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Have you called for the ambulance?
Yes, I had telephoned them.
It must be on its way!
Sir, I'll once again call and ask them about the ambulance.
Take the dead body to the courtyard.
The ambulance must be on its way here.
Stop right here!
Mr S.K, it was very essential for this terrorist to remain alive.
I had told you, hadn't I?
Yes sir!
But I am not responsible for this, sir!
He has committed suicide.
He wasn't killed by anybody!
S.K, he was kept under your watch.
Death seems plausible when the pain becomes too severe to be bearable.
You don't fear death in such a condition.
That's why we never torture an accused so much that he feels forced to kill himself.
I am sorry, sir.
He had disturbed my sleep in the middle of the night.
When did he commit the suicide?
In the evening.
Wlhen convicts are allowed to come out of their cells and barracks.
When did you come to know of it?
Aroun 8 O'clock!
His cell was found empty!
Was the cell left unlocked?
I think so, sir!
Sorry, sir!
How was it left unlocked?
I will investigate it thoroughly, sir.
What can you investigate?!
He was there with you for more than six months.
And you haven't even found out as to which outfit he belonged to.
'We have left those alleys'
'We have left those alleys'
'We have left those alleys'
'We have left those alleys'
'...Where your soft feet would make soft marks on the wet ground'
'The alleys where I saw you smiling with those dimples in your cheeks'
'...Where your soft feet would make soft marks on the wet ground'
'The alleys where I saw you smiling with those dimples in your cheeks'
'The curve of your waist resembled a meandering river'
'The crops would ripen gold when you'd flash a smile'
'We have left those alleys'
'Your beautiful heels would reflect the sunshine.'
'Now, I am told, there is only shadow at the threshold'
'Your beautiful heels would reflect the sunshine.'
'Now, I am told, there is only shadow at the threshold'
'The night there was as dark as the colour of your long tresses'
'Sometimes she would lie next to me with our heads resting on the same pillow'
'We have left those alleys'
'We have left those alleys'
'My heart now reminisces those moments but it has toughened up'
'Its crevisces are dark and resemble dark alleys'
'Those moments never seem to slip our memories'
'I tried hard but I couldn't get them out of my mind'
'Nostagia of those days aren't evernescent'
'We have left those alleys'
'We have left those alleys'
Greetings, brother!
Open the door! Kripaal has come!
You rascal!
Hold it!
How did this happen to you? -What happened to me?
Open your mouth!
Catch it, Pali!
Aw, Jassi...!
Come on! -Come on!
Come and take it! -Come on, come!
I won't let you have even a slim a chance.
You fool... -What...
What are you doing boys?
Is this a play ground?
Greetings, aunt! -Be blessed!
Don't play with a stone. You might hurt yourself.
I was ten years old when you first told him to stop playing with the stone.
So what?
He hasn't listened to you till now!
Have you listened to me?!
I will desist from doing that from now on.
Here is the club. Club him to obedience.
You provocateur!
You shut up!
I will beat him and you'll feel the pain.
Don't I know how much you love each other.
It has the same intensity as the love of Romeo and Julet.
We'll live together; and die together.
But Romeo and Juleit didn't get to live together.
And they hadn't even died at the same time.
Let me think of some other example, then!
What say, Jassy?
Send Veeran away to her in-laws' by the coming Summer.
Lo and behold! She was supposed to scold them but has suddenly turned to me.
If Pali settles down, your brother too will follow the suit.
Both of them are so alike.
We will even get married together, Aunty.
You just look out for a girl for him.
As soon as you get one, we'll get married together, same day.
What! If he doesn't get married, should Veeran wait for it infinitely?
So what? After marriage, she's gonna be in her own house.
She is not going to some stranger's house.
She is gonna live here only.
What! Are you going to keep him as...
..."gharjamai"(son-in-law who lives at his in-law's place)?
Then he should let me live at his own place.
What happened, Veeran?
Look at that, brother!
What is it? Why are you barging in?
What's the problem?
I will tell you! I'll tell you!
You go with him! -Yes sir!
What is the matter? What's going on here?
Why have you come here?
What is exactly the matter?
You go to the back side. -Sir, what do you want?
What do you want, sir? -Don't worry, you'll know it soon.
You'll know it!
What is the matter, Mr Khurana?
Is your name J.S Randawa?
Jaswant Singh Randawa!
I have to make a a search of your house.
And why is that?
We have got the information that you have sheltered some terrorist in your house.
Who are you talking about?
What is your name?
Kripaal Singh.
Who are you to him?
He is the fiance of my sister.
How many people are there in this house?
I mean how many members are there in the family?
Are all of them present here out in the courtyard.
Or is there someone inside?
There must be some some servants!
Is there any guest living here with you?
Why are you asking her, Mr Vohra?
Talk to me. Man to man!
Veeran! You go inside!
And take aunty along!
He has run away from Delhi.
...After murdering the MP Kedar Nath.
What is his name?
Is he still here or you sent him away?
He is still here!
Come, I'll have you meet him.
Let's go! -Please come!
Be alert! -Yes, sir!
Come, come, come here!
Come! Come on, Jimmy!
Come, come!
This is Jimmy!
And he doesn't know any MP.
So many times I told him to stand for elections but he would not listen to me.
See that, Ram Singh? We were pursuing a dog!
Shut up!
Sorry, sir!
In the next election, give him the ticket of your party.
Let's go!
You too! Come with us!
Come, come, come!
Look! They have already been introduced to Jimmy!
Come to the Police Station with me.
What for?
No questions!
Get in the van!
Take him in the van.
Hey, get in! -Wait, wait!
Why will he go to the Police Station?
We'll send him back in half an hour.
We'll let him go after asking him a few questions.
Otherwise, we'll have to make a search of your house.
And that will be more troublesome for you.
Worry not! I am coming with you.
I told you he'll be back soon.
Why are you insisting.
You... -Pali! Pali! Leave it!
You take care of aunty till I return. -But.......
Come on! Get in!
Get in! Get in!
Get in!
Sir, you go! I'll follow you.
Yes, yes! Don't worry!
What happened?
Nothing! Nothing!
Why did he take my brother?
Go inside and I'll tell you. Come on!
What did he do that he was taken away for?
He was taken away for nothing. Let's go inside. I'll tell you why he was taken away.
