Meet Kelly, your human library book

Uploaded by humberlive on 31.01.2011

My name is Kelly Vanveen and I'm working in the broadcasting for radio program
diploma course.
At a young age, Kelly was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.
There were times when I was bullied of course
and not many people took me seriously.
Now he wants to tell you his story.
With this Human Library, this will actually give me an opportunity
to actually say what I can be able to say.
He's one of many who will share their stories at Humber's Human Library.
I'm an outgoing person. I would just love to do anything, talk with anybody.
Sign out Human Books about: Queer Parenting, Underground Exploration, a Devout Muslim, a G20 Protester and more.
This is a perfect opportunity to not only learn about stuff like that
to even learn about Asperger's but learn about people with them and how they experience stuff like that.