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Sharia will dominate. The sharia will be implemented worldwide.
We’ll take you to the front lines of Belgium’s culture war . . . .
If you are not a criminal, why should you be afraid of sharia?
. . . . and hear a leading Muslim thinker make a bombshell confession.
A Muslim who says he's against sharia, he's not a Muslim. It's impossible.
The shocking interview you won't see anywhere else. On today’s 700 Club.
The victory of Allah is very near.
Well, today we got bearded Muslims and a bearded Irish Water Spaniel named old Maggie who just
loves me.
It's a match made in Heaven.
She's so sweet. Isn't she sweet?
She is beautiful. Maggie, your perm has growing, and it looks so beautiful.
She's an Irish Water Spaniel, five months old.
Sliding off your lap.
She's going to be later on the show. You can go over there with her. You go over there,
sweetheart. There you go. She's coming. Okay.
More Maggie to come.
More Maggie to come.
She's adorable.
Isn't she cute?
Slobbering all over. But other than that, she's adorable.
That's her sign of love. She kisses you. She's a cute little dog.
She is.
Okay. It's a staggering statistic. One out of five Americans depends on the government
just to make ends meet.
That means an astonishing two thirds of federal spending now goes to provide benefits for
Americans. How can the country afford to keep this up? Paul Strand has the story from Washington.
John Sweetland is a Maryland man receiving three checks from government, one for his
military service, one for his time as a state employee, and one from Social Security. He's
like 21 percent of his fellow Americans.
Let's just start with the dependent population. We have found that one out of every five Americans
are significantly dependent on the federal government for the basics of life.
Beach puts out the annual Index of Dependence on Government. He points out that 21 percent
is way up from the less-than-eight percent of Americans who were substantially dependent
on government 50 years ago. Beach also says that now:
There's 115 million people, one out of three, are getting some kind of check from the government.
Sending out all those checks and all that it now takes up a whopping 70 percent of the
federal government's budget. With the US borrowing 43 cents of every dollar it spends, it’s
plunging the country deeper and deeper into staggering levels of debt. And Sweetland,
for one, is not feeling guilty about the checks he's getting.
For 40-plus years, I put money into Social Security. Now I feel I'm just drawing my money
back out.
But who is paying for all this? Beach has another stunning statistic.
Forty-nine and a half percent of all the people in the United States are not paying an income
With half the country not contributing to the general revenue, and with a third getting
money from Uncle Sam, Beach worries that it could permanently and dangerously warped the
nation's politics.
They may be voting for people who will increase their benefits. Since they're not paying any
of the cost involved, we could then see this sort of death spiral of increasing dependency
and increasing outlays.
But Sweetland is like many Americans who don't like the modern entitlements state and regularly
vote for the politicians promising to cut many people off from it.
It angers me more than anything is those that sit around with a great give me “give me,
give me, give me” mentality. They think that Uncle Sam has to give them all this stuff.
No, Uncle Sam is not obligated to give them anything.
The thing is even those who worked and paid in all their lives are likely to take far
more out. A woman making an average income will pay about $87,000 in taxes but government
will spend $275,000 on her medical care alone. Beach says it's tough for any politician to
chop away when so many of their constituents are now so dependent.
It just makes it really, really hard for a politician to stand up at a town hall and
say we need to reduce everybody's benefits here, because we can't afford it. One out
of three people in that audience will be getting something from the federal government.
Many Americans, though, even those now receiving government checks, worry that if serious cutting
doesn't start immediately, all these programs like Social Security and Medicare may well
I'm very, very worried. My son right now works a 40-hour job, and he is forced to pay money
into something that he will probably never see.
These programs that they think are helping them, securing them from want, are all bankrupt
With a massive wave of 77 million Baby Boomers set to retire in the years ahead, more and
more Americans will depend on these programs. How will the country afford all of this? So
much is at stake, both from those who receive from and give to the government. Paul Strand,
CBN News, Washington.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I felt; and I was in prayer, and I think that is what
is happening. We don't have the political will here in America anymore to cut spending.
You'll never get an agreement in Congress on cutting spending, and as a result 43 cents
out of every dollar we spend is borrowed. You can't keep that level of borrowing up
before one day you go bankrupt. And when you do, then all those benefits go away. The government
cannot have enough money to pay for police, to pay for school teachers, to pay for parks,
to pay for any of the things that they keep, libraries, whatever the government pays for.
Can't do it, and it certainly won't be able to send checks out. But right now there are
152 million people who pay no taxes at all, with the exception, I suppose, of Social Security.
We've got a program, Social Security, that is bankrupt or near bankrupt. We've got something
called Medicare which is bankrupt. We've got a Medicaid program that is on life support.
We've got these programs, that are either bankrupt now or they’re in the process of
going bankrupt over the next several years. And, yet, the politicians won't deal with
it. And it's going to be tough. You can understand, now, their dilemma about what's going to happen.
What's going to happen to our grandchildren, and our children, and to us, as this great
nation goes into default? Will Lee Webb has the rest of our stories from the CBN Newsroom.