Please! Let's go inside!
Believe me!
They had said he'd return in half an hour.
It's been three hours.
What is the matter, sir? Who do you want to meet?
Inspector... -Who is there?
Let him come in!
Yes, what's the matter?
I am coming from Bhimedi, sir. My brother was taken away by the police.
They'd said they'd let him go within half an hour.
It's been three hours and there is no news of him.
What had he done?
Nothing, sir!
The police was searching for a terrorist named Jimmy.
They came to our house.
Was the terrorist hiding in your house?
We don't even know anybody by the name of Jimmy.
Then who is Jimmy?
Jimmy is our dog's name!
Sir, I couldn't find anything else. I have brought this offering.
Alright! Alright! Keep this inside. -Ok, sir!
So...what was the name of your dog?
Why was the police searching for your dog?
Lool, sir! There were two of them.
Inspector Vohra and Inspector Khurana.
Are they here or not?
There is no inspector by either name.
They must have come from Headquarter.
Do you want to file any report?
DP Khurana.
He is perhaps in the Vigilance Department.
He is very senior in the department.
He must have gone either to Chandigarh or to Delhi.
But Khurana had said that they'd let him go within half an hour.
How will they release him in half an hour, mister?
An MP has been murdered.
The inquiry will be looked into even by the PMO.
He is not an ordinary criminal.
These terrorists cross every conceivable limit of humanity.
He should have thought twice before carrying out the assassination.
What is your name?
Kripaal Singh?
Yes, sir!
From Bhamedi?
Has Jassi come yet?
Have courage, Veeran!
Everything will be alright!
Stop crying!
Stop crying, Veeran!
Stop crying!
There is a legal recourse, son.
It is there since the beginning of the adoption of the constitution.
But nowadys they are rendered useless.
Implementers themselves break every law to their own advantage.
Then what should I do?
I will present before the court your request, tomorrow.
Look, sir!...
Why do you keep referring to my "rights" as "requests"?
My brother was taken away for no rhyme or reason by the law and you...
He was not taken away by the "law" but by the "police."
He's not done anything, sir!
His only crime is that he has named his dog "Jimmy".
And the police was looking after somebody named Jimmy.
They just took him away.
It's been fifteen days.
No trace of him.
His mother...
His mother has fallen unconscious ten times.
Sister has gone catatonic from excessive crying and you...
Will you call it justice?
Isn't it oppression in the name of law?
By the police.
It's police's responsibility to enforce the law, isn't it?
Enforce the law in the right spirit.
Law is being defied by either side.
There is a guerrila war going on here.
Whichever side gets the chance, commits excesses.
You can do nothing, Mr Professor!
What are you doing, son?
I am packing some clothes, grandpa.
Those two women are alone at home, aren't they?
Any information about Jaswant?
Not yet.
Does this pistol still work, grandpa?
Does it fire?
It used to when I would go hunting.
If I go hunting now, It'll start working again.
Would you like to have some radishes?
Should I wash it?
No, grandpa!
Farewell, grandpa! -Be blessed!
Take care!
And listen!
Control your anger!
You get angry very soon!
This is not a hockey match.
Live long, son! Be blessed!
Shall I leave now, grandap?
You naughty!
What happened, Veeran?
Why is...Jimmy barking?
Some animal might have barged into the paddies.
You go to sleep!
I am here with you, aren't I?
Go sleep!
What did they do to you, friend?
Tortured me a lot, friend!
They beat me mercilessly!
What did they do to you?!
Yes, brother!
Yes, brother?
It's worse than what we faced during the Partition.
How would we know!
Only those who suffer know what it's like.
If you have committed a sin, you may bear the pain the punishment inflicts.
But innocents can't tolerate being punished for no crime.
But even the terrorists are to be partially blamed.
Do terrorists grow like a crop in a field?
You saw that, didn't you?
This is how terrorists are made.
This country itself feels foreign.
The government seems alien.
They come. They roam around. They pretend to be concerned.
But strut around like rulers.
Don't you sometimes suspect if they belong to the same country as ours.
They behave no different from those feudal landlords who...
...would come wearing the garlands of bullets and guns.
They would kill anyone who'd challenge their authority.
These politicians behave the same way.
Does it feel like a burning sensation?
Do they beat a lot?
With hands?
With legs too?
With canes...
...and clubs as well?
Shut up, now!
The more you'll ask the more you'll cry.
Sometimes I felt they should rather shoot me.
I know that...
Pali can't stand to see me in this incondition.
Do you know Veeran, once we...?
I know.
I know that guys have often put your own life at risk for one another.
Pali is feeling very helpless.
If he could...
...he would...
What are you doing? -Nothing!
What are you doing?
Leave it!
Leave it!
Let go of it. -You let go of it.
What are you doing?
I am doing nothing.
Let go of it!
Who do you want to kill?
Just let go of it!
Give it to me, Pali!
Let go of it!
Let go of it!
Don't be stubborn! -Give it to me!
What are you doing?
Wait, Veeran!
Don't act crazy, Veeran!
Has Pali come?
When he comes and goes is not known to us these days.
He didn't meet me!
I know he can't bear to see my wounded body.
But at least he should have met me.
That day he just threw the ointment and went away.
He hasn't come after that day.
It's been eight days.
Then who was driving the tractor behind.
That's Veeran.
She is doing all the farm job.
Whoa! When did she learn how to drive a tractor?
Dattu, there is more outside. -Ok!
Give it, honey!
Come here, you rascal! Come here!
When did you learn how to drive a tractor?
Kripaal taught you, didn't he?
Did Kripaal teach you?
Where is he?
It's been eight days since we last saw him.
I don't know.
Even Grandpa didn't send any meassage.
Should I go to him and ask about Kripaal?
Leave it!
How will you go to a strange village all by yourself?
Even I don't where he has gone.
He told me once he'd go either to Anandpursaaheb!
Or to Amritsar for pilgrimage.
He asked for Jeeta's address before leaving.
Who is Jeeta?
Here you go!
A little jaggery and gram flour.
Now that you have come to your in-law's place...
This is what I am going to give you during the wedding ceremony.
Jaggery and gram flour.
Who is Jeeta?
Sarjeet Singh! His dad's sister's son.
But he is not known to be a good fellow.
What does he do?
He does no work!
