Real Gamers Talk About Being In The Guild Web Series - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 4

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FELICIA DAY:The Guild was created out of my human need
to do something a little better with my time than sit
around playing World of Warcraft all day.

I was an actor.
And I made a very good living an actor.
But I didn't really work every day, so I decided to try my
hand at writing.
And everybody was always like, well, you got to
write what you know.
Write something personal.
And what was personal me was video games.
BONNIE BURTON: She started The Guild because there wasn't
what she wanted to do in Hollywood.
So like a smart geek girl, she made her own opportunities,
and she made The Guild.
And when I started watching I'm like,
oh my god, I'm Codex.
KATHRYN JINX: They're so--
they're me.
Every character I can relate to.
Anyone who likes to live in that fantasy world.
Because let's face it, reality kind of sucks.
But you've got to work with it.
And to have a show where they're not, I'm the geek.
And they're actually like, dude, dude, check this out.
I just got a natural d20.
That's awesome.
ANDY LAW: The Guild actually kind of helped me through a
rough part of my life, like starting from Season 1.
Seeing people going through the same thing as me and
drowning themselves in video games like World of Warcraft,
it's pretty nice to see that.
CRYSTAL SIRI: I've been a fan since they started.
A couple friends told me about it.
We all game together.
I play a lot more video games than I probably should.
And they told me, you know, you play so much.
This sounds like you.
You need to get into this.
And yeah, I just became obsessed, actually.
It was great.
MILYNN SARLEY: I had been playing World of Warcraft.
And then I saw the series The Guild, and I was
like, oh, my god.
That's crazy.
I think it's a fun way for girls in this community to
laugh at ourselves and also show kind of how smart we are.
I think Felicia's really great with that.
ALLEN FEEMAN: I think initially what drew me to it
was the fact that I identify with the characters.
And yet on this show, despite their background and their
personalities, the mesh so well together as friends, and
they're gamers.
And I've been in that situation myself
for some years now.
And I've got my little clique of friends.
And we relate to it.
And there is no other show like that.
CRYSTAL SIRI: We have a lot of people in our guild that are
very similar.
But it's just very hilarious the way they
talk to each other.
They use the gaming vocabulary and just a lot of fun.
LESLIE CRYSTAL: There's a specific scene in The Guild
where Felicia Day, she's talking about her therapist
telling her to cut back on playing.
And she has this little Post-It note, like play one
hour, cross off, four hours.
That was totally me.
Just in that sense, I could totally identify.
ANDY LAW: Oh, I identified with Zaboo.
He kind of went after Codex.
And I guess I have some experience going after girls
through video games.
MELODY TAA: Well, Codex, no doubt.
Because I also play a healer.
For a time, I was also addicted to these games.
And my social life was the people in my guild.
And in fact, most of my close friends now were
also my guild mates.
BONNIE BURTON: So I love The Guild.
I found out about it, have been addicted to it.
It's kind of a word of mouth thing, where it's gotten to
the point where they don't even need a marketing team,
because there's this whole army of guys and girls that
are geeks that love the show.