Level 1 - Center for the Arts

Uploaded by PRBloorview on 03.06.2011

This is the center for the arts we actually run year-round programming
Afterschool, on weekends, march break and in the summer. The nature of the
programming spans across all modalities of arts with visual arts
we've got dance, we’ve got music and music therapy programming that goes on
We have programming that is integrated and inclusive. Anybody from the community can come and
join us to do arts together
And we serve anywhere from three years old up to twenty nine
spiral garden which happens outside is a pilot program from the years back that
started about way back and we are going into our twenty seventh season
We’ve got kids in the garden who have grown up in the garden and
become artists and now practice in the garden and come back and work with the kids
every summer. The nature programming here is pretty special and unique
I get a lot from the kids here. Personally I started out as a parent of a child who
was participating in programming. My daughter, actually both of my daughters actually
have been a long time participants in the garden. I have one daughter with special
needs and one without and it's a great place for them to participate in
programming together
for a lot of other parents its an incredibly meaningful experience to
watch your kid
you know my child smiled for the first time after her injury in the garden
that was magic I hadn't seen her smile and nine months and to see that see that smile come back
I was hooked
I started volunteering in the programming and
eventually became a part of the team so it’s a hugely meaningful place for me