He received higher education.
He couldn't get an employment.
He loafed around for many years.
Then I heard he joined "those guys".
The guys who are indulging in terror activities.
I don't know if he is in Amritsar or Canada!
By the time of your marriage, the house will have been built.
Come on, honey!
I will drop you to your place.
This is a very bad time.
I don't know who cursed my Punjab.
You oughtn't to travel alone.
Don't you know the village becomes... frighteningly quiet as the twilight approaches.
All the doors are closed!
Earlier, they used to play drums in the evening.
Boys used to play the game of Kabaddi.
Now they are playing a very different game altogether.
'I wish I don't have to remember him'
'It makes my heart feel apiece'
'I wish I don't have to remember him'
'He was there in my heart '
'My eyes served as his ocular abode'
'Now he has gone away to some distant land'
'He was there in my heart '
'My eyes served as his ocular abode'
'Now he has gone away to some distant land'
'My beloved, my Romeo, my darvesh has gone away'
'O, God!'
'Let there be no parting from one's beloved'
'Let there be no poignancy of emotions'
'The lamp was not lit when the evening came'
'So there was left only darkness.'
'The lamp was not lit when the evening came'
'So there was left only darkness.'
'It wasn't even burnt complely'
'And it turned to ashes'
'O, God!'
'It makes my heart feel apiece'
'I wish I don't have to remember him'
I said brother...
...What's up? You are sitting like a prince!
I said: Friends, I am done.
But this time, the crops were not damaged...
Next time...-We're buying...
Brother, your camera...
Did you leave it in the bus?
The camera that was hanging from your neck.
Maybe, you forgot it in the bus.
Get off! -Jump out. -Run! Run!
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'your chatty friends gossiping...'
'...under the midget beri trees'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'your chatty friends gossiping...'
'...under the midget beri trees'
'O, friend'
'My beloved foreigner'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'She used to feed me from a small bowl'
'Every Friday she used to put kohl in my eyes.'
'She used to feed me from a small bowl'
'Every Friday she used to put kohl in my eyes.'
'Near the mud coping wall'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'She had called me into the kitchen on the pretext of something else'
'There she hit me with steel utensil'
'She had called me into the kitchen on the pretext of something else'
'There she hit me with steel utensil'
'O' endearing one! May your stove keep burning'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'your chatty friends gossiping...'
'...under the midget beri trees'
'she looked amazing while she slept with her duppatta'
'So beautiful, so gorgeous'
'she looked amazing while she slept with her duppatta'
'Her radiance would resemble the flicker of the lamp flowing on water'
'she looked amazing while she slept with her duppatta'
'Her radiance would resemble the flicker of the lamp flowing on water'
'O beloved! There's no escaping from your memory'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Under the soft push of those delicate feet'
'Amber henna would glow'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'your chatty friends gossiping...'
'...under the midget beri trees'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
'Swish goes the Spinning wheel!'
Pali, rains have started once again.
Rains too seems to be very moody like you.
What a beautiful place is this, uncle!
If I could I would have settled down here.
What would you do here?
Graze the sheep!?
Yes, what's wrong in that?
If Ranjha(the Romeo of Punjab) can graze buffaloes...
...why can't I graze sheep?
Well said! Terrific!
And you'd have brought your Juliet here.
I don't know, uncle...
...Whatever has happened.
How long it's been?
One year?
It's been one year since I came here.
I had seen her four to five months before that.
You still miss her very much, don't you?
Have courage! Don't lose heart!
Everything will be alright by the grace of God!
Uncle, what will He make alright?
What will God make alright?
Is it possible that the time could be reversed?
Can we return to our homes?
Sanatan doesn't think so!
Where did you meet Sanatan?
Where did I meet Sanatan?!
I had gone to him!
I would have returned after I felt so tiresome...
...but I met him again at a motel on the Highway.
I had seen him once before.
In the bus!
But that day...
Get me the food fast. -Clean it up!
What is your name, brother?
What's the matter, brother?
Nothing! It's just that I feel I have seen you before.
Perhaps. -Yes! Yes, you might have seen me.
My photo often appears in newspapers.
Er... your...
Why are you embittering my Lassi(sweetened curd)!?
Go and mind your own business!
Get me two glasses of Lassi!
Er...shall I ask you one thing?
I wanna ask you something.
Please, listen!
Listen, brother!
I am not a pickpocket or a thug!
I am not carrying any weapon.
That I could harm you.
You can frisk me if you wish.
Perhaps, you can help me out with something.
I am in search of somebody.
But I want you to listen to me in private.
May I get my bag?
Who else is with you?
Nobody is with me! I swear by God!
Sarhan is very far from here.
Isn't it?
Yeah! We'll reach there.
These days, it's very difficult to get a lift.
People don't trust each other in such an atmosphere.
Victory to Vaahe Guruji! Victory is gifted by Vaahe Guruji!
Yeah, come in Sanatan!
Victory to the Noble Guru(Teacher)!
Hey, check the truck!
What is there on the truck?
Nothing! There are three young fellows sitting there.
No goods.
You can check it if you doubt me!
Let it pass!
Alritght! -Vamoose, now. -Get lost!
I said go!
Does Sanatan know that you guys are on the truck?
Whose truck is this, brother?
Our leader's.
Who is he?
He is in the driver's cabin. He always drives it himself.
What is in those sacks, brother?
No, no...
There are apples in them.
There are bombs in them!
They are country-made.
We have made them here only!
Sanatan is an expert in this field.
Come on, young fellows!
Give it to me!
Carefully lift those fruits.
Hold it!
What is this place, sir?
Come here! You'll know it.
What Jeeta was to you?
He is my cousin.
He is my Dad's sister's son!
He is no more!
You have come to find him or his killer?
I killed Jeeta!
He was working for the police.
Bloody Police Informer.
That bastard turned out to be a mole.
He had five of our guys killed.
You just see! I will find at least twenty five of his ilk and kill them.
You too are one of them, aren't you?
What have you come here for?
I don't know anything about him!
I just...
My friend was taken away by the police.
There was an inspector named Khurana.
When Jassi...
...returned after fifteen days...
...he was wounded badly.
I couldn't bear to see his pitiable condition.
That's why I ran away from home.
I thought Jeeta will help me out.
When I think of Khurana's face...
