Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca (Marcio Ballas, Cristiane Wersom e Daniel Tauszig)

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The next game is a classic! "Quick Change"!
Dani, Elidio and Cris will play. Stand up.
I'd like for someone to give me a passage from any given song.
Stand up, please.
Repeat it louder...
'You know, tchurururu...'
The scene title is 'You know, tchurururu' and in "Quick Change", whenever I say 'change'
they have to change the last thing they said or done right away.
It's "Quick Change", go!
Did you get to study?
Of course not!
I'm so worried about this test.
- Quantum physics is fuckin' hard! - Change!
- Math is fuckin' hard! - Change!
Tchururu is fuckin' hard!
- Do you know tchururu? - Zero! I quit at basic 101!
- Everybody inside, the test will begin... - Change!
- The exam will begin! - Change!
That thing where you write some stuff on paper will begin.
- Can we use a reference book? - Change!
- Can we read about the test subject while we do it? - Change
Can we cheat?
- Of course you can. But you will seat away from each other... - Change!
- You will seat close to each other! - Change!
You will do the same test!
- But... - It's a team test!
- Teach... - And you can only cheat... What do you want?
- Can I use the bathroom? - Change!
- Can I sit down? - Change!
Can I show my boobs?
Can I ask for help? Because I used super glue and I got stuck...
If you used super glue, then you will write! And give me that baby.
- My baby! - No, no, no!
It's a team test, you write and she stands there with arms crossed
so she learns not to use super glue after the shower.
Change the whole sentence!
Now you do the super glue so she learns not to write after shower!
Change the whole sentence!
Now you do the super test so she learns not to use the shower after the glue!
Whatever it means! Now!
- Teacher, I'm using the baby to write! - Change!
- Teacher, the baby is the writer! - Change!
You know, teacher... Tchurururu!
That's right!
Fine, we'll do it.
Give me that back later, it was super expensive!
And turn the baby it off, this music makes me sleepy!
- Let's do it! - I'm with super glue!
Read it! Question number one...
Change the music!
Change the music!
- I had an idea! - Oh, my God!
In this subject we just have to sing the whole song!
Change together!
We just have to... Dance the whole song!
Change together!
It's juuuust...
- Your time is running out, I'm picking up the test! - Change!
- Time is running out and the baby peed! - Change!
- The baby peed and it's time to change him! - Change!
I know, it's time to change him!
"Quick Change, ladies and gentlemen!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.