learn PLC & ladder diagram (siemens step7 & lg KGL) from the very beginning #1

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hey guys
uh... basically within within this series we gonna go through the ladder
diagrams or
everything related to PLC`s when
it comes to the programming of it
the kind of models that
having different interface wh gonna go through the siemens
steps 7 programming modules
uh... kgl_
te LG kgl uh...
the lg kgl
series allen bradlly to within a court rule with the program and uh... using
language such as ladder diagrams
statement this function blog blog diagrams
uh... we gonna use them in different uh...
programs just
just like i mentioned
and uh...
within our first up to me in a store from the beginning with that order
so where does this work
uh... we have to understand here dad letter diagram
it's not like any other language
it doesn't have specific kind of commands such as sleepless or
uh... and kind of of a man with perfect dissident
specifically right it's action in commands
spurs friar dt in
symbols combined together
to forum
and order
uh... where we do our work where we put our
of uh... or commands are symbols
we put it on
on uh... on
between two wd
between two sites were between two sides which is indicate
the input
that's is the alc
uh... the link between the input in and the output is
command or bees equally main command
let me give you an example
when if if we connect this this kind of input and output
and this pattern
would make a comment we make it simple comment
years before
today handwriting
uh... wheat wheat we connect the link between the input and output
would make a simple commit
but let me let me talk more about discontent what forests and balls that
we don't need
tumi kamat
first of all if word for it
looking at this kind of
uh... of this kind of command
or discuss symbol
these ugly this is the normally closed
an or milk among that normally opened contect
which is
the input most of the inputs and every single programming language or every
single uh... uh...
letter diagram in different uh... programs
it's just like this only
go see it like it's this is the symbol for the input
and uh... it that its conduct to kind of
options or two types
she's a normal equals to contact or enormous opened memorial then that it
states that it's normal
norman condition
which is
but this one the normal condition is them
let me let me list report
every single commands
letter very graham
got to options or two types
whether it's all was
at zero
all was that
and that's that's pretty much
what you can see from now on
using the programming language
uh... he's using his and letter of employees basins eleven of them there
uh... when when we meet for therefore the adult ca bangor
for advance uh... commands
there are going to be some other values
signers counters
with different kind of
uh... enters the
uh... applied on
but as far as the basics in the beginning
going to see only zero
and if you're in january done a pretty much understand
the high and no
the high and the no condom uh...
uh... command or kind of uh... uh...
signal kind of thing
which is most prolly it's easier on five volts zero toward twenty-four volt
whatever based on uh... the kind of module dutcher dealing with
so it's it's a hard work and i think we don't want to talk about it more
when we get to the hardware we're gonna talk about more intensity in real life
but let me look because it report now on
or symbols
so this is the the normally open one which is the normal condition fort
formidable put-on to the normal condition for tickets
and uh... that's zero this is the normal condition for it
uh... one
and when there is and action our plight on it
he becomes
one and this one
and those kind of context even morse probably gonna see and uh... and
and kind of uh... uh...
and kind of inputs such as
push bottoms
or switch
switches or uh...
flags it's it's a kind of intern and
intern and intern backward turn and uh... i inputs within the lp out
appeals the
but this which is in the and the push bought of course it's something outside
the peel seats a physical
inputs conflict
i'm going to talk more about the flag spots that's that's going to be leader
so uh... let me let me talk more work now but the post bottoms
the put bottoms which is
going to be applied on this kind of
this kind of contacts
there's there's a huge difference between the input signals are
the push button
since the point but it is
is actually generating
generating appalls these on
the placement of your hand on the switch
so it's an interesting piece it's a temporary thing
most people when they apply to mention for starting the water for example you
just push the botton and then remove their hands and the bottom
uh... after being pushed get back to its uh... basic position so it should just
but the switch
switch kind of thing
is uh... more of
steamed understate
that it's
still on
like if it's on the and the highly on the high signal kind of thing
you just keep on the reading
a steady peace polls
or steady pete said no
uh... four hari as long that sin
on the high or fawn position and save peoples four discontent
so that's far that's for that's as far as the switches
and approved but that's that's the main kisi
key differences between between uh... king tut's tomb
so uh... the simple dat dat da other simple that we're talking about
which is doubt that's that's these it leader out
and in ghost to this name
which is
in some senior used it's and normally all print output
and in all this in a recent ten or more equal with out
it means the same thing that it's normal condition
when there is an action applied on it and there is no action applied on it
it's the rope
in when there is the normal condition
that there is
uh... awana plateau
bihari right-wing ca
and you can use those kind of uh... outputs
as physical are put creek and just use them
as uh...
as no
as lad core
uh... any kind of internal kind of keeping inside or in memory kind of
thing inside the uh...
inside your peeled seeded too many use later
would then go through all of stuff but just look
and there is another kind of output
dyslexia dyslexia as you see
that there is a huge difference bina pushbutton switch
the same thing goes here too
those kind of uh... outputs
uh... art
or or moment here we order ought to be eased on if there is a signal calling
card of here
there is a signal
getting here too
if you're looking for something that put act like a switch
said there is an output that cold asset
and reset
and this kind of outputs are very beneficial when they were talking about
post bottoms
uh... pushbutton scott i think
this kind of all puts whenever they get the signaled
they'd just
uh... they're just
act like a switch
and get on the high value as long as uh... there is no signal leaps keep on
getting there
i'm going on
discuss this
there are a next example
waved the graphic going to be more uh... moorpark ca
them so url let's let's let's go to or real life already left program with say
he will one he can you poor mcnair
uh... naked
uh... let's say with an equal one amiga program simple program course
hollow to me
a push botton or let's say
that's a switch for our first example danny could switch
let's say we're going to make a switch
that's nice on board the skype too
and so we understand we're talking or
switch that want to get approach pushed
uh... me cat uh...