...My blood gets heated up.
When I look at Veeran's face...
She is your fiancee, right?
Randhawa's sister!
Jaswant Randhawa!
I had told the commander last month only.
When we had met for the first time.
Two inspectors had come to your place, right?
Mr Khurana and Mr Vohra!
What will you do now?
Jeeta is no more.
Will you go back and lick the wounds of your friend?
Or you'll cowtow to policemen like effeminate sissies?
You wanna get punched and kicked around?
What else would he do?
Why have you come to us?
We are professional killers or what?
If you want to kill Khurana, do it yourself.
We'll make the arrangements.
But remeber one thing.
If you ever betrayed us...
...we'll put Randhawa and his sister, their Aunt and your grandpa on the "list"
We kill the poisonous plants by burning it along with its roots.
So that none of it remains to trouble us ever.
Alright! Think it over!
What is this?
Why are you touching my bag every now and then?
Are there pinnias(a kind of sweetmeat) in the bag?
Then why don't you show us what's in it.
I won't.
He is very temperamental.
Why did you throw away the gun?
You don't know how to use it?
Come on! You will soon learn!
Mr Kapil Dev!
Pass it ino his hands gently.
This is a bomb.
And not a cricket ball.
This is Kuldip.
He is ver fond of playing with his life.
And he is Jaimal!
This is Kripaal.
Yes, brother!
And this is Vazira.
You have already met him.
Haven't you?
Never ever pick a fight with me.
Let's go!
Mr Yaaseen!
Has has come from across the border.
He is my Teacher.
He has taught me to make all these bombs.
I am MSc in Chemistry.
Here you go!
Take your pick!
Come on, go ahead!
Pick up, brother!
Just touch and feel it.
It feels very hot.
Come on!
Let's go!
I was in school.
The teacher asked me:
"How did we get the freedom?"
I said "after many killings and bloodletting"
I was very small then.
But I vividly remeber the gorey days following the Partition.
Can you call that a bloodless event?
The teacher told me to stand up.
And then asked the whole class:
"Who gave us the freedom?"
You tell me, is there any answer to this question?
Was it one person who fought and attained the freedom for us all?
Did he/she just brought it like a winning trophy?
It was our parents who got killed.
It was us who were bled.
Our houses were smashed!
And they say that our Independence was won by somebody else.
Lemme check it!
What is the name of your party?
We belong to no party.
I am neither fighting for religion nor for the country.
I am just fighting against my helplessness and my misery.
This system wants me to be a mute spectator.
But I won't be a mute spectator.
My parents had come beaten and wounded from across the border.
Here they are getting the same treatment.
They had come to their home only.
To their own country.
What did they call them as soon as they reached here.
The are taking refuge, eh!
It was us who actually brought freedom for them.
We left behind our belongings, our homes; we even lost our dear ones.
What did they do?
They kept signing Instruments of Accession.
Mr Khurana has been transferred.
It seems to be a temporary posting.
Maybe, it's for a year only.
Is one year too late?
Don't worry!
You can utilize this time to train yourself.
And we will also have learnt a better understanding of his movements by then.
He has a strong security entourage around him.
We'll see!
Is this security a foolproof guarantee of their safety.
There do come some moments when they are left least guarded.
And that is true of every VIP.
And he is not an exception.
Let's go!
Country has not become "self-sufficient".
But yes...
Some people have surely become "self-sufficient"!
How many of these things are available to a common man.
60% of the population still live below poverty line.
And they are not only poor, they are ill-fated too.
It's been more than forty years since we got the Independence.
Almost half a century!
How long do they expect us to wait?!
Is there anyone above "the chief"?
The one who is leading this movement...?
Which movement?
This movement for...the country... Er...for the relion...I mean...
What would YOU call it?
Listen, bro!
When a person is wronged...
...and is continuously wronged over a long period...
He feels too helpless to fight alone.
He tries to find other people who have been wronged like him.
Someone from the same locality or the town...
...Or someone belonging to the same caste or religion...
...Or a fellow country man...
But his goal remains only to fight against that injustice.
You can check the history.
This has been happening and it will keep happening.
Then what is the law meant for?
Has any issue been resolved by these laws?!
Don't you hear of these "inquiry commissins"
They take 10 to 20 years to inquire into an open and shut case.
You mean to say...
...this battle will never get over.
Well! It hasn't up to now!
I am not fighting for any "coming generation"
I am...
...fighting for my own rights.
And I want them while I'm still alive.
In this lifetime! Right now!
'O' beloved, send for me'
'I am spending sleepless nights'
'The palanquin I was supposed to be carried in has dusted up'
'It now looks llike a death coffin'
'Pali, send for me'
'The evening falls, but I keep waiting looking down the forlorn alley to my house.
'At least send the message that you'll come later if not right away'
'O' beloved, send for me'
'I am spending sleepless nights'
'Pali, send for me'
Yes, sister?
What else do you want?
Did you pack all the lentils?
Yes, lentils have been packed.
I want Rajma!
Karam Singh! -Yes!
Bring two kilos of Rajma.
Yes, sir!
And bring a basket too.
Yes, bring that. -Yes, sister!
He hasn't come today!
It's Sunday today.
On Sundays he too comes along.
He has come.
He is buying the vegetables.
And he must be buying his favourite food, fish/mutton etc.
Greetings, sir!
Give it to me, sir. I will carry them.
No, bro!
I serve the government six days a week.
I keep one day to serve my wife.
Alright, sir!
Hey, shut up!
Shut up!
Have you bought everything?
Yes, It's almost done!
Greetings, sir! -Greetings!
How are you?
It's all because of your good wishes!
What is all this?
Cauliflower, green coriander, aubergine, carrot,...
And two healthy chickens!
Chickens are purely vegetarian. They eat only cereals.
Can chickens ever be vegetarian?!
Er....Why not?
Of course, some chickens are!
Just like us, there are veggies and non-veggies among chickens as well.
Come on! You don't eat!
Hey, calm down!
But, at least, cook for me, won't you?
Give me the purse!
Yeah, it's here in my pocket. Take it.
Now what are you doing? Take it and pack it all.
Yes, how much?
It totals up to 270 rupees.
Let's go!
This is 200 rupees!
Mr Khurana!
Did you find Jimmy?
Aunt, what are you doing?
