Christmas crafts: How to make a Christmas hat

Uploaded by Tescolifestyle on 06.11.2012


Hello I'm Alison Cork and today I'm going to show you how to make some glamorous
Christmas crowns. Now for this you need a strip of wrapping
paper, I held it around my head to make sure it fit's, you can adjust the size for whoever
you are making it for by using a longer or shorter piece of paper.
First off, fold it in half and glue the edge and stick it down. Then i'm going to fold
it in half and flatten down the edges. Then fold again into three sections.
To get the crown shape cut a triangle out of the top, you can be as adventurous as you
like here. You it out to reveal your splendid crown!
To decorate, put some glue along the top,
add some glitter and there you go! Another idea is to use a finer glue pen and
draw your initials. A perfect crown, fit for a queen.