Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Stefano Domenicali, about race

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 05.11.2012

- Stefano, it was a very intense race.
Fernando has edged three points closer to Sebastian
but going into the race you would have hoped for more…
- Yes it’s clear that looking at this morning’s grid,
the target was to gain more points back in the battle with Vettel.
But given how the race went,
with two safety car periods at certain moments,
I have to say that there were incidents outside our control
that helped Vettel make his way up
through the field from the back to the podium,
so compliments to him.
Having said that, I have nothing to complain about
because Fernando had an outstanding race.
He pushed hard throughout and at the beginning
he managed quite a difficult situation with the soft tyres,
then at the end on the hard tyres he put in some fantastic laps.
So as always our goal has to remain to try and start a bit further forward
because if you start from the third row
and you finish on the podium it’s already a great result.
But you also miss out on the chance to do the ultimate, which is to win.
So that is what we will work on for the coming weeks.
We are in no way demoralised
because we have what it takes to believe in ourselves right up to the end.
Anything can happen – as we saw today with Hamilton
who had the fastest car but suffered with reliability.
So our spirit must be to do everything we can right up to the end.
- How do you judge the new package that you brought here?
It looked like there were improvements
but not enough to bring it to the front…
- We have to be very careful
when we make judgements about things like this.
It’s enough to look at a car like the McLaren,
which didn’t bring anything here,
and in the last two grands prix had really seemed to be lost.
Then here they had an amazing performance.
So we have to pay close attention to our aerodynamic package
in combination with the characteristics of the tarmac and the tyres.
That is a very special blend
and this year it is very difficult to make a clear and direct judgement.
But it’s clear that the goal must remain
to get the maximum performance out of the car that we can,
and above all to get more out of qualifying.
- The penultimate round of the championship is in Texas.
No one has ever raced there before,
but you have studied all the data about the track.
What do you think of it?
- They say that it is a very beautiful place
and they have made a big investment into the facility.
It’s a new track,
so our work from the first day must be aimed at giving the drivers
the biggest opportunity to get used to it.
We can have all the data we want on the computer
but it doesn’t compare with getting real feeling from the track itself.
So that must be the focus.
It will be a new track with new asphalt,
where the tyres will be the medium and hard compounds.
So those are tyres that suit us
and we should try to get as much as we can out of this opportunity,
which will be new for everyone.