Where is your walking stick?
That is underneath your cot.
Then you should have called me.
I just accidentally picked up Pali's hockey stick.
I felt as if I were holding his hand.
Here you go! Hold it!
And give this to me.
Don't know where that rascal has gone.
He will come, Aunt.
Where are you going at this time of night?
I will go to Gurudwara and pray.
Wanna get some peace for my restless heart.
I am suddenly missing Pali very much today.
He will come, Aunt.
Pali will return.
Be careful.
...Why is the police having a march-down in the village.
I have been witnessing it for the last four to five days.
They are positioned everywhere in the village.
Yesterday, I'd gone to meet Babaa.
Pali's grandfather.
In that village too, it was the same situation.
May God help us!
You go inside. Veeran is alone in the house.
Brother! -Yes!
Pali has come!
Where were you, friend?
My friend!
You rascal!
Where were you?
Where had you gone?
Pali, where are you staying these days?
What are you doing?
We were so worried!
We would so miss you!
We used to wonder whatever might have happened to you.
Where are you, my friend?
Jassi! do I tell you this, my friend?!
I have gone too far, Jassi!
Jassi, I...
I killed Khurana!
Khurana, who had taken you away.
The one who'd struck you with his elbows.
I couldn't tolerate him being alive, Jassi.
A fire would rage within me!
Has the fire subsided now that you've killed him.
Go and bring something to eat!
For Pali!
Look at the face of my friend!
It has shrunk to half of what was earliesr
I won't bring anything.
I'll stay here.
I have crossed "the line of a norma life".
I can not return to what I used to be.
I won't be able to.
Look, Jassi!
Get Veeran married to somebody else.
Into a well-to-do family.
You'll do me a big favour.
People at Gurudwara were saying Pali has gone to become a terrotist.
They have gone mad.
They say all this security measures are intended to catch him.
If not for anybody else, he'll come at least to meet you.
I will ask him when he comes.
Aunt has returned from Gurudwara.
I should get going.
Or all of you might be troubled.
Pali, what have you done to yourself!
In whose care, I'll leave Aunt and Veeran?
You won't do anything of that sort.
You have my swear.
Never leave them to go anywhere!
And you also have to look after my grandpa!
You are all he has now.
Where do you wanna go?
I will drop you there.
You won't leave this place.
You'll have Veeran ulnderstand, won't you?
She is very stubborn!
Won't you meet her ever again?
What are you doing here?
Where are you going?
Can I not come with you?
I'll go to wherever you are going and marry you.
And it doesn't matter even if I didn't go through the wedding rituals.
Your accepting me as your bride is enough for me.
You can be my witness to our marriage.
Don't act crazy, Veeran!
You know my fate, don't you?
I do.
I can be killed any moment.
Are you scared...
...Of death?
I am scared...
...of dying since that would mean going away from you for good.
I am afraid of dying all alone away from you, Veeran!
But I am coming with you.
Take me along, Pali. Please!!!
Don't refuse!
I wanna die with you. Really!
Don't make my going away more difficult, Veeran.
I will die on my way.
'I've been feeling so distraught ever since you went away'
'I've been feeling so distraught ever since you went away'
'I felt apiece under the burden of my own griefs '
'I've been feeling so distraught ever since you went away'
'Nothing holds my interest when you are away'
'I felt apiece under the burden of my own griefs'
...ever since I came away from you'
'Someone had come here a little while ago'
'Taking the clay-smeared sky into his palm'
'He threw some clay on my grave and went away'
'When did he go?!'
'I've been feeling so distraught ever since you went away'
'Nothing holds my interest when you are away'
Put it inside.
Victory to Vaahe Guruji! Victory is gifted by Vaahe Guruji!
Get on it!
We had to abandon the farm house...
...because we were afraid of the police getting there.
And you knew all along about my whereabouts?
But I didn't know how far has the police come.
The police have come to the Gurudwara.
They are so close to getting you.
If you were not in these clothes, you'd have been caught.
...Why is the police looking out for me?
In relation to Khurana's murder.
How did they come to know that I have killed Khurana?
Don't return to your village.
The police has kept a strict vigil there.
Do you remember Inspector Vohra?
Your village comes under his jurisdiction.
So Jaswant too...?
Vohra has arrested him once again.
I should go to them.
Aunt and Veeran must be alone there.
You don't worry about them.
They are under my care.
And your grandpa too is living with them.
And what about Jaswant?
He is gonna be tortured because of me.
And they'll treat you with kid gloves, eh?
What will they do to me?
At the most they'll kill me.
Police will not kill you.
Jeeta was not killed by the police.
Do you remember?
Leave Punjab and go to Himachal Pradesh.
Where is Sanatan?
Don't ask addresses, son?
And don't even remember the ones you already know.
We don't send love letters to one another.
You go to Himachal Pradesh.
There we have a business to finish.
A mission.
You will meet somebody at Manikaran.
Mr Nanoo! -Yes!
Yes, yes!
Now it's time to graze my sheep.
I am going!
The cold has subsided. You too should leave.
Has Jaimal and others gone.
Vazira is still here!
Uncle Nanoo!
Where is my gun?
Jaimal Singh nust have taken it.
You had left it outside even as you fell asleep.
Yeah! He must have taken it.
If he tells Sanatan about this, I will be unnecessarily flagged.
Sanatan must have reached the garage long back.
I am going.
Come! Let's go!
Greetings, sir!
Yeah! Greetings!
Here is the offering!
You are coming from Gurudwara? -Yes sir!
Put it into my mouth!
Where were you whole night?
Yesterday was Lohri(a festival). We'd gone to uncle Nanoo's.
I thought you too would join us there.
I was working here till late at night.
Is there any news from the commander?
About what?
We are supposed to accomplish a mission here.
What is that mission...
...for which we were sent here?
I don't know myself.
Another person is to join us.
He is an expert in rocket launching.
Where are the missiles?
They will arrive soon.
I am getting a job!
At a school here!
Shall I take it up?
Have you gone mad?
Your photo has been published in every newspaper.
You are known as a dreaded terrorist now.
Nabbing you will get any police officer bravery awards.
These days police officers are getting promotions very fast.
Why is that?
They kill anybody and present it as an "encounter."
They prepare a lengthy dossier on the event.
These encounters are never investigated properly.
