Uploaded by TheLadyVoldemort on 24.07.2010

Welcome!... to my lair.
What is this muggle filth?!
I will show you true power, and true music!
Listen to this, boy.
(Four, Tres, Two, Uno)
Listen up y'all, 'cuz this is it.
The beat that he's bringing is malicious.
Voldielicious, definition: Evil, sexy crazy.
All the pureblood witches wish that they could have my baby.
If you meet me, you won't beat me.
There's no way you can defeat me.
I'll send you to hell or heaven.
Horcruxes? Ha, I've got 7!
Voldielicious (so malicious).
And, despite the auror's wishes,
they can't hunt me down
I'm harder to catch than 10 snitches.
Their spells are misses.
You know the Ministry's a crock,
and despite all their fancy talk,
they all know that I rock.
So delicious...
You don't want to mess with me!
So seditious...
I'll overthrow the Ministry!
So malicious...
I just might kill your family!
I'm Voldielicious.
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pasty, pasty.
Voldielicious, DEATH.
Voldielicious, DEATH...
...death death death death death death EATERS!
Definition of my mission: Make that boy go crazy.
I know he has the power of love, but no, that doesn't phase me!
I'm the V to the O-L-D, E, M, O-R-T and
ain't no other wizard with Slytherin ancestry.
They say I'm vicious...
I leave my enemies in stitches.
I be out, with my homies, killing all those mudblood witches.
More like BITCHES! (Oh snap.)
I rap too fast for your Quick-Quotes-Quill.
You best beware my mad skills because I duel, to, kill!
So delicious...
All the ladies love my snake!
(So delicious...)
Potter ain't no playa, he's a fake!
So delicious...
Do what I say for your own sake!
I'm Voldielicious...
Hold hold hold hold hold up! Check your family tree.
Harry Harry Harry, if you want to kill me,
maybe you should grow some BALLS
and stop being so angsty.
With your teenage whining,
and your lovesick pining,
all the girls dumped you for me, I'm so G**-damn sexy.
(V, to the O, to the L-D-E-M-O-R-T, it's)
(V, to the O, to the, to the, to the)
(hit it Voldie!)
Everybody run and hide, I'm committing genocide,
but if your blood is pure, then, I'll make you say *aaah*.
My reign of terror's just begun, killing stuff is tons of fun,
I killed the dad and mom and now I'm gonna kill the son!
Now I know I'm coming off just a little bit conceited,
'cuz I keep on repeatin' how the boy'll be defeated,
but I'm tryin' tell, that I'm gonna send you to hell,
'cuz they say he's so vicious! (So malicious.)
You'll be sleeping with the fishes.
I'm so bad-ass I made horcruxes out of jewelry and dishes.
I blow kisses, *mwah* and though I have no lips or nose,
I get all those tasty hoes to take off their Hogwarts robes.
(Four, tres, two)
I deflect curses and disses.
I be out on the town, playin' girls like Quiddich.
So malicious...
My opponents stink like Dobby's socks,
and despite all their noble talk,
they still know that I rock.
*breath* Now you have witnessed, the true...
Huh, I'm sorry, did you say something?
Avada Kedavra!