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It is dance studio xD

"SK" is a school of dancing, that available at Almagul 28a at the intersection of Gagrina st. and Levitan st.

A Dance studio :D
Actually, it is my "second home", where I can train, share with my friends... just laugh, have fun, and of course, first of all - train.
It is a studio,
damn, for the most good people in Almaty :D
For me, "SK" is a "Home".
(Home is not only apartment) It is a dear place, where I'm happy to be every day.
So, this is a place where I'm working now, where I have a lot of kith and friends.
I would like to "SK" always to prove its name.
I would like more classes about knowledge.
Difficult question. It's not so easy to answer to this question, as it looks like.
Well, probably first of all it is "Home".
It is a hope, a haven, a family, a shared passion and a common purpose.
At the same time, it is a lot of problems, disappointment, conflicts.
If it would have been definitely, it would be uninteresting. I think that first of all "SK" is an idea; it is a way of life.
It is a studio where I train, where I am every day. It is almost piece of my life where I do something. I train, exercise and teach here.
I think that I will be here for a long time :D
It is a cool place, where you can go to practice, put on the full, sweat, and at the same time to chat with dancers.
"SK"... Well... Before, there were a lot of different studios; we shared, but not altogether, and I think that "SK" is a that place where everybody loves us and always waiting for us; the place that brought us altogether.
It is, probably, the most powerful source of inspiration.
It is a dream that seemed to be unreal, but here we are.
Engage dancing. Love each other. Come to visit us! We are always happy to see you =D
Love dancing, engage dancing. Set goals and achieve them. Go straight ahead. It will be useful not only in dancing, but in a life too.
Train and never stop! Everything will be great! Even if you can't do something keep on doing! You will do it :)
You do what you like. Don't be afraid of anything.
I want them to never be unfaithful to themselves; to never forget about the first day when they decided to devote their lives to dance and to never forget why they started to do it.
And no matter how hard it is; With what difficulties they may have encounter, in my face as well, I want them to never give up and prove that they are the best ones.
Keep on dancing, love dancing.
Love and share.
Despite any difficulties that happen in their career or life, don't change one thing to another to win. You should be yourself.