Egypt Travel Blog 2010 - The Desert Experience (4/19)

Uploaded by 852abroad on 31.10.2010

It is day 4
Of our Egypt trip
As you can see from my background
And that's our hotel
It's like, what, 7:20 a.m.
And this temperature is good, this is a nice temperature
And I want it to stay like this, all day
We're going camel riding in a bit
If everyone wakes up eventually, which I doubt
Yea, I'm excited. I wanna try camel riding for a bit
But then I will probably get into the jeep. Because otherwise I could die
Well say goodbye
Oh wow
Look at that
We're on a massive sand dune
Hey guys
Duno if you can hear this but I thought I'll do a quick blog
We made it to the top of the sand dune
Let's slide!
Oh wait... You can't actually slide on this
I bet that feels very nice
It is actually really nice
Hey everyone
Say hi
Alex! Say hi, to my video
Oh my god, look at... What a dick, Alex
That's the volcano that created all this black stuff that you see
In the horizon
So gay!
Your a dick!
What a c***
And yea..
We decided that tourist sites in all of Egypt were made by Egyptians
All the hieroglyphics were drawn by Khalil (Khaled) and his mates
Cause they look like it
And that's actually the people that built the dunes... Sorry
Just topple it onto his head... Do it... Do it now.
OK, yea, so we're in the middle of the desert at the moment
Alex's camera almost broke
We were very excited, a bit let down now
That's about it
Oh, and Alex, is a wanker
These are our camels... From today
Wow, this is really f***ed up, this screen
I just went for a wee outside
Which is my first time ever
And it was really quite traumatic, wasn't it Matt?
It was... Yea it took alot of effort... Alot of persuasion
Umm... Dude shoved Susan in the water
She wasn't up for that
But he was being a complete douchebag
And yea... That's it, really
Oh, and Alex, is obviously a wanker
Agreed, most definitely
So umm.... Can I just say
It is gay for me to film you, but it's not gay for you to film me?
Yea, but you know, it's not like a f***ing blog or anything
Get a video mate
Can't really see much
Can't really see much man
Can see the outline of your hat mate
So we spent the rest of the evening listening to our Bedouin guides
Sining their traditional songs
We decided to return the favour
And educate them a little bit about the Western world �