make lamp
goes on
and their idaho one of the switch to
uh... a little let's say we're going to go with one switch for the first example
we want to make it three complicated beginning
and and who to switch is another
so far first example for dis which kind of thing
analysts say
that's a wanna make that kind of program
that you push the switch on this position
on this positions which of course a switch
it's like this whenever it ghost does direction it's gone
never a good goes
today's direction itself
so uh... that's a were talking about
doing this kind of cool
the first thing
we make our input which is this switch
and this which we've got a call it
and i
one point zero for example
and discover output with a colour q one point two
i don't talk of course about
most looks kind of symbols the high and the queue are used tha and uh...
the siemens the the scene in step seven company
that's not going to school different symbols and other
other brands and how we can use them michael's later
man exceptions
let's let's complete in our example
and that's that's
that's pretty much all you you just
one point zero that's see you
one point two
and uh...
and that's
that's how you make that call
whenever you push
or make this kind of switch
on on
on on position
uh... on on position miss more million all clean
which is
uh... more milton conflict which is
the normal condition which is a zero
but when you get it are highly a high-level ward you you push into buying
and and
and make a signal
and make a signal
it just passes this kind of conflict
and ghost to help it
and make the output goes up
in the context
or or that the output
and just illustrate how this kind of run quartz or
the simple idea for it
let's say that this is
all were
fight vaults
there's reconnect or five wall street here
and the signal goes from here
in order for normal calls
normally open signal to to pass
it's have to pass through this contact so the you just you just make it
look like this it's the very easier for you
the uh... to go through the house and the criminal court in normally open
and helping a lot of the beginning
but you gotta get used to it
if you if you understand a hole in it
it's very simple
so as long that this is uh... thus the signals come from new york and
someone porch
post the bottom right here
so it's connecting
connecting to scott contexts connecting those kind of context
and uh... the signal goes
this q one point on off
if someone removed his finger from here
uh... war
made it clear that the key on uh... or the switch on the opposition
the signal it stopped
is getting cut and this goes off
very simple
can be more simpler than this
and but she's reaching just wanna
memorize all the possible
let's say four takanaga push bottom how hollis kind of things don't work
okay for talking about
this kind of
switch if it's not a switch
it's approach
and let's let the p_t_l_ always g_-twenty method here
what about the world
the input
one point twenty year old
and that's
the time
and that's
the output which is that you wanted to
and that's the time to
let's say that i've put or apply pressure on the bottom
for the first one second four once they confirm that i had more my hand
period that's that's how you are
that's one
and that's the year zero that's fine level or on
that's off
uh... okay
and then a move my hands and they waited like
tools seconds
so from seconds
i've pushed back and fill
whatever to infinity let's say
and um... the output would be pretty much like this
that doesn't want to see porting your hand
uh... the bottom
the output is triggered
is triggered on
and every year moved their hand
and from the bottom
the discount second
the output goes off
and intact
as your head
so for describe problem
you would be paid for this kind of problem
the you just have to use
to solutions ca
we're gonna start with pretty much did devries
at fifty one point you push the button then you move your hand one out
va altitude triggered on
four as long as we want
and when we want this kind of
uh... output to be off
wanted triggered on one more time
and that's and and that's
pre-war cold election if you're familiar with this committee with disturbed
what we want a lecture
the output
to be still on the states that we need
so the for solution which is the easier one
we gonna use the second retreat reset
but in order for us to do this week we cannot do it
and the simpler way would one push bottom we have to use to push bottoms
two inputs one and pouring off uh...
work off
forum on uh... position and what other for stopping that
for stopping dc
that output or ford loft position okay
so we're gonna we're gonna see only have been going to have
new paper okay
that seemed that there is on
and other health bottom
and we wanna
connect those this kind of switches
to this land whatever someone pushed his bottom
the the the the land goes on
someone posed is but a m
them and goes
so in order to this kind of program
a simpler
simpler things board approved by the kind of thing
uh... he have your contact
this one disability bought and we've got a call by one point zero
this is only one point zero on the other contect
which is holly
one point one
despite one point one
and we don't connect this
today output
to develop it
and this output
who's going to be
this output is going to be a recent
and we got a call it
and that's
or oral quite upbeat
wanting to
q one point two
one too
so uh...
what's gonna happen here
whatever someone pushed this kind of bottom
the output is going to get set
and it's going to be set twins going to be highly has long been has
as it takes
to infinity
pushed the spot on
which is this comp normally open clogged
which is not connected in normal position
so whenever someone put
push this kind of bottom was going to happen is that
this output
who's going to be reset
which is going to get back to their to zero
which means that the land is going to be off
pretty much the basic
the basics of the basics
the ladder diagram at our next episode where gonna talk about
uh... timers about moral of
ordered symbols
other symbols on the matter very well howell tools use them and uh...
different city region in different aspects
uski cunard stewart's subscribe to our travel
and that's it