Well, Pat, we began with a story that involves you indirectly. Actor George Clooney is using
his star power to shine light on human rights abuses in Sudan. He credits the work of Christian
aid groups providing healing and relief. Clooney returned from a trip to Sudan this week to
document bombings, burned down villages, and ethnic killings near the border of South Sudan.
He shared some of the victims stories including one about a boy who lost both hands during
a bombing raid. He's urging lawmakers on Capitol Hill to increase pressure on the Muslim-dominated
north, to stop what he calls “war crimes.” Clooney told CBN News, Christian ministries
play a key role in helping those who are suffering.
They the work a lot of times here. When we were at the Darfur rally, it was ministers.
It was a lot of people of faith that had been working very hard on this. So in some ways,
I'm trying to honor whatever part I can do the hard work that they do; because I'm a
big fan of it, of all of the work that's being done, and people really put their hearts and
souls in it.
Clooney also credited Pat Robertson for speaking out against the Sudanese government.
When Bono was doing his “One,” campaign, that's when I met Pat Robertson. I said to
Bono, “Who do you have from sort of the Christian world?” And he said, “I don't
know.” And I said, "Well, what about Pat Robertson?" So I called him up and said, “Listen,
we're not going to agree on too many things, but there's no two sides to this issue; and
you and I could work together on this.” And he said, “Great.” And he's been terrific
on this.
Clooney will also meet with the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to
talk about Sudan.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faced some tough questioning from an unusual source,
his own Parliament. He is the first president in Iran's history to be called before the
Legislature there. They're accusing him of mismanaging Iran's economy and defying the
authority of the country's supreme leader. During the questioning, Ahmadinejad joked
around and even poked fun at how poorly written the questions were. Many of the lawmakers
denounced his performance saying he insulted the Parliament. Ahmadinejad has been tangled
in a conflict with lawmakers and the country's Supreme Leader.
The Centers for Disease Control is launching its largest anti-smoking campaign Monday.
The effort includes graphic ads on billboards, print, radio, and TV. They show people whose
smoking resulted in heart surgery, lost limbs, paralysis and other diseases. The campaign
will cost $54 million dollars, and it is the CDC's first national advertising effort. The
agency hopes the campaign will persuade up to 50,000 Americans to stop smoking. The US
smoking rate has stayed steady at around 20 percent in recent years.
Doctors are warning people to be on high alert now for the Norovirus, commonly known as the
“stomach flu.” Right now we are at peak season for the highly contagious bug. Lorie
Johnson tells us what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.
The Norovirus is transmitted on objects, not in the air. But it is robust, living up to
two weeks on hard surfaces and up to two months in cold water. It causes vomiting, diarrhea,
and stomach cramps that last about two days. The Norovirus can spread like wildfire in
crowded places like schools or confined areas like cruise ships. It is one of the leading
causes of food poisoning, transmitted most often by eating salad food, raw oysters, or
when any food comes in contact with contaminated hands or countertops.
Between 12 in 72 hours will be the incubation period. Again, that makes it tough to figure
out what it was that you ate that got you sick. You can usually do a little investigative
work talking to your friends about if you both had the same meal and then got sick.
You can trace it back to that.
Although a whopping one in 15 people get to Norovirus, it's usually not very serious.
But the diarrhea and vomiting it causes can sometimes lead to severe dehydration, so make
sure to drink plenty of water. Keeping your hands clean is the best way to avoid getting
the Norovirus. Also carefully wash your raw food. Disinfect surfaces with diluted bleach
or a cleaner that contains bleach, and immediately wash and machine dry clothes that may have
been infected. Lorie Johnson, CBN News.
It doesn't last all that long, Pat; but it's no fun to have that. I can tell you.
I don't know if you have it or not, I haven't had it to the best of my knowledge, but it's
horrible; and you think somebody on a cruise ship, you can get off and a couple thousand
people have it.
I've been a little spoiled for cruise ships after some of those stories. Good grief.
I have become a fanatic hand washer. You just have to wash your hands all the time. You
handle something, you know.
You don't about think how many times you touch something someone else touches. Just once
you leave your house during the day, it's almost impossible to avoid it.
We are all hand shakers. I want to shake people's hands and show them a moderate amount of affection;
but, at the same time, you don't know what that other hand has been touching. And so
you really need, after you get through . . . .
That’s right.
Okay, hand washing. Terry.
Well up next, meet America's worst nightmare in the flesh.
Sharia will be implemented worldwide, so I think the West needs to prepare themselves
for a wave of sharia and Islam.
Nothing can prepare you for the interview you won't see anywhere else, and it's coming
up right after this.
Up next, our chat room is open, and we want to hear from you. We will bring it online
with your questions, so don't go away.
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Friday . . . .
We would be able to walk through anything together.
But there was one deal breaker.
If anybody had an affair, it would be over. There would be no questions asked.
The confession that nearly shattered their marriage.
