Motörhead - Ace Of Spades DVD Part 5 (Sub)

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Pretty tight considering we haven't played it together for 20 years.
Road crews always get up to a lot more than you think.
And they're always at the gig before you.
You get there and find yourself kissing a chick,
and they say, ''How do l taste?''
Fucking bastards.
Already gave 'em a blow job in the afternoon.
What do you think it's about?
l mean, have some imagination.
Love me like a reptile. Come on, you know.
ls one qualification for working for the BBC to be completely stupid?
What is it about then?
l don't know. l never worked it out.
Love Me Like A Reptile.
Women don't like the title much.
Say to a woman, love me like a reptile, they go, ''What the fuck's that?''
False start, see.
Motorhead wasn't a straightforward outfit to play with
because with Lemmy's bass playing being the way it was
it made it slightly different than all the other bands at the time
because there was no real bass guitar, it was like a bass rhythm.
There was really a period, l guess, from when l met him
and before, through most of the '70s
where it wasn't wild nights, just a wild continuum.
The speed was always out on the table. A big pile on the table.
When you're young and partying and playing and it's all full-on,
you don't expect to live that long.
You don't want to die but you think this can't possibly go on for too long.
The fact that it has, you know, defies all, you know, everything.
The fact that we're all still here. Lemmy more than anyone.
He's been doing it longer than the rest of us.
He's still going, you notice that? As he lives and breathes.
l think he'd probably burn out more if he stopped.
He should write a book called How To Survive Rock'n'Roll
because he's the only guy, except for Keith Richards,
who's probably done everything and lived through it all.
There were times when l think he's possibly the child of aliens.
They say after the bomb there'll be rats, roaches, you know,
Lemmy, Keith and Courtney Love.
What can you do about it?
They will be the future of the human race. See what they spawn.
They don't know. He's a reptile, what can l tell you?
What is your wildest story since you've been on the road?
Christ, l don't know. A lot l don't remember cos of the acid, you know.
You never had a girl come up on stage
with a guitar and, l don't know, show her boobs...?
Larry got a blow job while he was playing once.
- Really? - Yeah.
- That's impressive. - l thought it was.
- Where was this? - l was impressed.
He is a genuine rebel.
You know, he's like a crusader. Massive strength.
l mean, in his presence you can feel it.
But he's got to be careful because Lemmy really is now a legend.
l hope he continues but he's got to take it easy.
He's got to not be pushed
cos he'll conk out eventually, which'll be a real shame.
l want a drink, yeah, immediately.
l want several drinks. l want to drink until l can't stand anymore.
- There, darling. - Thank you, blossom. ls there any ice?
Ace Of Spades has got the advantage of a killer title track.
Since then every sub-David Lynch movie driving through the desert,
you've got Ace Of Spades in the background and it's perfect!
l don't know how anybody can like a song that long, you know?
There's obviously new stuff coming out all over the place,
all they want to hear is Ace Of bloody Spades.
l would play it now. lf l had it here l would play it now.
l would play it again and again. Like Paranoid.
You know, they're just icon records.
lt is a real slap in the face, l suppose.
Yet at the same time a very commercial song.
And one of those songs that really...
On the Best Rock Anthems ln The World Ever! compilation, it's track one.
lt's become almost a bit of a classic
which is something l could've only dreamed of
when l was learning to play in my living room.
When l was playing along with records at 1 4,
l could've only dreamed of having a classic.
lt's important stuff. lt's absolutely strong, urban, powerful music
that gets people up on a Saturday night and sends them out...
ready to face what comes next, and God knows we all need that.
ln my opinion at the time,
as a fan l thought they were the greatest band on the planet. Still do.
lt's one of those records that stand out as being...
you know, you got your record collection,
and in there somewhere is your Motorhead Ace Of Spades record.
For a period of time that line-up was famous.
The band still go on, they're still famous simply because Lemmy's still there.
Philip and Mickey are very good.
But lf Lemmy was to decide, ''Right, don't wanna do it anymore,''
that's the end of Motorhead. You know?
But l don't think that'll ever happen because Lem's the same as us,
he'll probably die on the road.
lt's an attitude, it's a statement. A way of life.
You put Motorhead on the back of your jacket or on your t-shirt
and it says something about who you are,
what your view on life is, and that's an attitude,
much more than a relationship between a band and its fans.
lt's a lifestyle.
l've tried to jam with people who were putting bands together
but it was like l always got the feeling...
''Fucking hell... l did this before.''
lt might sound clichéd and you may not believe me
but l just can't bring myself to play if l'm just going through the motions.
l'd rather not play.
For all the millions of pounds people have made out of this business
l would rather have Ace Of Spades than a million quid in the bank.
Because Ace Of Spades will be here after l'm gone
and it's a classic. You don't get classics every day.
The three of us should be grateful for that.
l'm not ashamed of anything we've done yet.
Cos having a career like this in what is essentially an artistic medium
and selling your ass for money,
which is very easy to do, you know.
Several people tried to make us do it
and l'm not interested in it.
lf l have to die and be on my death bed regretting decisions l've made,
l'm not interested in that.
l wanna die completely satisfied that l did the best l could.
You know what l mean?
And l think selling your heart is real prostitution.
l think that's it...
Yeah? Well, we don't, do we, Lem?
l do. l'm going to the strip joint.
l'm going to watch naked women now
and l don't care if you like it or not.
l've told you, it'll lead you nowhere.
Going to strip joints, taking your clothes off.
l'm not looking for it to lead me anywhere!
- Take advantage of you. - Who are?
Those men looking at your body.
- l stopped dancing ages ago. - No, l don't care.
You said you would but l know different.
- l only dance with... - l know different.
..a full quilted housecoat on now.
- So attractive. - That's not what PC Rodriguez said.
- He retired 20 years ago. - That's why he can tell me now.