Full-Time MBA: Dr. John R. Hollenbeck - Broad College of Business at Michigan State University

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The nature of the business situation right now
is the world is very, very dynamic and hard to predict.
If I had to use a model for what work looks like now,
it would be probably a motion picture team.
That is, it's very project-oriented
and people come together for a particular project,
they work on that particular project, and then when it's done,
it tends to disband.
And then they go to another project.
Now in that kind of world, leadership skills,
teamwork skills, become incredibly important.
But not just that, networking skills become important.
The Team Effectiveness Lab relates to Michigan State's program
in a very odd way.
We started basically as a research platform
and we had been working in research on teams for many, many years.
Uh, the Broad school was based upon a lot of teamwork
and they asked us if we could take some of the research that
we were doing and bring that into the classroom.
The Team Lab has got a lot of national exposure.
A lot of that national exposure
started in kind of the Department of Defense world
and uh, the more we deal with that group,
the more we kind of build simulators for them.
So currently right now, we teach in a program that every single captain
who wants to be a major goes through our program.
I have a program, every single one star general
who wants to be a two star general goes through our program.
Every single senior master sergeant that wants to become a chief
goes through our program.
We've got a lot of national visibility
for specifically building leadership simulations,
tying those simulations to state of the art research and content,
and then wrapping a very nice, educational experience
around the simulation, around the research,
around lectures and a set of readings,
many of which come from textbooks that we have written.
And that has just been a very, very popular vehicle.
At Michigan State, particularly in the management department,
in 2009, we were ranked number one in research productivity.
We were rated number one in research productivity in 2008.
We are number one between 2003 and 2009.
This is a survey that's not very complex.
It's a survey that looks at the eight most influential journals
in management by objective citation index numbers
and then just asks,
"Who publishes the most in the most influential journals?"
For me, the big key is personal transformation,
and in two years at the Broad School,
people change.
You see them, I see them in the first five weeks,
and I'm always there at graduation.
Uh, some professors like graduation and some professors don't.
Some people like weddings, some people don't.
Some people-- I love graduations
because I see these students the first five weeks
and then I see them graduate.
And I'm always in the line giving high-fives
or giving hugs or giving fist bumps
to the students in the program because they've been here two years
and I've literally watched them change.
And they're totally different people
when they leave this program than when they come in.
And I'm always feeling like they're so much better equipped
for everything that they're going to deal
with after they leave the program.
For me, personal transformation-- that's what it's all about.
And just to be a small part of that is really, really exciting.