The voice is telling me, “He's going to leave you. Your family’s going to turn their
backs on you.”
Plus . . . .
For Buddhists, the goal is nirvana. Find out why some say that goal is impossible.
Reaching nirvana seems a hopeless situation.
On The 700 Club.
Well, if you think that Islam is a religion of peace, your thinking is about to change
radically. From the lips of a Muslim imam himself, you will hear these words; and I
quote, “The Muslim who says he's against sharia is not a Muslim. It's impossible.”
The same man has a dire warning for the West. Dale Hurd brings us his shocking story from
a country you’d never expect, Belgium.
The graffiti says it all: "Welcome to 'Belgistan." Muslims are still a minority in Belgium, but
in the capital of Brussels, they're already the largest religious group, one-quarter of
the city's population, and are expected to be the majority in less than 20 years. The
most confrontational Muslim group here is Sharia4Belgium which used shouting and threats
to shut down the debate by moderate Muslims a few months ago. I sat down and talked to
the leader of Sharia4Belgium Fouad Belkacem, alias Abu Imran. Sharia4Belgium is a small
group that a lot of people don't take seriously. But he sounded very serious when he told me
that he expects Muslims to rule Belgium and the world.
We believe that the Sharia will dominate. The Sharia will be implemented worldwide.
Sharia4Belgium is a public relations nightmare for those Muslim groups which try to play
down their ties to radicalism and sharia law. Imran was completely open with CBN News, saying
Islam and sharia law are inseparable and democracy is wrong.
Sharia is Islam, to be clear. There is no difference between Islam and Sharia; it's
just a name. Democracy is the opposite of sharia and Islam. We believe that Allah is
the legislator. Allah makes the laws. He is the one who tells us what is allowed and what
is forbidden.
I know some Muslims who think of themselves as Democrats, and they say they’re against
sharia. Are they real Muslims?
That is really funny when I hear someone saying, “I was speaking to a Democratic Muslim.”
It's the same thing as saying I was speaking to Christian Jew, or a Jewish Muslim or something
like that. It's impossible. How could you meet a Jewish Muslim or a Christian Jew? And
the Muslim that says he's against Sharia, he's not a Muslim. It's impossible.
Like in many countries across Europe, a culture war over Islam is well under way in Belgium.
Last month, the mosque of Charleroi was desecrated when the mask of a pig head. Then the daughter
of the head of Belgium's right wing party, An-Sofie Dewinter, posed in a bikini and burqa
with the words in Dutch, "Freedom or Islam." Someone painted over the poster, giving her
a full burqa. They also painted over freedom, and Sofie Dewinter received death threats.
Imran went on YouTube to call her father, politician Filip Dewinter, "a pimp" for letting
her pose in a bikini.
This community is a dirty, perverted community.
And Islam is flexing its muscle. Girls in bikinis have been attacked, Jewish and Christian
symbols vandalized and, in Muslim neighborhoods, sharia law enforced.
The big cities in Europe are the first places where we can see what will happen when the
majority is Muslim. We see it in the big cities first: Brussels, Amsterdam, also Rotterdam,
Sam Van Rooy has co-edited an important new Dutch language book called Islam: Critical
Essays on a Political Religion.
Islam is a fascist ideology, and it's not a religion like Christianity and or like Judaism.
The danger in it is that it has a religious side, not like Communism and Nazism, which
are only ideologies, but Islam has a bit of both.
Imran is looking forward to replacing Belgian law with sharia law, including amputation
for theft, stoning for adultery and death to homosexuals.
When you hear someone speaking about sharia, immediately you start thinking about amputations,
stoning, killings. That's just, I don't know, one-thousandth of the sharia. Did you know
that in 1,302 years of the Islamic state, with the sharia implemented, we had something
like about 60 hands cut off, amputated? So in 1,300 years, 60 hands. Is that really a
number that you can say is frightening to everyone? I don’t know. And if you're not
a criminal, why should you be afraid of sharia?
A showdown over sharia is coming in Belgium, because the high Muslim birthrate is changing
the political landscape. The most common baby name in Brussels for four years running has
been “Mohammed.” (Interviewing) Do you think it is a matter of time before Muslims
are the majority here?
Of course. Even the disbelievers themselves, they say that in 2030, something like that,
there will be a majority of Muslims here in Belgium. Even the city Antwerp, more than
40 percent of the children in schools are Muslims. So it's just a matter of time. No
problem. We don't have any problem.
And Imran offered this advice to the white native Belgians:
If they want to push us back or something like that, I don't know, maybe they can start
to marry four wives and have a lot of children. Start with that; maybe they will have a chance,
but I don't think so.
Van Rooy also sees a Muslim future.
I don't think it's going to stop. I am very pessimistic about it. I think more and more
Belgian people will leave Brussels, so it will become a real Islamic capital in decades.
The victory of Allah is very near. So, I think the West needs to prepare itself for a wave
of Sharia and Islam.
Dale Hurd, CBN News, in Brussels and Antwerp.
