
16 cars, loads of tracks,
and replay value as you choose new cars etcetera
I think it might be worth it.
Right, now, I'm going to show you something really cool.
So just let me pause in Grand Tourismo replay mode, just like Grand Tourismo 4

It's awesome.
Let's do this.
I'm actually going to zoom in at this point so you can get
a real close-up on the screen.
There are moments when I was watching this back yesterday
when you get that kind of photo real
kind of thing going on
and just for that split second think, ooh, I could be watching television.
And again, the frame rate is just stonking all the way around these replays.
Hello Everyone. Here we are with The Bard's Tale on the Nexus 7.
I grabbed myself a Nexus 7 yesterday, it came with £15 worth of credit
through the Playstore
so I thought why not go with
this new release which is an absolute classic
but also this happens to be one of the first games
to really push what the Tegra 3 processor
on the Nexus 7 is capable of.
the download for this comes in two variations. You've either got a
1.7gig download or a monstrous 3.6gig download.
Effectively, the game's developers have taken the original PC game
and crammed it onto the Nexus 7, on Integra 3 devices and that
includes full HD resolution and textures as well. The videos look
a little bit ropey but they're just being played back
from pre-ready video files
but this is an all in game, you can see it now.
Top down
game play
with really, really funny scenes etcetera.
And there's lots and lots of humour in this game
It's a very funny game if you didn't play the original.
Full of really, really fantastic dialogue with one liners etcetera.
As you can see, the graphics are absolutely stunning
and the lighting model as well, really really good.
It's literally like they took the original game and just went...right...
let's cram this onto a tablet
and mobile device and see how it works. And it works beautifully.

It's a massive game as well, you're going to have many hours to
trudge through these various missions,
or quests, shall we say.
Where's that rat?

Fire one of the more difficult things to do
in the game engine, especially an older game
and you can see there that the frame rate really holds up quite nicely
no massive slowdowns and you can see the light being thrown off
onto the environment there.
If that sort of sense of humour appeals to you, you'll really, really like
The Bard's Tale.
Available on the Playstore now for under £4, an absolute bargain
although be prepared for a very big download
if you want high resolution text
for your portable device.
That's the Bard's Tale.