Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: HistoryPin

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 22.06.2011

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HistoryPin essentially allows you to take old photos
and pin them onto a modern day street view to make a comparison--
essentially a time machine--
so that you can compare
between what was there before and what is there now.
Kodak estimates there are billions of photos sitting under people's beds
that are never shown.
And essentially, they're going to disappear--
the photos, along with the stories that go with them.
They're essentially going to be gone.
So, the idea was to take all of these photos and stories
and put them on the web and allow anybody to see them.
So, using Google Maps technology,
it's a great kind of way to navigate all of these things.
All of the APIs and the documented information is fantastic.
And it really makes it easy.
Well, you can expect an app very soon.
So you'll be able to go to a place, look at the old photo,
and hold up your phone
and see what it looks like now and what it looks like then.
And it'll show you all the photos around you as well.
We're also introducing tours to both the website and to the app.
So, you'll actually be able to walk from one photo to the next.