Thanks Dale. I hope you weren't hearing the future. I hope that's not the future, but
Terry it's like a virus. If you have, we have, all of us have, antibodies in our system,
and if our system is healthy, we can repel viruses. But once those antibodies break down,
then the viruses take over. The antibody, if you will, to these false religions has
been vibrant Christianity. It doesn't exist any longer in Belgium. He doesn't exist in
Europe any longer.
Well it seems that we are so busy enjoying the benefits and the blessings that God has
given us, it's like we've gone to sleep. We are dulled. We don't get it.
Not only gone to sleep, we've actively attacked it. We’ve attacked the founding principle
of our civilization, and nobody can do that and survive. That's what has happened. Our
elites have turned against the founding principles that gave us our freedom. Why? Because they
don't want to be Christians. They don't want to acknowledge that they are sinners. They
don't want to come and say that they need a Savior. That's humbling. They want to be
proud. And in their pride, they're going to lose everything. Terry.
Well, up next, the worship pastor with pop star appeal. Kari Job sings a breakout hit
from her latest CD, after this.
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Well that is Kari Jobe’s band. She’s going to be performing that song in just a few minutes.
But first take a look at this.
(Singing) “Every shame, every fear . . . .”
In 2010 Kari Jobe walked away from the GMAs’ with two Dove Awards in hand. But the minister's
daughter was making music long before she made a name for herself in the music industry.
Kari started singing when she was just three years old. She was traveling with worship
teams by the time she was 16 and was leading worship at 20. Today she is the worship pastor
at Gateway Church in South Lake, Texas, and just released her second album, Where I Find
You, to rave reviews.
Great sound. Kari, it's great to have you with us.
Thank you so much.
You were really young when you started to sing, and your parents noticed that you have
a gift at three years old or something.
Yes, something like that.
How did they encourage the gift of music in you?
I really wanted to sing, and I wanted to be on stage. They were on stage, so I was like,
“Well, I wan t to be on stage.” And I remember at about the age of 10 just really,
really loving it, and just thinking, “Lord, I really want to do this with my life,”
and started leading worship when I was about 13.
God really spoke to you a young age. You've talked about how He inhabits. Well, we know
that Scripture says He inhabits the praises of His people. But when you worship, you are
really in communion with Him. Tell me what that's like for you.
I love worship. And worship music has been such a thing in my own life to help me connect
with the Lord and to really find a refuge and help in time of need. It says that in
His presence, there is the fullness of joy. So I just love His presence. I want to get
into His presence. I love leading people in worship and just love that He’ll meet with
us every time we asked Him.
God is using you and moving through you in a variety of levels and ways. You are worship
leader at Gateway, but you’re also recording, and your music is out there, traveling a great
deal. How do you keep the balance in that, and how does being a worship leader impact
what you're doing outside of church?
I love that I'm the local church girl, that my home is where I lead worship the most,
and then I travel from there, and that covering is just amazing. I think all worship leaders
should definitely have a local church that they’re in all the time.
It kind of grounds you in the middle of everything else.
It does big time. And I think gives a lot of respect, not respect, but trust in churches
when I go in just them knowing, “She’s the worship leader at her home church. She's
just here visiting.” I don't know that there is a balance really. It's busy, but it's so
much fun, and I love it.
You're currently part of the Winter Jam 2012 Tour. That's really busy.
Yes. It is.
How do you find quiet time in the midst of that? I know God speaks to you through your
music, but I also know that there are times when we have to stop what we are doing and
just be with Him.
There's not much space. There's 144 people on the tour.
And I share a dressing room with a lot of the girls. But I think that if I need to get
away, I just go to the bus, or I’ll just have a driver take me to a coffee shop or
something just to get away. When somebody has a platform like God has given you, usually
there's a great opportunity that comes along to really speak to something that matters
in addition to the message that you bring musically. You've chosen to really stand behind
the issue of sex trafficking. Talk to me about how that became a passion for you, and what's
I know there are a lot ministries that are doing that and trying to do what they can
to bring awareness and help rescue girls. But I was with Christine Caine. She's the
one who started A21, abolishing human trafficking in the 21st century, and I was with her a
couple of years ago right when she was starting it, and I was like, "I want to be a part of
it. I want to do what I can." So my sister and I designed jewelry and T-shirts to sew
. . . .
. . . . and I go in minister, and the proceeds go to that.
And that kind of leads people to information.
Exactly. It's growing. Twenty-seven million people are caught in human trafficking right
now, and it's growing; and it's just awful. So as a girl, it really hits home to me, because
I can't imagine if that was my life. So I want to do what I can to help girls be protected
from that but to rescue as well.
A21’s awesome, what they're doing.
They're amazing.
And people can check that out online as well. I want to mention in addition to singing and
leading worship, you're also a songwriter right? How does God do that in you. How do
you create?
I've always been one to journal a lot, and when I'm spending time in His Word, even at
church hearing my pastor speak and stuff, it's so inspiring; and I just kind of write
those things out. I feel like my best way to really pour out my heart before the Lord
is just in music and in worship. So it just ends up becoming songs, not that I intend
for other people to hear all of those songs.
