Золушка (Cinderella) p.2 (with English subtitles)

Uploaded by nadejg on 20.01.2009

Where we were…
How we were…
Through the smiles and sadness gray.
All these things became a blur
Since we got to meet today.
-For all times… -For all times…
-For all times…
We forgot from whence we hailed
And forgot ourselves at last
All we know – ‘tis wonder frail
And it’s happening to us.
-For all times… -For all times…
-For all times…
Night is nearing its end,
Bird now sings for lucky heart
Only now we understand-
We can never never part
-Nevermore -Nevermore
Hey, girls, lovely maidens and every lass-
We ask of you to try this slipper, if you care.
The girl who puts it on with ease
and perfect fit – we declare:
She will become our prince’s bride at last.
With such joy and heavy heart
Forest bird sings out to us
Since we cannot be apart-
It shall never come to pass
-Nevermore -Nevermore
…Nevermore… …Nevermore…