Police officers take credit and get promotions.
The whole bloody system is fake and full of hypocricy.
If people don't have a say, why is it called a democracy?
Can't the people do anything about it?
The weak-hearted never bring about a revolution.
Weak-hearted? -Weak-hearted!
Weak-hearted whimpering creatures.
...Who, sometimes, are the most peaceful section of the society...
and other times the reason for its lethargy.
If the match sticks are wet, they are to be lighted carefully.
What is in it?
It's milk!
Whose milk is it?
I don't mean to ask "which animal's?"
Whose milk is it?
It is yours, isn't it?
Give me a glass of milk, bro!
The milk I was making tea with has spoilt.
No, the milk doesn't belong to me. It is somebody else's.
What is the harm in taking out one glass of it!
Replace it with a glass of water.
No, brother...You ca...
Why have you closed it by soldering it?
I have done that...because...
Show it to me! Come on, open it!
Hey... Something is wrong here!
Make a call immediately.
What is the no of the bike?
It is registered in Punjab. PU 621.
We have found some scraps of a missile.
It seems he was coming from Leh.
And going towards Punjab!
Yes, the bike's registration no. belonged to Punjab state
Yes...We have taken the bike out of the river.
We couldn't tell if he drowned or floated away.
The search is still on!
And intead of coming here, I went towards Katahe.
You should have abandoned the bike on the street and hidden somewhere.
I was scared, brother.
As soon as I was shot, I thought I am gonna die.
When the bullet struck me, a lump of the flesh plopped out.
I was lucky that it didn't stuck inside my leg!
All of you sleep outside tonight.
In the woods away from each other.
You never know...
If they get a clue...
...they might raid the house.
Should we shift the stuffs to Nanoo's house?
It's dangerous to transport the goods all the way there.
Kripaal, you take care of him...
...I'll be back after surveying the area for any trouble.
What happened?
Send me back, brother!
Brother, I wanna go to my village.
From there I'll go to Canada!
You fool!
Is this the time to run away?!
Brother, after that shooting I am really scared.
It seemed very thrilling from a distance.
...I had not felt death from so close.
Brother, please!
Send me back!
Do you know you can be the cause of the death of all of us?
No, brother...!
My passport, my visa: everything was ready when I joined the movement.
Then why didn't you go at that time?
The had slapped down my turban while frisking me at the police station.
At that time, I felt a frenzy of anger numbing my senses.
Sir, have a look at this!
Did you read this news?
'14 Hindus were taken out of the bus'
'And were thrown on the street after being shot dead'
I am not gonna be tricked by these bloody politicians.
Sikh groups didn't do it. It was staged by the government.
And the ones who stage such things have no religion whatsoever.
They only care about votes.
They will keep dividing us and we'll keep getting divided.
The already imposed one partition on us.
In the name of Hinduism and Islam.
And now they wanna divide us again.
In the name of Sikhism and Hinduism.
How many more fragments they wanna divide us into?
I have grown up playing with them.
I am a part of them they're a part of mine.
If they cut me apart...
...will they be able to survive?
My father, my gradfather and his father: all of them were married at Gurudwara.
My oldest brother, the first son born in the family...
...was a Sardar.
Then who am I?
Where is your elder brother now?
Where are your other family members?
Half of them were killed in 1947.
And the rest in 1984.
Greetings, brother!
Be blessed!
My wound has healed.
Only a scar is left now.
May I go now?
I will drop you to Sundernagar tomorrow.
You'll get a cycle from Laghweera's shop there.
Go to your village by the country side roads.
Good luck to you, my friend!
We're going to miss you a lot, buddy!
'After a long time...'
'...he is returning home'
Why, bro...!
Who is returning home?
For whom are you singing this song.
He bothered us when he was with us.
He is bothering(We're missing him) us even as he is not with us.
I am missing him so much!
He must have reached his home by now.
I can hear him pressing the bell on his cycle.
I can hear the train's sound. Now I am seeing him turning towards his village.
The gentle breeze blowing by the open fields.
The smell of mustard plants wafting by.
The yellow flowers on those plants; as delicate as butterflies.
What is the time?
Time's up.
Kedarnath is coming on 13th March.
Kedarnath, who?
That person...who inflamed the anti-sikh riots of 1984.
He was an MP that time
Now he has become a minister in the government.
Is he the same Kedarnath who Jimmy had attacked in Delhi...
...and he had survived the attack.
After becoming the minister...
...he is coming to Manikaran Saaheb for the blessings.
So well do they play the dramas!
They keep pretending and acting all the time.
His cavalcade will have to cross the bridge before reaching Manikaran.
That bridge is an ideal location to bump him off.
...his car will be bulletproof.
That's why I have arranged for a rocket launcher.
And also the shooter.
When is he arriving?
He has!
He is on the truck in the back.
I will drop both of you at Mandi.
From thereon, you manage everything.
What are you doing here?
I have been seeing you sitting like this for a long time now.
What are you thinking?
My Mom liked snow a lot!
She would often tell me that.
I am so missing her since this morning.
Then why don't you go and meet her?
I will have to run away from her shortly.
She will again be shattered.
I will then miss her a lot more.
Why don't you tell me who had you killed before running away?
In the riots of '84,...
...they had stragulated my grandpa with the length of his own turban...
...and thrown a burning tyre around his neck.
That's how he was killed.
And my mother had locked me inside the house.
Because I wanted to go and rescue him.
She didn't throw away the flowers after his cremation
She didn't cast it away in the river.
After some days...
...When I started going to college...
I was in the first year batch then...
...My Mom forcibly had my hair cut short.
Do you know?!...
My Hindu friends at college took great offence at this cutting of hair.
They were feeling guilty for the insecurity my Mom had felt.
They had stopped making jokes about turbaned Sikhs.
But my Mom...
She would sit by my head on the bedside.
She would finger my hair...
...and cry copiously.
Throughout the night...
...she would recite verses from the Holy Book.
Who did you kill?
Who did you murder?
He was an MP.
He lived in our colony.
I had seen him emerging from the crowd.
Grandpa had appealed to him a lot.
But he...
He went inside his house and remained there.
If he wanted...
I used to carry my grandpa's kripan (ceremonial sword) secretly in my books.
One day, in the lift, I stabbed him repeatedly with that dagger.