So does the truth become a lyric? And then the lyric joins . . . .
Sometimes the melody will come first, just kind of like an overflow of my heart to start
to sing, and I think, “I should probably put this down on my voice memo thing.” Some
of them turned into songs and other things maybe just become more like poems in my journal.
You have contact with a lot of young people today. What do you see in the hearts of young
people across the country?
It's really interesting, because they're so caught in social media. Everything is all,
you know, right here. So to get into people's hearts and minds and say “Hey, let's pull
down that mask,” and not just think about what's going on on Facebook and all that,
it's definitely a little bit of a different generation but they are so passionate about
reality, and the real things of God. They don't want anything that has to do with anything
fake. They can smell it a mile away. I love that about our generation. But it requires
us to be real as leadership, too.
And then there is a passion to make a difference.
That's absolutely right.
Tell us about the song you're going to sing, your latest release. Tell me about the name
of the title and also the title of the song.
Yes, the CD is called Where I Find You, and it really is such a theme of what was going
on in my life while I was writing the songs for this album. It was a hard season, and
I was really, really crying out to the Lord at some points and, like, "God, I need you
to really help me, and I need you to find me where I am right now.” I didn't feel
God's strength to get up off the floor at times. He really does rescue us, and so the
theme of that is “where I find you.” We can find Him in every season. The song I’m
about to sing is called “We Are,” and it's really just a simple message for us as
believers, just to be reminded of what our calling is, to be a light in people's lives
and to shine, to be Jesus to people that might not have Him.
Awesome. I'm going to let you take this and head over to where you're going to sing while
I tell people about where they can get this. Kari’s CD is called Where I Find You. As
she said it's available where ever music is sold throughout the country. If you'd like
to find out more about Kari, you can. All you have to do is log on to, and then
just click on the "In The Green Room" link for a web exclusive interview with her. Right
now here is Kari Jobe, with her band singing “We Are.”
“Every secret, every shame . . . .”
Still ahead . . . .
. . . . a new mom survived a tornado . . . .
It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through.
. . . . but her home didn’t make it.
My whole neighborhood was gone.
FEMA wouldn’t help. But guess who did, in three days’ time?
Most people work their whole lives and never had a home this nice.
There’s always something going on around here. When most people have gone home, my
work is just beginning.
Producer: Here’s a script for the story on North Korea. Thanks for working on it tonight.
Gus: You got it.
When news producers spend all day writing their scripts, I spend all evening putting
them together, so you can watch them the next day. Time is of the essence. There's no time
for mistakes. We've got to get this on the air. When I leave at the end of the night,
I always feel great that I’ve put together a story from the Christian perspective. My
name is Gus. I'm a news editor. I work at CBN.
Sorry for the delay, folks.
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I’m going to call right now.
I thought you guys didn't like talking on the phone.
Call Consumer Cellular at 1-800-408-7612 or go to
Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak.
Fifty human rights activists from around the world are calling on Pakistan to free Asia
Bibi. She’s the imprisoned Pakistani Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy. Several
groups signed a petition this week at a UN Human Rights Summit. Critics say Bibi is innocent,
but Pakistan won’t do anything, because the government’s afraid of backlash from
Islamic radicals. Bibi has been in prison for nearly three years. Her case is on appeal.
CBN News met with her husband and daughters late last year. They asked people to pray
for her to be released safely home.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai today. It’s the first
high level meeting since a US soldier reportedly killed 16 Afghan citizens last weekend. Afghan
lawmakers are angry, because the US Army flew the soldier out of Afghanistan. They say Karzai
should not sign a strategic partnership agreement with the US unless the soldier stands trial
in an Afghan court. Well you can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our website
Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club right after this.
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Friday . . . .
We would be able to walk through anything together.
But there was one deal breaker.
If anybody had an affair, it would be over. There would be no questions asked.
The confession that nearly shattered their marriage.
The voice is telling me, “He's going to leave you. Your family’s going to turn their
backs on you.”
Plus . . . .
For Buddhists, the goal is nirvana. Find out why some say that goal is impossible.
Reaching nirvana seems a hopeless situation.
On The 700 Club.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Princess Maggie. Come here, darling. Come here, come here,
come here.
She doesn’t know that she’s grown, do you, sweetheart? You think you can still get
up on his lap. You’re a little large for that.
Yeah, come on, sweetie, here, come on, come on.
She says, “My front paws will fit up there.”
All right, Maggie. Maggie, Maggie, come here, baby. She’s scared.
Now, you said she’s an Irish Water Spaniel.
Irish Water Spaniel, five months old, and she is terrified of all that’s going on
here right now.
Yeah. She’s under—Maggie, come here, baby.
Come here, darling. She says, “I don’t’ want to go anywhere.”
Come here.
Come on, honey. I’m not going to hurt you.
