Head of State (2/10) Movie CLIP - Meat Man (2003) HD

Uploaded by movieclips on 11.10.2011

Um, why are all these people in here clapping?
Why, you didn't see me on the news?
No, I didn't.
I got meat! I got meat!
More beef than east coast, west coast rap. Check it out!
Hey, superman! Saving lives and stuff.
Why don't you cop one of these pork chops?
You know what you need to do? You need to leave. I'm not gonna tell you again.
Come on, man, nobody wants your meat. Who the hell wants to buy stolen meat?
I'll take a t-bone.
You like gizzards, too?
You can set it with chinese food.
Let's do it.
Hey, did you hear about that guy running for president?
Who do you think they're going to get to replace him?
I don't know, maybe they should get shaq. Nobody can beat him.
Now, are you goin' to get some gas? You're holding my line up.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
$10 on 3.