Oven Roasted Potato Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 12.01.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
we are making potatoes with a creamy dill sauce. Phil is a big fan of potatoes as the
men folk often are so itís nice to make the most often for them.
Potatoes in the past have gotten a bad press because of their glycemic index but people
are starting to come around on them because they have such a huge amount of nutrition
in them especially if you leave the skins on them.
So I always leave skins on my potatoes and what Iíve done here is I have these potatoes
all ready to go. I have boiled them slightly in water so theyíre starting to get soft
but they not fully cooked. Iím gonna put them in the oven to bake with a dill sauce
and some zucchini to lighten the dish up a little bit.
So letís get started! The first thing Iím going to do is pick up some of the softest
potatoes and put them in a bowl because what Iím gonna do is actually use potato as the
base for my sauce that way I avoid too much fat in making a creamy sauce. And it also
makes sure that there arenít too many different types of foods in my dish. But you can just
easily use some kind of coconut milk or other type of milk.
Ok, so thatís about enough and then what I will do is start the sauce first. Iím gonna
mash this potatoes up and potatoes nutritionally but botanically they are part of the night
shade family which is known for being a bit toxic so I donít peel my potatoes but Iím
always sure to cut out any sprouts that are starting on the potato because thatís where
toxins come from.
The night shades expands your bodies energy so they actually make it hard to mentally
focus however in North American culture where we are so focus on accomplishment and mental
concentration theyíre actually beneficial because it helps your mind relax a little
bit and thatís perhaps why North Americans eat so many potatoes.
I love them so much. Ok! The effect of potatoes as well are neutralize when you bake them
for a long period of time when they are heated up so that will be very nice for our dish
Ok, so this potato have been mashed thoroughly and what Iím gonna do is add some water to
make it more of a sauce like texture and you can definitely do this in a blender as well.
Iím not too concerned about making it perfectly creamy. Iím not too concerned about these
chunk skin that are in here but if you are feel free to use the blender, it just makes
more niches.
So hereís the consistency that youíre looking for in the sauce, you want it to be too wary
but Iíve made it nice and, nice and liquid so that it will coat around all of the potatoes
and the zucchini and like I said mine is not very smooth because Iím just using a fork
but if you want to you can use a blender or a hand blender.
So Iím gonna make this a dill sauce. Iíve got some lovely fresh dill from the store.
You want to make sure when you get your dill you wash it and let it dry before you us it
otherwise it will not cut out very nicely.
What Iím gonna do is cut off the very end of the stems only because they gotten dry
out being from being in the store. If I was picking these fresh I wonít bother and I
donít bother getting rid of all of these stem because I figure thereís nutrients in
there, we might as well eat it right? So get that chop up and put it into my potato sauce
So Iíve added a lot of dill in here. I found some fresh dill at the market and I was pretty
excited so I found dill happy on this one. So I actually made my sauce too thick so what
Iím gonna do is add a bit of water and make sure itís still creamy. Here we go! Next
thing Iím gonna add some salt and seasoning here and the weíll get it put on to our potatoes.
Ok! So Iíve put some salt in here as well as some black pepper and a little nutritional
yeast never hurt anybody so itís always nice in a cream sauce. If you give this a little
taste test it should taste a little bit salty because itís going on to the vegetables which
donít have any salt on them. This sauce needs to taste a little bit salty before it goes
on there.
Ok! Iíve got the zucchini in with the potatoes. Iím just gonna pour the sauce on top there.
Give it a quick stir to mix everything around.
Alright! Iíve got my potatoes and zuchinni all covered with sauce they look pretty yummy.
Iím gonna pop it into the oven somewhere around 350F it is not too crucial. You can
preheat your oven or you can just pop it in and let it warm up.
Iím lucky enough to have a toaster oven that fits my baking dish so I can save a bit of
energy that way but in the oven fine as well so those will be in depending on how large
you cut them, youíre looking for those zucchini to get soft here and the potatoes have already
been somewhat boiled so theyíre already bit soft on the outside but the zucchini has had
no cooking at all yet. So it should take around 20 ñ 30 minutes and you will have a lovely
dinner ready for you.
Now one other thing I wanted to mention about potatoes is that they are historically use
for inflammation so if youíre someone who suffers from arthritis this might be a good
thing to have and any kind of inflammation they help with it as well. So weíll give
those potatoes a little bit to cook and the zucchini and then weíll take a peek in about
20 minutes.
So I pull this out after about 20 minutes, itís looking really nice. Thereís some juice
collecting at the bottom of the pan from the zucchini which are starting to soften but
theyíre not quite cooked. I cut them quite large, take a look, thatís a pretty big chunk
of zucchini.
So Iím just gonna stir this around and make sure that theyíre all moist because otherwise
if they dry out, donít have any moisture while they bake, theyíll not gonna bake through
they just get kinda dry on the outside, they wonít fully cook. So Iíll just stir this
all around with the liquid, pop it back in probably for about 10 minutes and then we
should be ready to eat.
Alright! This has been in for about 30 minutes some 350F and it looks like it is pretty perfectly
done. You can see the zucchini here how soft that is. it fold right on to itself and I
can see that the inside, very soft. That is excellent, thatís what Iíve been waiting
to see and now that it is there I think it is just ready to eat.
So enjoy your dinner and weíll see you next time on Freshly Served.
Itís hot, be careful! Hmm, oh yeah! Doesnít taste salty either, enjoy!