Verifying your identity in e-tax

Uploaded by AusTaxOffice on 28.06.2012

If you are planning to use e-tax to prepare your tax return this year, you will need to
verify your identity before you can lodge online. This is an important security measure
which ensures that when we receive your online lodgment we know the information is from you.
There are two methods to verify your identity. You can easily verify your identity by entering
details from a previous notice of assessment, or by providing specific personal information
relating only to you. Both methods require you to provide your tax
file number, name, date of birth and other general details.
Let us show you how to use your notice of assessment or specific personal information
to verify your identity. If you have lodged before, the easiest way
to verify your identity is to use a notice of assessment that was issued in the last
five years. When prompted by e-tax, simply enter your
name, date of issue and reference or sequence number exactly as they appear on your notice
of assessment. If you do not have a notice of assessment
that was issued in the last five years, or this is your first time lodging a tax return,
you can verify your identity by providing some specific personal information. We call
this a ‘shared secret’ which is information known by you and the ATO. It must be provided
in addition to your tax file number, name and date of birth.
The shared secret information you provide in e-tax will need to match information reported
to us by your bank, employer, Centrelink or share registry from the current year or previous
income year. This information is reported to us by other
parties from 1 July but you may find that you are not able to verify your identity using
the shared secret information until mid August, when most information has been reported to
us. If this is the case, you may be able to use information from the previous income year
as this would already have been reported to us.
Verifying your identity is an essential part of e-tax, allowing you to lodge securely online.
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