I threw away my books, hurriedly ran away from there and...
Are you talking about the MP, Kedarnath?
But he... Jimmy?
They used to call me Jimmy there in Delhi.
What's the matter, Pali?
We never know what God intends for us.
'I tolerated griefs'
'It pained my heart...'
It has started snowing again.
The weather is so capricious here.
Good Morning, sir!
Good Morning!
Come on in!
Bless me, brother!
Live long!
Did you take Kuldip to Sundernagar.
Yeah, he has reached home.
Did you meet anybody else?
I met the commander.
When is the Sixth Man joining us?
Now he is actually the Fifth Man, the Fifth Pandav.
Since Kuldip has left us.
When is the shooter coming?
He's come.
Has reached.
Where is he?
He is outside.
Are you Veeran?
Where is Pali?
He's gone out!
He'll eat later!
Why isn't he eating with us, today?
Shut up, you!
Bhabhi(brother's wife)!
You eat too!
You have it, Mr Veer. I'll have the dinner with him.
Can I call you by that name?
That's what they used to call me back at home.
Elders, youngsters...Everyone.
You didn't tell us that you were Veeran.
Fiancee of our Kripaal.
I didn't know he was with you.
I wasn't told about Kripaal.
They just sent me here from the training camp.
Now consider this your home.
By the way, you were not meant to live at a place like this.
What can we do now?!
You can consider them as your brothers-in-law.
I am the oldest one here.
Take care of Kripaal!
He's been quiet since evening.
Have the dinner!
Did you have yours?
I'll have it later.
Eat with me.
Here you go!
Have it!
You start!
How is Aunt?
She is no more!
What happened to her?
They had taken away Jassi once again.
You know that, don't you?
I came to know of this but...
That's it. She couldn't bear the pain all over again.
'O, Almighty!...What wrong did we do to anybody!'
Why are we condemned to such a hellish misery?!
Our whole family is uprooted and ruined.
How is Jassi?
I know that he must have been tortured again.
But do you have any definite news about him?
If you wanna eat, eat it fast!
Did anybody go to meet him in the custody?
Did you go?
What happened to him?
What...what happened to Jassi?
Why don't you speak?
What happened to Jassi?
I had gone once.
To meet him!
Police had tortured him a lot this time too.
I couldn't make it out from his face.
But when he tried to stand...
...he collapsed.
He couldn't stand straight in a normal way.
He told me the police had tortured him in a way that gave him internal injuries.
And then I heard the pain became too sever to bear any longer.
And he committed suicide by jumping in the well inside the jail.
I was left all alone.
You know what happens to single women living alone.
That Inspector...
Mr Vohra.
He used to come to the house daily.
He would ask about you.
...One day I sent grandpa away to his home.
And following you I came here.
Pa... -What happened?
Fix it!
I have to hang the washed clothes on it to dry.
Where shall I fix it?
Be careful!
Pull it tight!
Hold it!
Here you go!
Veeran! -Yeah!
What is that black thread on your neck?
You mean this?!
Consider this as my MangalSootra (a sacred necklace signifying marriage)
Vazira! -Yeah!
You go inside and have some sleep. I'll stand guard, now.
Why did you come here?
It felt awakward to sleep in the presence of so many men, didn't it?
Actually, it felt awakward to sleep like that in your presence.
That's why you came out...
...Into the cold, eh?
Here you go!
Wrap it around!
You have got a cold!
You too!
I caught it from you!
It's very cold out here, isn't it?
When we speak, the water vapour comes out of mouth like smoke.
Let me see your MangalSootra.
Who have you got married to?
You lier!
What did you make of it?
That I'd got married, eh?
I carry this poison too.
See this!
What happened?
You got jealous?
Why would I?!
Why would you!
We'are hanging our deaths around our necks!
It was so easy to die when you were not around.
Now you have made it difficult by coming here.
Now, I crave to live.
What happened?
Lean forward!
What are you doing?
Did it hurt?
Did it hurt?
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'They well up in my eyes'
'And then I go restless'
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'They well up in my eyes'
'And then I go restless'
'O water of these mountain brooks!'
'I request you to flow down'
'You'll meet smoky valleys on your way'
'You have to flow through them'
'You'll also flow past my village'
'Do visit my house there'
'Those memories are making me anxious'
'These sad nights would be spent sleepless with tears in the eyes.'
'These tears will wash away the grimes around my eyes'
'When the snow melts away'
'...The surroundings will be covered in luscious green'
'And my sleep goes away when I reminisce those days'
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'Tears, tears! Salty tears!'
'They well up in my eyes'
'And then I go restless'
I have heated the water a little to be drinkable.
Bhabhi! -yes!
What have you made for the breakfast?
Halwa!(a kind sweet porridge made from semolina)
You're so lucky!
You don't have to work in the kitchen any more.
And we are getting home-made food.
These used plates...
...Leave them there. I'll wash them later.
Ever since you came here...
...I keep thinking about the safety of this place when I'm away.
Earlier, there were only these boys.
I didn't need to worry.
Don't concern yourself about me.
I can manage the house-hold chores...
...and also the work for which I am sent here.
Do you wanna take any test?
The test will now be given only that day.
That day is not far away.
We'll be putting our lives on stake.
Can't say who among us is gonna survive and who is gonna die.
I will say my "goodbye" to everyone before leaving.
He speaks the language of the people across the border.
He had gone there for the training.
And there he got infatuated with a girl named Nafeesa.
Sir, what do you mean by "infatuated"?
Sorry, brother!
Alright! Lemme put it this way!
He fell in true love with Ms Nafeesa.
What can be said about the cravings of the heart!
They are universal!
He keeps writing love poems in her memory.
And sings them too.
You always pull my leg only.
Even you haven't forgotten your love, Gurnam Kaur.
Shut up!
Where is Kripaal?
He has gone to meet Nanoo!
Veeran will be left alone here.
You be home!
Mr Veer! Don't get upset!
He was just kidding!
By the way, who is this Nafeesa?
Is it your turn now to do the same?
As your bhabhi, I can ask you these things.
Tell me!
I will have you meet her.
She lives there, bhabhi.
Across the border!
Her voice was so sweet!
When she would read Quran...
...the euphony of her voice would make me want to become a Muslim.
Why did you return then?
