iPad Printing Using Apple's AirPrint to an HP ePrint-Enabled Printer

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 30.06.2011

This video explains how to print from an iPad to an HP ePrint-enabled printer using Apple’s
First, make sure that your HP ePrint printer is turned on, and is connected to your local
wireless network.
To make sure your printer is connected to your local wireless network, first go to the
printer’s control panel.
Touch the button next to the Setup icon in the lower-left corner. The Setup menu displays.
Touch the right arrow button to scroll through the options and select Wireless, then touch
OK. The Wireless menu displays.
Touch the right arrow button to scroll through the options and select Wireless Settings,
then touch OK. The Wireless Settings menu displays.
Touch the right arrow button to scroll through the options and select Print Network Configuration
Page, then touch OK.
The printer prints the configuration page.
Under the 802.11 Wireless section on the configuration page, the status should show as Connected.
Also, the Network Name or SSID that is listed should be the network to which you want to
be connected.
NOTE: Bluetooth or 3G connections are not supported. AirPrint is compatible only via
an 802.11 wireless network.
Make sure your iPad is connected to the local wireless network by first going to the iPad’s
home screen.
Tap the Settings icon. The Settings window opens.
From the pane on the left side, tap Wi-Fi. The wireless settings menu will open.
Make sure that the Wi-Fi button at the top of the right pane is switched to On to enable
Next, the “Choose a Network…” section will populate with all detected networks in
the area. Tap the name of your local wireless network.
If prompted, enter in your WPA pass phrase or WEP key, then tap the Join button.
Once connected, a check mark will display next to the network name, confirming that
you are properly connected.
Press the Home button to return to the home screen.
Starting from the software application on your iPad from which you want to print, tap
the Action icon to display the menu options.
Tap the Print button from the drop-down menu to view the list of available HP ePrint products.
NOTE: Some applications might not offer a print option because the application is not
AirPrint-enabled, and so you will not be able to print from that particular application.
Select your HP ePrint printer from the drop-down menu.
Change print options as desired, then tap Print.
The print job prints to the main tray. If available, your photos will automatically
print from your printer’s dedicated photo paper tray.