She’s beautiful, Pat. What are the attributes of an Irish Water Spaniel? I don’t really
Well, they’re for hunting ducks, but they’re so smart. They’re very smart. All right,
Look at, oh, look.
All right, sweetheart. Yeah, shake hands.
She says, “Dad, shake my hand this morning.”
You going to shake hands? Oh, you dear little thing.
Is she good? Is she easy to have?
Oh, she’s as good as she can be. She’s so smart. She’s such a smart . . .
Now, she’s what, six months old did you say?
Five, five months old.
Five months old. So, is this full grown for Maggie? Hi, Maggie. I’ll shake your hand.
No, she’s going to get a lot bigger.
Come on, shake. Give me your hand. You just want to chew my hand.
All right, Maggie. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, lie down.
I see Maggie’s chewing her leash, there.
All right, here. Lie down, honey. Maggie.
Is she a chewer?
Maggie, yes, awful. Maggie, lie down. Lie down.
The dog whisperer.
All right, now roll over. Roll over, roll over, roll over. She said, “I’m not going
to do it.” Roll over.
She says, “There’s a chair in my way, dad.”
She said, “I’m down, that’s the best you’re going to get.”
You’re glad that you got this breed.
Well, I gave her to Dede. It’s Dede’s dog.
No wonder she’s so well behaved.
Blue was a little much for Dede. I trained Blue to jump.
Well, that might not have been your smartest move.
Well, and Dede was clipping some bushes; and, unfortunately, she didn’t realize she was
in front of Blue’s jumping range, so Blue went leaping over the bushes and hit Dede.
And hit Dede?
Good-bye, Blue.
That’s exactly what happened.
Hello, Maggie.
Blue got volunteered to go with Operation Blessing. All right, sweetheart.
Yes, he’s their new mascot, but Maggie is beautiful, Pat.
All right, sweetheart. All right. Hey, Maggie, Maggie.
Now, is she full-grown? Will this be her size?
She’ll be twice that big. All right, lie down, honey. Lie down, lie down.
Oh no.
Lie down.
Good girl.
That a girl.
Good girl. There she goes. Yeah.
All right, there you go. You want me to scratch your belly. All right.
She says, Let me just chew on my leash here.”
Okay, well enough dog. So. anyhow, I’m a dog fancier. I train dogs. I’ve taught her
to speak. I’ve taught her to jump. I’ve taught her to lie down. I’ve taught her
to sit and roll over, and I’ve taught her to stay. Come here, sweetheart.
Does she have to be groomed to look like this, or is she naturally this way?
No, she got from the groomer about two days ago.
Of course she has.
That fur looks like it, oh yeah.
She’s beautiful, Pat.
Okay, well you go with Sarah, and I’ll see you later. Go on over there.
And I can tell she loves you, yeah.
There you go. Okay.
Bye, Maggie. Well, not only Maggie is growing, but Spring has come early here in Virginia
Beach. We’ve got warm, sunny weather; and we want to take you outside for just a moment
for a peak at something that’s growing here. It’s our latest building project and, Pat,
you’re going to tell us about it while we look.
Well, this is the chapel and divinity school.
Regent now has one of the largest divinity schools in the nation, and the centerpiece
of it’s going to be this beautiful chapel. So, this is the framework of the chapel. That’s
what it’s going to look like.
That’s what it’ll look like.
It’ll be beautiful.
It was copied after St. Martins in the Field over in England; and that’s design for it,
and it’s just beautiful.
That’s going to be such a great addition to the campus here. Regent’s campus is beautiful
Oh, yeah, but this is going to be simply gorgeous. But you see, they’ve got that framework
going up there, and you can see. I don’t know if you can zoom up a little bit; you’ve
got a big crane lifting those members up. They put up the vertical members, and then
they put the horizontal members. It’s like a big erector set. It goes up very quickly.
We’ve been watching for months now as they’ve been grading here, grading there, and then
all of a sudden we’re seeing something happen above ground and it’s awesome.
Well, people have been giving to it. All the budget hasn’t been made yet, but that’s
what it’s going to look like and it’s going to be spectacular.
That would be a great gathering place for the entire campus.
Oh yeah, yeah, so they can praise the Lord. We can all gather together, have our prayer
meetings there; and it’s just going to be, it’ll be a spiritual center of Regent University.
That’ll be wonderful. The plans are beautiful. We should tell people if they’d like to
know more about Regent and even see a little more elaborate overview of the campus in general,
go to
People are making contributions. They’ve been doing it and will keep on doing it.
So anyhow, that’s it. Log on to You can learn more about it; but we’ll keep
you up to date on it, because it’s going to be pretty.
Mm hmm, beautiful.
All right. Well, last month, Amanda Headrick was pregnant and putting the finishing touches
on the nursery for her new baby. Then, out of nowhere, disaster struck. A monster tornado,
200 yards wide and packing winds of 170 miles an hour, roared through her neighborhood.
Just watch what happened.
Like any new mom, Amanda Headrick looked forward to bringing her new son home from the hospital.