You should have stayed there.
So what if you follow different religions?
When they found out about us, they beat me a lot, bhabhi.
They would have killed me...
...if I hadn't been sent away from the camp in time.
See this!
She gave me this armlet.
Give it to me!
No, I... -Come on, Mr Veer...
What are you doing here?
I have only come to see you, uncle.
Come on, let's go!
Your sheep are very intelligent.
You shouted that sound once...
...and everyone of them walked over on the bridge.
One by one!
I make them practice a lot.
They have to do this twice a day.
You tell me about yourself now.
How is Veeran?
She is doing well.
We have come together to die.
But we're happy just because we are together.
Hadn't I told you...?
Gold will make everything alright.
You ought to get married to her immediately.
I will marry her, of course!
If I didn't marry her...
What if you didn't get married to her?!
Nothing!...I was just...saying...
I'll, of course, marry her now.
I got you.
What are you looking for?
What the hell...
I had this companion(amulet containin Cyanide) around my neck all the time.
Don't know where did I lose it?
That has come to hang around my neck.
You rascal!
What have you done?!
This will take you away from me, that's why.
Give it?
...spilled over.
Come on, let's get married!
There won't be any elaborate function for our wedding.
But I have enough crackers for fireworks.
We'll light some bombs.
Shall I talk to the astrologer tomorrow?
I have heard if a girl dies a spinster, she goes to Hell.
She goes to Hell. -I am not able to hear you.
She goes to Hell if she dies a spinster.
That route goes to the temple.
Do you see that mountain?!
We'll go around it to its behind.
Shall we start?
We'll go that far. -Yes?
But how will we go there?
That track comes from the other side of the mountain.
Let's go there.
Yeah, there!
No, that way goes to Kullu!
We'll go this way!
You can see the car up there.
We'll go by car.
Tell Ram Singh to get the car ready.
There you go! Diaa...dia...!
Start, Ram Singh.
We'll reach home in no time.
Let's go!
The cars will be ready and your stuffs have been packed too...
And why do you get bored with me, eh?!
Go to Dahramshala. See the Ashram of Dalai Lama.
I can't say if we get another chance to have a visit here.
Now that you have come here, you ought to visit as many places as you could.
What say, sister? -You should come too.
Come on, give Aditya here.
Here you come, baby!
Go! -Come to your Dad!
You have a phone call to attend.
Who is on the phone?
It's your superior from Chandigarh.
Yes sir!
Everything is fine, sir!
Anyways, here in these snowy valleys, there is not much to worry about.
I have arranged all the security measures myself.
Yes, of course! The Minister can come whenever he want to.
I have send Simi and my child to Dharamshala.
Yeah, they have gone to visit Dalai Lama's Ashram.
They'll recieve his blessings if they happen to meet him.
They should visit such places as well.
It will also serve as atonement for the excesses that we commit.
Yeah, they play with pistols and rifles on usual days.
They are toys for them.
You are right, sir!
They are unlucky.
What else they can get to play with at the house of a police officer!
Yeah, right!
Yes, sir!
If it were not guns, then I would have had pen in my hands.
Yes, sir! I have had a poetic disposition once upon a time
In college, I even had a pen name, Saahil.
Who gets the pleasure from these killings?!
One sin obliterates some good deeds as well.
Yes, sir!
I'll be there.
I will report to duty tomorrow itself, sir.
My regards to your lady!
Sir, sir!
You bastard!
Kripaal Singh!
Take him away!
Come! -Come!
Go on!
Only this much! -Nope!
There is plenty of them, sir.
Bring it all up.
Yes, sir!
There is a woman living with them too.
He has revealed the address.
That bastard revealed it all in only one night.
He will never tell on you.
I swear by God he'll never spill the beans.
He knew I was there.
How can he tell then?
You too must be in collusion with him.
Vazira saw him entering the house where DCP was putting up.
Open your mouth.
I said open your mouth.
Tie her!
Jeeta had betrayed us the same way.
He had us betrayed in the same way.
Why didn't he take the Cyanide instead of opening his moouth.
Why didn't he kill himself before being arrested?
I suspect both of you.
And I'll make sure he doesn't reach the prison.
Take her upstairs.
I'll tell you later what is to do with her.
Come upstairs!
I have informed the commander.
Kripaal will be taken care of.
If you don't recieve any news till tomorrow morning...
...kill her.
We have to reach the bridge by 10 O'clock.
Kedarnath is coming.
Yes! The MP who you had attacked.
He's become a minister now.
He is still alive!?
He survived your stabbing.
You come with me.
Look sir! What arrangements we have made for your security.
"Whoever utters, shall be fulfilled"
"Eternal is the Holy/Great Timeless Lord"
"Whoever utters, shall be fulfilled"
"Eternal is the Holy/Great Timeless Lord"
"Whoever utters, shall be fulfilled"
"Eternal is the Holy/Great Timeless Lord"
Thank you so much!
"Eternal is the Holy Lord"
Move them aside. -Fast. -What are you doing, man?
How can you let these sheep occupy the entire road?
Where did he come from. -Move. -Go off!
Did he have to emerge now only?! -Move away!
Move away! -Move aside
Hurry up! -Come on, come on! Hurry up!
What are you doing, man! -Move them fast.
Hey, hurry up. -What are you doing?
Take them to the aside. -Move them to the side, man.
Move side!
Make a haste!
Hey shepherd! Keep to the side. -Move them fast!
Hey, move them aside!
Who is there?
Where are you hiding?
[I suspect both of you]
And I'll make sure that he doesn't reach the prison.
Mr Jailor, this girl is his fiancee.
This much I know.
She wants to meet Kripaal Singh.
Maybe, she would tell us something.
About this group.
In the visiting room? -No, no! Not in the visiting room.
It is not right to bring Kripaal Singh there under the present circumstances.
Frisk her for any weopon. -Yes!
Just to make sure she doesn't take any weapon to him.
And let her meet there in his cell.
Take her to barrack no. 2
Stand guard outside and keep the door of his cell open.
There will be guards.
Frisk her carefully.
Yes, sir!
Take her away.
Come this way!
Just find out where she lives, and who she lives with.
But keep a distance while following her.
I've brought it.
Put it in your mouth.
I can't take it any more.
Come on out. Time is up.
'We have left those alleys'