Medvedev Putin dance new year cartoon duet 2010 Медведев Путин Новый год

Uploaded by lpuboy87 on 01.01.2010

Its a new trend to review the year
We decided to be modern people, so we will start right now
Very Good
Your turn
Once I was driving Jacques Rouge in a Niva (Russian car) showing the beauties of Sochi
and at once the foreigner lost his interest
I was personally in the city Pikalyovo and now it is all fine again
Even Dierepaska can come there without any fear
how was it?
we are the best
You may belive it or not everyday Im surfing on the Internet
Yes, I know, because sometimes I send you a "Yo Medved!"
Yes, I remember that funny message
Good man
I congratulate the nation with New Year for the second year
You know, some of us greeted them nine times already
Yes, I remember
North Stream and South Stream we will build in no time
That means, excuse me, to hell with Nabbucco
America and Europe
That's right!
This time we ask Kiev to pay for gas by cash
Not by fairytales, pancakes and Jushchenkos puppy
Quite right
Sbierbank was trying in vain to buy Opel
And now this famous Opel turns out to be in deep..
(shit) Financial crisis.
Bureaucrats have used to live only on bribes
And now they are becoming more modest and will move elsewhere (prisions)
But fair
We woluld be happy to stay and sing for you more, but state affairs come first.
Happy New Year friends!