Сексуальная психология - Man&Woman

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>> Girl1: What are the differences between men & women? >> Girl2: well… may be anatomic features! >> Girl1: What else?
>> Girl2: mmm… Do you suppose men are more rational beings?
>> Girl1:Well? Certainly!Probably they are rational, but their intellect has lack of acuteness!
>> Girl1: woman acuteness is nothing in comparison with man cast-iron logic.
Really? Your cast-iron logic is often too narrow!
We behave differently because cell activity of our brain has different organization.
It makes us take the world differently, to arrange different priorities & built other terms of reference.
We are not worse or better we are different.
And as we have different systemof coordination we don’t understand each other very often.
It is very difficult to find common ground, but if we try to understand each other it is really possible.
Why men have no intuition or woman acutenesse
During face-to-face communication you receive 60-80 per cent at the expense of facial expression and sign language.
20-30 per cent at the expense of tone
& only 7-10 per cent of information from words.
Men as a rule pay attention only to words & understand them literally.
Meanwhile women are more sensitive to body language owing to special organization of brain.
That is why if you are going to tell woman a lie you should better do it by phone, by letter or in a dark room under the blanket.
If your voice trembles even a little she’ll notice it by all means. We hear any changes in tone& loudness easily.
It helps us to notice any changes of your emotions immediately.
Men who didn’t understand biological differences between women & men
looked the women as witches & sentenced them to death.
But women just can see shades of facial expression & gesticulation, voice tone & other signals.
Unfortunately for you women can easily see your deception or twist you round & she doesn’t bat an eye.
If she bats an eye you don’t notice it any way.
When man says “woman’s logic”
he means that only man has real logic and thought
but woman has only instincts & nothing more.
Man & logic are synonyms indeed.
“Woman’s logic” is to beat about the bush.
Man is exactness & laconism.
But woman is doubts & hints.
Even if man & woman want the same thing
their logical way of conclusion will be always different.
Here is the simplest example.
>Go & make me coffee for breakfast.
It would be good to have coffee for breakfast, wouldn’t it?
How do you think which phrase was said by woman & which one by man?
Hints are good when you are making relations
but unfortunately if you must take any serious decisionn
I think man can do it better than woman.
He does it quickly, exactly & mainly without doubts.
But you man don’t be angry at us try to hear not only words but also tone, facial expression & gesticulation.
Probably then you understand that our logic has logic.
So today I compared woman acuteness & man’s logic.
You see everybody has his own weaknesses & strengths.
Next time we’ll discuss other differences between man & woman
as you understand there are a lot of them.
But it’s not a reason to have a quarrel you know, differences don’t tinder the equality.
I’m your personal psychologist, see you, bye-bye!