The problem was she didn’t have a home. Just days before her baby was born, an EF4
tornado whipped through Harrisburg, Illinois. She and her ten-year old daughter were terrified.
It was 5:00 in the morning, pitch-black dark outside. The light lit up like it was the
middle of the day, the sky did. Instantly, hail started hitting the window. I ran and
grabbed my daughter and held her, put my body over her, and we tried to hide in our closet.
I thought it was just the worst thing in the world. My whole neighborhood was gone. All
you seen was flashlights and people screaming, “Help us, help us, help us.” I couldn’t
imagine going through anything like that ever again. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever
been through.
While she was in the hospital, her aunt found a mobile home for the young mom to rent, but
it was dirty and in desperate need of repair. Operation Blessing was on the ground in the
ravaged town. Amanda’s aunt asked them for help with basic needs like cleaning and paint
and, maybe, some new carpet. Instead of providing just basic repairs, Operation Blessing completely
made over the home, installing new linoleum and providing appliances and furniture. We
also designed a brand-new nursery already filled with clothes for the new baby. There’s
a room for her daughter and, of course, a beautiful bedroom for Amanda.
Oh, my God. Thank you guys, so much. This is crazy. It’s just beautiful in here. I
never expected anything like this, nothing at all. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Most people work their whole lives and don’t have a home this nice, and you guys did it
for me in three days.
But Operation Blessing had one more gift. The members of the crew who had fixed up her
home, pooled their money together and collected enough to pay 70 percent of Amanda’s rent
for an entire year. She’s thankful that, through your gifts, Operation Blessing was
able to give her and her family a place to live.
This is such a blessing. It is such a blessing to me. I don’t know where to begin to thank
everybody or to show my appreciation, but I promise, if it’s the last thing I do,
one day, someday, somehow, I will let everybody know how thankful I am, and I will help somebody
else just like you guys helped me.
Thanks, Amanda. That’s what we do, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a joy. When Jesus said it’s more blessed to give than to receive, He was right. It
is more blessed, much more blessed to help somebody than to get something yourself, and
we’re helping people. So, if you want to participate in the overall ministry of CBN
and Operation Blessing and whatever else we do, it’s so simple to join the 700 Club.
It’s just $20 a month, that’s 65 cents a day, less than a can of soda pop in a vending
machine, as a matter of fact, about half as much. What you can do, as you join the 700
Club, we want to send you this thing called The Quest for God.
Tomorrow we’re going to show you a little something about what Buddhists are looking
for in their search for nirvana. This is very informative, and people like it. We’ll give
it to you as our gift, but whatever about the gift, you could just call and say, “You
can count on me.” 1-800-759-0700. Terry, let’s go get some questions.
Okay, it’s a deal. Up next, we do have questions from our chat room. Sharon says, “I’ve
noticed my husband leering at other women. I’ve told him about this. He promised he’d
stop, but he hasn’t. What can I do?” We’re going to bring it online with her question
and more, next.
Here at CBN, we see incredible things happen when we stand together.
That’s why we want to thank the thousands of you who recently pledged to join the 700
Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring crucial help to those who need it most.
Each day you have a part in healing the sick, feeding the hungry and broadcasting the Gospel
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You’ve brought hope and help to those in desperate need . . . .
And changed their lives forever.
Just like you did for Desert Storm veteran Laura Bauer. After returning home with a severe
back disability, she struggled to earn enough money to feed her children. That's when you
gave her a hand up by providing food for her hungry family. You treated Laura with dignity
and thanks, and fed her body and her soul.
So please, watch for this mailing and send in your pledge.
This year millions will experience the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.
Only because you were there.
Are you noticing more wrinkles, frown lines or sagging skin? This is Eloise at age 69.
Eloise didn’t like how she looked in the mirror. Wrinkles on her face and sagging skin
around her neck were making her look old. So she decided to look younger with a Lifestyle
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imagine how you can start looking younger today.
Wow, indeed. Kari Jobe with us today. That’s her band and, boy, we’ve loved having them
here. Great sounds.
Questions, questions.
We do have questions, Pat. This first one is from Sharon who says, “Pat, I noticed
my husband leering at other women. I’ve told him about this. He promised he’d stop,
but he hasn’t. What can I do?”
Sharon, can you sweep back the ocean tides? Men are visually motivated.
I guess.
You guess? There ain’t no guessing about it!
You’re a little more grace-filled than I am.
There’s no grace-filled. I mean, it’s just the way it is.
Yes, but I mean when you’re married to someone.
I don’t care who you’re married to.
Do you do that?
No, I don’t.
Well, thank you, very much.
Well, but I’m an old man.
So, rein it in. You never did that. I’ve known you for many years, and you’ve never
done that.
Well, thank you, darling. But, in any event, it’s just that, you know, that’s unseemly,
but some guys are just kind of hyper that way. That’s why the porn industry is so
successful, because that’s what men are doing. They’re leering at naked women all
day long. Terrible, yes, and Jesus said to even look at a woman and think adultery in
your mind, you’ve committed adultery with her. So, it’s wrong.
Yeah. She doesn’t say whether he’s a believer or not, or whether that’s a part of life.
Yeah, well, even if he was a believer, it’s like you look at the sunset and you say, “It’s
beautiful,” so, there’s nothing wrong.
Well, there’s a difference between admiring and leering. I might look at a guy and say,
“Wow, he’s good looking, but I’m not leering at him.”
Well, who’s characterizing the leering? It’s her definition. Maybe he thinks it’s
a casual glance. I don’t know!
A lingering, casual glance.
All right. Just live with it and love him and let him love you. Okay.
This is Jessica who says, “After I got pregnant, I felt God saying that I was carrying a baby
boy; but when I went for the ultrasound, I found out that I was carrying a baby girl.
I can’t get over it. Why would God tell me I have a boy?”
God didn’t tell you. You misheard Him. You haven’t yet discerned what God was doing.
In our last child, Dede and I were praying, and I began to pray and I said, “May she
grow up into Christian womanhood,” and my wife looked at me and said, “What are you
saying?” I said, “Well, the Lord has shown me she was going to be, and she was; but it’s
a question of whether you have got enough experience to know when God’s talking to
you and when you’re just hearing something yourself. You wanted a boy, so that’s what
your mind said to you, but you’re getting a girl.
Well, even a prophetic word, we’re told, test the word.
Exactly. Try the spirits to see if they—but they who, through reason of use, have their
senses exercised and discern good from evil. Good’s what God says; evil’s what’s
against His will. So, it’s a question of experience; and your experience is just a
little faulty right now, so don’t blame God. What’s next?
This is Andrew who says, “Pat, who’s your pick for the Final Four?” Write these down,
Listen; I picked the Super Bowl winner the last few years. As a matter of fact, I won
an award for the closest to the score of the Super Bowl.
You saw that trophy, didn’t you? It’s this beautiful trophy.
That’s true, I did see that, now that you’re saying it. That was a bit ago.
Beautiful trophy, beautiful trophy. Okay, I don’t know anything about basketball in
terms of the top four. I suppose it’s going to be Kentucky and North Carolina, but I just
don’t know. So, I’m sorry. I have to pass. I think President Obama was picking four,
so go with his picks.
This is Jeanette who asks, “What did Jesus mean when He said, “to everyone who has,
more will be given. But for those who have not, even what he has will be taken away?”
Well, it’s the law of use. If you read my book The Secret Kingdom, it goes into a lengthy
chapter on this most important thing. If you use what you have, you will have more, and
the people who have more have opportunity to get more. It’s just the way it is. If
you have a successful business, and you’ve been able to borrow $100,000, it won’t be
long before you can borrow a million dollars. And if you’re successful with a million,
you can borrow ten; but, if you don’t use what you have, you’ll lose it. That has
to do with athletics. It has to do with an election. It has to do with musical. It has
to do with any other skill. If you don’t use it, you lose it; and that’s a fundamental
law of the universe. So, he that doesn’t have, he’ll lose what he’s got.
That’s true, very true. This is Alice who wants to know, “How do you know if your
family has a curse?”
Oh, I don’t know. You could go back and look and see if there was something in your
family where you have a mother, grandmother, great grandmother who was involved in the
occult, who was a witch, who was in some kind of a séance relationship. That might tell
something. It’s just a question, again, there’s no substitute for walking with God.
How do you know? Well, you know because you walk with God, and He tells you these things.
And if you don’t walk with Him, you don’t know. So, you can’t call somebody on television
and say, “Well, how do you know?” Well, you’ll know because you have a relationship
with the Lord, and He shows you these things. Well, tomorrow, an appalling report on Atlanta’s
sex trafficking hub. Today we leave you with these words from John 16 . . .
. . . . “Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” Thank you so much
for being with us, and thanks to Princess Maggie. We’ll see you tomorrow, bye-bye.
Friday . . . .
We would be able to walk through anything together.
But there was one deal breaker.
If anybody had an affair, it would be over. There would be no questions asked.
The confession that nearly shattered their marriage.
The voice is telling me, “He's going to leave you. Your family’s going to turn their
backs on you.”
Plus . . . .
For Buddhists, the goal is nirvana. Find out why some say that goal is impossible.
Reaching nirvana seems a hopeless situation.
On The 700 Club.
Hello, I’m Terry Meeuwsen. Did you know there are more than 148 million orphans in
the world today? 148 million. But it was three little girls that taught me about the plight
of orphans. Eight years ago, my husband and I spent nearly a month immersed in the daily
activities of an Ukrainian orphanage as we waited to adopt three sisters. I saw firsthand
the utter loneliness, the pain of rejection and the overwhelming desire to be loved. That
experience changed me forever, and out of it grew a ministry from my heart called “Orphan’s
Promise.” Today we’re helping orphans and vulnerable children in more than 50 countries
Thousands of children are now in safe homes. They’re being educated and they’re learning
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